Unusual friends.

Yesterday was such a miserable day weatherwise, but we have to make the most of it. I arranged to meet a lady for lunch. She is my stepdaughter’s Aunt, or my husband’s ex wife’s sister. Len has passed, and his ex lives in England, but her sister has lived here longer than I have. She lives in the same town as me. She rarely goes out, so this made her get dressed, and spend time away from the house.

We had a lovely lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, and she said that as she was almost out of food, she was going to the Walmart Neighborhood Market.

It made my day, and I know it made hers.

The photo was taken almost a year ago, when Len’s daughter, husband, and Kathleen spent time with me after Len passed.



  1. My group of friends recently had a happy hour gathering on the outdoor patio of a nearby restaurant. It was exactly 26 months to the day since we’d last met and it felt So good. Family and friends are so important.

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