Gifts for England.

Knowing I would be going to England this year to visit my family, I started collecting gifts. When I went yearly, I would come home and start collecting for the next year. I have missed so many years due to Len’s health, Covid, and his passing that I really can’t believe it is happening.

The pink onesie is for my youngest granddaughter, who’s favorite color is pink, and she feels comfortable in them. There are household items, and personal for my daughter, lots of jewelry for the 3 girls in my life, one of Len’s gold bracelets for my son-in-law, and even a couple of toys for the cat. I still will probably pick up some other items but am up to 38 right now.

Then to make my list of what I will need. I reckon if it turns really cold, I will be able to borrow clothing from them while there.

I have really lightweight jackets, and medium weight, so probably can put the 2 on to make up for a heavier one.

Once the cases come out, I will then realize this is really happening. It seems so surreal,



  1. how fun. I only had one carry-on when I went to Costa Rica so I had limited gifts. As it was hot I was able to carry light-weight clothes (I was in an apt and do laundry daily anyhow). Next time I will pack more gifts as I wasn’t sure if would really reconnect with the friends who wanted to meet up with me due to Covid and all. So next time I will carry the large suitcase plus a carry-on. My connection in Houston was so tight that I still wonder if a checked bag would have made it.

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