England 6 Iran 1. Change that to 6 – 2.

I forgot to record this World Cup match, so didn’t see the beginning of it. However, I have got to see all the goals.

The past ten minutes I have been frustrated at England’s passing back and forwards, and the second I typed that Grealish scored the 6th for England.

Ten minutes of added time, and Iran get a penalty for a shirt pull, which was far less aggressive than many attacks that Iran had previously performed, on England players.

I have to say that VAR should not have called it a penalty, because it wasn’t an error on the referee’s part. Not good to have controversial calls right at the start of this FIFI World Cup.

I am not too concerned about the Senegal – Netherlands match, but definitely want to see the United States against Wales. My late husband lived in Wales for 9 years, and I live in the states so have very mixed feelings about that one.



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