Still trying to find a good frozen Lasagna.

I love the pictures of a frozen product on the box, only to cook it, and really see what you are getting. I have a friend that eats Stoffers lasagna and to me their products are cheap, and nasty.

I decided to try one that was more expensive and hoped for a good result.

First off it was almost flat (around 3/4 of an inch high) in the dish when I took it out of the oven. Second, very little mozzarella on the top. It states meat sauce, and I reckon it was meat flavored sauce. The sauce had a hot/spicy taste to it, rather than a tomato one.

The only good point was an extremely thin layer of ricotta, which would have been nice if it looked like the picture.

So, it has to be a thumbs down. A little better than the cheapest one, but there is no way I would buy it again. All it did was fill me up.


  1. I do understand but if you’re not keen on pasta replace the sheets of lasagne with strips of zucchini. It’s surprisingly tasty. I also make zucchini noodles to enjoy with my home-made tomato sauce.

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