GB Pound to Dollars.

Most retirees know exactly what they are getting monthly with pensions, and social security. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case with me.

The largest one from England, Len’s 40 years pension, and my 25 years from the government was around $1,200 a month when he passed, 19 months ago.

Now the pound is down from $1.60 to $1.11, which I have never seen before. This drops my English pension by between $275 and $300 a month.

Luckily, I do have other income from here, the U.S., but how would I manage if that was my only source.



  1. I don’t think she would have to worry about that in this case. My mom is 82 years old and just looking for somewhere to be for now. She’s usually gone most of the time during the day because she just can’t sit still. So she would likely be no problem at all. If your friend is still thinking about it, you can give her my contact information. Just let me know and I’ll pass it onto you. She could meet my mom and see for herself if she thinks she wants to take a chance on her. Just let me know. 😊

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  2. We have had such ludicrously low interest rates for years and now everyone is up in arms that they have finally risen, the dividend from my shares has been dreadful compared to what it used to be years ago. Sadly things will take a long time before we get over the cost of Covid and helping to fund the war in Ukraine.

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  3. I noticed that the pound is now closer to the dollar, and it is terrible that the economy is doing so poorly. I’m sorry your pension dropped, but that’s good you do still have another income there.

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