Winn Dixie supermarket has driven me crazy.

This supermarket has some really good B.O.G.O.F. offers so on Tuesday I went there and spent a lot of money. I used my points that I had collected and got out a gift card for Winn Dixie that I had bought in this store awhile back.

Each time I slid it down the card machine it stated, ‘reader error’. I asked the cashier to try it, and she called over a supervisor. He was a young lad. He tried it a few times, and then said to follow him back to where he was working. There were already people in line, so I got to the end. 15 minutes later, he was trying it again with no luck. He said that he couldn’t do anything, and gave me the phone number where they could help me.

I came home and phoned the number. After being on the phone for quite a while I was told to go back to the store and get a blank card, then phone back for them to load it.

Yesterday I went there and told the lady about my visit, and the phone conversation. She asked me to swipe the card again, which I did several times. Then the lady who was waiting behind me told me to do it fast, slow, etc. I told her it’s been tried every possible way, so she literally grabs it from my hand, gets a plastic bag, and tries it that way. Of course, it didn’t work. I asked for it back and she wouldn’t give me to me and continued to try. Finally, I was able to get it from her. The cashier said nothing could be done.

I was now furious and asked for the Manager. I had another lady show up, and I explained everything again. She said we stopped doing gift cards earlier this year. I said that my other one had worked, and I personally had bought this, and I want my money.

We then went over to another empty cash register, and she tried it again. Still the reader error. She told me that there was nothing they could do. I insisted that they give me a refund, store credit, or whatever for the value of the card. Finally, she phoned the number that I had called, and found out that it did have the amount on it. She went to hand it to me and said just use it when checking out. I gave a sarcastic laugh and said like yesterday, and today, when it says reader error.

She told the cashier to do a refund for the amount and put it on a gift card. I finally got my money.



  1. They had you do all the work for them: call the number, go back to the store, get a blank card…and then the woman grabbing the card from your hand?! I might have dumped my items and walked out, out of sheer frustration! I’m so glad you got your money back, Susie.

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  2. Excellent, it’s mind numbingly frustrating anything like this where you think you are being wronged but at least there is a certain satisfaction when you finally manage to get you just deserts and they haven’t beaten you. Sadly we have to do this sort of thing too often nowadays, I’m sure the companies work on the premise that the majority of people won’t bother to argue, well done for winning!

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  3. I had something similar happen to me at a Dollar General Store. Fortunately the employee was quite helpful. After I made numerous attempts at swiping the card through the card scanner, the employee swept the card across the large glass product scanner. The card was instantly processed and I completed my transaction.

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