First weekend of Premier League football, equals all teams.

I think the first weekend of Premier League football is just as exciting as the last weekend. New players coming into sides, small teams on a more level par with the top six, and we have already seen that.

Fulham drawing 2 – 2 with Liverpool, and Bournemouth one up at half-time against Aston Villa.

Yesterday was the exception when Arsenal beat Crystal Palace at home. Still have the second halves in the Leeds – Wolverhampton, Newcastle – Nottingham Forest who have just come up, 0 – 0 at halftime, and Tottenham – Southampton.

12.30 match is Everton – Chelsea which should be very exciting.

Update: Bournemouth beat Aston Villa 2 – 0

Leeds beat Wolves 2 – 1

Newcastle beat Nottingham Forest 2 – 0

Tottenham beat Southampton 4 – 1.



  1. Hope loverpool do better next game , still adjusting with the new players. Well done to Chelsea. Can’t wait for the second week of PL , YOU’ll NEVER WALK ALONE 🙂 😀

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