Doctors, medications, and my health.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the gym to do some boxing. I need to get back into a routine after being in England and coming back.

I am still partly on England time, as bedtime has changed from midnight to between 9 and 10 p.m. Then I wake up around 6 – 7 a.m. The reason I went to bed at midnight was because I couldn’t sleep after Len’s passing, until I was so tired that I finally had to sleep. Now that sleeping has improved, I am starting to cut back on the medications prescribed while taking care of Len. My only controlled substance one I had cut in half around 6 or 7 months ago, which I was proud of achieving.

I tried to cut back again but went into a depression. My G.P. referred me to a psychiatrist and I had a phone visit with her. I have cut down on 2 meds already, one being the controlled one. In a week’s time I am to cut that down to half of the minimum dosage.

I didn’t want to write about it until I knew that it had been successful, and it’s been 2 weeks now, so am very happy.



  1. I’m so happy you are feeling better!! Keep up and you have excellent doctor’s guiding the way! โค๏ธ


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