Ronaldo or Kane, which one will excel today?

After Brighton lost to Liverpool 2 – 0, I was happy that Brentford beat Burnley 2 – 0.

Now a really important football match Manchester United at home to Tottenham. United came out with guns blazing, and Ronaldo scored in the 12th minute, followed by a disallowed goal for Spurs 3 minutes later.

Although this match could change the top 4 clubs, we also have to look at the number of matches played. It’s not like other years when there weren’t cancelled matches. We have Manchester City, Liverpool. West Ham with 28. Manchester United with 29, Chelsea and Tottenham with 27, and Arsenal only 25. If Arsenal can win their next few matches, then they could even make it to the 3rd place. Maybe I am asking too much of them.

Kane took a penalty kick in the 35# minutes to even up the match. Then 3 minutes later Ronaldo scored a second. Coming up for halftime, and if Man U go in leading it will be a more difficult 2nd half for Spurs, as United will be on a high note.

Halftime 2 – 1 to Manchester United.

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