Come join me for my 75th birthday on a Valentine’s cruise on NCL line.

I have a friend that owned travel agencies, another who wants to book cruises, and myself that got together with NCL Cruise Line, and put together a fantastic 7-day cruise from February 11th to the 18th.

Why pay outrageous prices for Valentine’s gifts, dinner, etc., when you can get all of the below for free:
Unlimited bar, including premium drinks, and specialty coffees.
Specialty dinner that means you can go to all the restaurants at any time, and order steak, lobster, or whatever you like. No having to go at a set time and eat with strangers that you may not like.
3rd and 4th guests.
Free airfare for the second person.

Contact Tom Sprieser 727-207-4408
Susan Slade 727-505-6455
Susan Williams 727-294-9431



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