1. There are all kinds of scammers out there. They want to scare you into clicking a link or giving out personal info! As the others said, don’t fall for it!! I get emails about my debit card being frozen because of fraudulent activitu. I don’t even have a debit card! Or how my account at a certain bank has been locked. A bank that I don’t even go too! Its awful how scammers have nothing better to do!!

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  2. Maybe, but nowadays scamming is on the increase. Last night I paid the tax on my condo in Charlottesville, and early in the morning I had two texts telling me that my bank account has been shut down, and I should call the numbers on the texts. Both the numbers were different. I deleted them. So what do you say I should do?


  3. I get this phone call every day. It is a scam. I check my bank and Visa accounts every morning and there is never an issue. I get calls (texts or emails) about my Amazon account and customs thing as well. All scams.


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