I guess everyone has changed over to jetpack.

I hate change but seeing that we all have to changeover from WordPress to jetpack by the 8th March, I finally did it.

I couldn’t remember my WordPress password, so wasn’t as easy as I had hoped for.



  1. Is JetPack only for those who blog on their phone? I use my computer only to blog–no phone–and don’t use JetPack. I didn’t know about the March 8 deadline.

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  2. I share Your sentiments and switched over a couple weeks ago because My phone was (continuously) prompting Me to do. I was somewhat relieved to hear I’m not the only one who forgets their WordPress password – OMG that can be a nightmare on its own!!!

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  3. I changed over to Jetpack and it went well…..then deleted my WordPress site as Jetpack told me to. Jetpack then started deleting my site bit by bit! Got my WordPress site back now by emailing WordPress.
    I sent a message to Jetpack saying what happened and got a long email saying everything was good and my site was working onJp. which it obviously wasn’t.

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  4. Changed over to Jetpack and it dumped my whole site as soon as I deleted my original WordPress site.. on phone and iPad.

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  5. Last night I had to make the adjustment as well; it seemed strange because I assumed Jetpack was only for website integrations, but it appears that was not the case. It also advised me to remove the WordPress Program, which I did. I’d say it’s a good shift.

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