I Got Scammed – not me, but a WordPress writer.

Well, here we are. I got scammed. I did several thousand dollars worth of work, only to be ghosted after delivering the content, never to be paid, …

I Got Scammed

I felt I had to share it as there are so many scams around.



  1. Hi, susiesopinions, I know you have been supportive of me as a blogger by letting me know you read me and by picking the ones of mine you like. I think your blog is great, too, probably for some of the same reasons that others enjoy reading your blog.

    About the writer who was scammed after doing all of the work she did, I know that the girl who writes that blog is an earnest, devout Catholic, and a loyal, selfless, honest, and talented writer. I hadn’t been to her blog in quite a long time, but for a few years, I often read what she was blogging about as she has a powerful voice that uniquely captures her vision (not all that different from you as you also have a unique voice on your blog that carries something special with it).

    It is awful that she went through that, of course. Your reblogging of her post about what happened to her was very thoughtful.

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