Cruise – Day 3 at sea.

If you have read about the first 2 days, you will know that because of a weather delay, we weren’t able to stop at Key West on day 2. This meant that I had plenty of time to find my way around the ship.

Most mornings, when at sea, it was a buffet breakfast of a scrambled egg, 2 small breakfast sausages, a yogurt, and lots of fresh fruit. This was followed by time on deck. By lunchtime it was the first cocktail of the day, and dancing on deck in the afternoon.

We did go to sit down restaurants some nights, but once I found all the amazing curries at the buffet, I just couldn’t resist them.

In the evenings it was a cocktail in Gatsby’s piano bar that had a solo, or duo singing to the music. We would start everyone else on a dance floor. Then either to one of the dynamic shows at the Stardust theater, or straight over to the Bliss lounge for live groups, and a well-polished floor. Of course, I would have to try a final cocktail before crashing out.



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