My electric bill has almost tripled from this time last year.

Have any of my Florida friends had this happen to them. I have turned my air-conditioner to 82 degrees and turned down the temperature on my water heater. I have quick showers, only do one load of laundry a week, don’t use the dishwasher or the clothes dryer.

Any other suggestions as to why this has happened. I am planning on having an energy check in my home from Duke Energy.



  1. Oh, yes! Up here in the Panhandle, Florida Power and Light bought out Gulf Power last year. The complaints started arising immediately about the costs. I have gas and electricity so the people with all-electric homes were aghast at the prices. My electric bill for June was double what it was for last year, also. FPL has several lawsuits against them, but they say this is part of their 5-year plan and then our costs will go down. I don’t believe them.

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  2. But you figure we had the awful hot spell a couple weeks ago. We had heat alerts up here, so that could have something to do with it, too. But the FPL takeover was definitely a bad thing for us up here in NW Florida.


  3. Oh my gosh, sorry to hear this, but it doesn’t surprise me. Prices are rising with everything. Groceries, utilities, and home prices are all on the rise. The bubble is going to burst soon I’m afraid.

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  4. Happening here in GB. Fortunately just got solar panels on roof in time. Not so frightened to switch things on so much now.

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