Yesterday was a cold day, and I stayed wrapped up.

However, midafternoon I felt as if I needed to get some exercise. I drove up to the Ridge Road gym and went to use my chip to get into the building. It only came up red, and never green. It was a different entrance box. I looked through the windows as they lock the doors at 2 but do cleaning afterwards. I couldn’t see the person, or anyone working out.

I wasn’t going home so I ended up at Chili’s. My girlfriend is on a diet that she does through her doctor, so I didn’t have anyone to go with.

This is all the food that came out. I had a free appetizer if I bought a dinner, so of course I did. I ate a few chips with salsa, and the spinach and cheese dip. When my fajitas came out, I managed 2, so everything else got boxed up.

I have dinner for 3 days.



  1. Being as you’re on the west coast of FL I’d let you know that Tom Brady is coming back as Tampa’s quarterback!!


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