Have you ever had one of those days.

Today has been a day that I want to forget. First a planned meeting fell through this morning after getting ready for it. Then we were booking the final stage of our 30-day transatlantic cruise, hotel, hotel, cruise, and the final 2 nights in a hotel. After attempting it twice, I finally changed phones and managed to complete it.

Next after putting on weight, as per my doctor’s orders, I have been planning since Christmas to drop off smaller, almost new, items of mine. I took them down the first time, only to be told they were not taking any clothing for a couple of weeks. So, I have been phoning every 2 weeks, and yesterday I got the answer, yes, they were taking them. It took me an hour or two to smooth them out, put them on hangers, and take them down. They were bulky, but I struggled in with them, and the owner told me that it would be at least another 2 weeks. I told her of my conversation, and the only man was her son, and he knew that they weren’t taking any. So back to the car with it, totally frustrated.

I then drove to Denny’s where I have a coupon for a free Grand Slam for my birthday. When I turned into the parking lot, both entrances/exits had police cars with flashing lights. This meant a turnaround, and back the way I came to IHOP. We had crazy drivers on the roads and my car almost got hit twice.

I had planned to go out this evening but decided that I would be tempting fate if I stepped outside, so here I am writing it down, to get it out of my system.

It drives a woman to drink.



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