My gold chains.

My 11 day January cruise was amazing apart from coming home without my gold chains, with my very special charms on them. My gold baby cross for my baptism. Yes, I had it for 75 years. My ‘I love cats’ that the employees brought me when Len and I owned our restaurant. My heart one that Len had brought me, and one that I had brought myself.

My friend suggested I take them off when we docked and the islands. The last one our safe wasn’t working so I put them in my case.

Upon my return home they were not in my case. For 3 months I believed that they had fallen out, or disappeared.

Today I got my bum bag (Fanny pack) and felt something in it. IT WAS MY LOST CHAINS. I am so thankful as I had promised my baby cross and child to my granddaughter upon my passing. Thank you Lord for answering my prayers ❤️🙏


  1. I wish we didn’t attach weight to material things, but most of us do. I have many sentimental things gone from me, so I can relate to how you felt. I’m so happy for you that you have them.

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