Love this cute kitten.

My girlfriend found this cute kitten under a bush in her garden. She took it in, and was feeding it with a dropper, and now it is drinking ‘milk for kittens’, and is so adorable.

I got to spend an hour with him today, and totally fell in love with him.



  1. You have to be careful the tricks you teach little kittens for I had one like this that used to sit draped round my shoulders like a scarf, all very well until he was still doing it as a grown cat with much bigger and sharper claws. Mind you I still loved him and eventually he only did it when I was sitting in a chair with a back which allowed him to drape himself there without the use of claws!

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  2. What a dear little kitten. Have you read the book “A streetcat named Bob” by James Bowen.It is one of my favorite books ever!! It is about a recovering heroin addict who is a busker in Covent Garden, London,and a street cat he finds. The rescue each other. Do give it a read .

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