Thank goodness for BBC World News.

I have been able to watch every ceremony on the BBC, and I am so pleased that they play them over and over again, so none are missed. I have also been watching numerous films of the Queen’s reign. A sad, but happy time, and my moods seems to change too.

My daughter texted me to say that a memorial site, and book had been placed in a town near her, so that they could pay their respects. I asked her to sign for me as well, and that will make me feel part of her tribute.



  1. Plus the general standard of the broadcasts and silly things that I would miss like the shipping forecast late at night on Radio 4, I have often thought if I were to have a funeral I would like the music ‘Sailaway’ from the programme played, it’s so ridiculously British for some strange reason and I love it!

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  2. I been having some interesting chats with friends in Costa Rica. They were sharing some distasteful memes about her and Charles and I explained to them that I found them hurtful. But they said, why you’re not English? I tell my grandparents were and I was taught that making fun of dead people is never good. Yes, the monarchy is far from perfect but she changed with the times. I also asked them how would you like it if I posted distasteful memes about the Pope? That shut them up quickly

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