Safety Harbor Resort and Spa review. Please read if you ever plan to stay here.

Finally, I got the answer to disputing the charges for 8 days, when we only stayed 5. Because I gave them my credit card at the start of the week, I had okayed any charges for the room. I now have the $126 charge back on my credit card and have to pay it.


We booked and paid for 7 nights/8 days at the Safety Harbor Resort and Spa. At check in I was asked for a credit card for incidentals.

On the Wednesday I saw a pending charge from the resort for $270. I went down to the front desk and spoke to the gentleman there. I was told that nothing had been charged, but there was a resort fee of $16 a day + 21% tax. The amount as of then was $54 and change.

We were extremely disappointed with the upkeep of the hotel, with corridors being lined with garbage, and empty containers, that weren’t picked up by the non existent employees.

Live music was piped music, and no one but the bartender and the two of us.

Thursday morning we left, giving them the opportunity to keep our money, and use it for a second fee.

Nothing was owed when…

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  1. So, according to them, you can okay any charges, but you cannot dispute them? That’s crazy. Thank you for the heads up, Susie, but so sorry you had to go through this.

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