At our timeshare and Norton won’t allow me to use their WIFI

I have been coming to our timeshare on Treasure Island beach for 20 years, and this is the first time Norton stops me from gaining access on my laptop.

I can get it on my phone, and hubby on his laptop and phone. We have Norton software on all of them. All I can think of is that my laptop has updated itself, or has more security than a month ago.

Therefore, I will be writing my reviews starting Tuesday, when I am home.

The swimsuit/2 piece I am wearing will be one of them.

Britain certainly knows how to do Royal Weddings.

Being English, and living in Florida, we were up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding of Prince Harry to Megan.

After seeing so many Royal weddings in my 70 years on this earth, it still takes my breath away, with the precision, and the pageantry.

Prince Philip was walking without a cane, at age 97 after recent surgery, which makes me proud to be British.

God save our Royal family.

Once a year bloom.

Gardening in Florida isn’t easy, because the earth is sand. I use a lot of topsoil, and feed the plants often. All for a day like today. They bloomed.

Most likely they will droop by tomorrow, but then another plant will flower. Hopefully the rest will come out over the next couple of weeks.

I do miss my English garden, where I had crocus, daffodils, tulips, roses, pansies, and so many more.

However, I am happy to give up my garden, to live in the sunshine state.

What is gardening like where you live?

Love the smell of Jasmine, and when I can’t get it from the garden anymore, I use my Majestic Pure Essential Oil.

I am really into Essential Oils, and use them on a daily basis.  Right now I have Jasmine, in a vase, as it runs along my back fence.  The smell is wonderful, but next month I will be using my Majestic Pure Lavender Oil, Natural, Therapeutic Grade, Premium Quality Blend of Lavender Essential Oil.



It comes in a 4 ounce bottle with a dropper, so that you can use as many, or as few drops as you require.  I use mine in my diffuser, and also with Shea butter, a carrier oil, to make my own body butter.

The smell of lavender takes me back to my childhood, when my mother, and I would make lavender bags.  We would put them under the pillow, and in clothing drawers, to make everything smell floral.  It also helped us to sleep, or that is what I was told.

I had almost finished my other bottle, so a perfect time to get this free product.  Because I love the lavender essential oil, my review is totally unbiased.



Anxiety and Panic Disorder.

Throughout my life I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.  Over the past 30 years I have read many books, done self evaluations, phoned a friend, who has now written a book on the subject, and rarely get them.  I am so pleased with myself, as I can now have blood work done, and not be a total nervous wreck.

Unfortunately my husband is now getting them, and I am doing my best to help him.  He never realized what I was going through, over the 40 years we have been together, and wasn’t able to handle it in a way I wanted him to.

Anyone with this disorder, it is not a stigma anymore, and please find help.  Whether it is writing about it, talking with someone, going to your doctor, reading up on it, or anything that you feel comfortable with.

Please feel free to contact me if there is no one else.  My email address is in my contact information.


The Casual/Smart Aichatan Konater Top is great for many different occasions.

Today I wore the Aichatan Konater Womens Short Sleeve T Shirts Round Neck Stripe Cotton Shirts Casual Tops Tees to a luncheon seminar.

This top is so well made, and looks classy, even though it can be used for casual wear too.  I chose the black, with the gray strips, and white at the bottom.  It also comes in Ink Green, Navy, and Yellow.  The sizes are from small to extra large.  It’s made of 35% Cotton, 60% Polyester, and 5% Spandex.

The small fits me perfectly, and it’s longer than most tops I have.  It is a tailored/slim fit, which is figure flattering.  The top has a rounded neck, as well as the bottom.

I wore it with capris, but it’s great with shorts, leggings or a skirt.  I think it could be worn to the beach, out to lunch, to work, or even a bar.  Having a few tops like this one, are a great staple to any wardrobe.

I received mine for free, and so love modeling it.  I wanted to share my photos with you.



Bride, Bridesmaid, or New Years Eve? The Zaful Chiffon Evening Dress would be perfect. Promotional price going on right now.

If you have a special occasion, like being a bridesmaid, Prom, or a New Year’s Eve party, then the ZAFUL Women Sleeveless Chiffon Evening Dress Formal Wedding Gowns Bridesmaid Party Long Dress , could be exactly what you are looking for.  Mine is red, but this would also be great for the Bride, as it comes in white, and many other colors.

First off, I have to say what a quality product this is.  I took a photo of the inside of the top of the dress so that you can see the satin lining, the stitching, and the ribbons to hang it up.  The zipper sits perfectly, so nothing digs into you.  The bust of the dress has cups, which means that it is not necessary to wear a bra, unless you wish to.

The one strap makes it stand out against other dresses, but if you go to the website linked below, you will see that there are several designs, and colors to choose from.

I am 5 ft. 6 inches, 110 lbs., and a 34 and a half in bust.  The small fits me perfectly with high heels.  The Empire waistline is very feminine, and the band going around the waist makes it even prettier.

It does state on the label that it can be washed on a delicate cold cycle, and hang dry.

Right now there is a promotion going on, and here is the link to it:

I am not sure how long it will last, so you may wish to check it out straight away.  I did receive mine for free, and have it ready,

for the next special event I attend.



Pretty in purplishblue. Thank you Sarin Mathews.

Yesterday, being Mother’s day here in America I wanted to wear something new, so I chose the Sarin Mathews Women’s Halter Neck Sleeveless Casual Swing T-Shirt Loose Dress.

We went to our local Fraternal Order of Eagles for lunch/dinner.  I always like to dress up, so this thin, comfortable dress was perfect for the occasion.

I did have to check which bra fitted best with it, as being a halter, regular bra straps show.  My gym ones has too thicker straps, so found a thinner one, with narrow straps.  This worked out well, as you can see in my photos.

We went at 2 p.m., and I felt great in my new dress.  It came just above the knee at the front, and just below at the back.  It has an opening at the back, like an oval.  You can see it in my photos.  The dress had a nice flow about it.

I felt comfortable, as it is a soft material, and doesn’t crease.  If you see one, you can just smooth it out.  I chose the purplishblue, and there are 12 other colors as well.  It also comes with long sleeves.

It can be machine washed on a delicate cold cycle, or washed my hand.

This is the kind of dress that I love to wear, as it always looks good, however you treat it. It is suitable for almost any type of outing.

I did receive this item for free, and always love giving you my honest opinion of the product.

Sarin Mathews Women’s V Neck Ruched Sleeveless Sexy Blouse Stretch Tank Tops

The meaning of Core.

Core has several meanings, but the one I tend to use the most is Core training.  Looking up this one is states: ‘the muscles of the torso, especially the lower back and abdominal area, which assist in the maintenance of good posture, balance, etc’

Boxing is great for the core, and after a session, I can fell that it has been a complete workout, tightening my core muscles.  Also lifting weights, and flipping tires strengthen my core too.

Another important meaning of the work core, or core values.  These are ones that I stand by, and will do anything in my power, to up hold them.

For more articles about Core click on the link below:


I’m not just a SENIOR I’m a BOXER and I train like a Beast.

This T-Shirt was especially made for me, but you can have one too.  It is the
Funny Old Senior Citizen Boxer Boxing Gift Novelty T-Shirt by Love Fighting Martial Arts T-Shirts.

I have been wearing it on, and off for 10 days, so it has been washed several times.  Mine is 100% cotton, but some of the other colors are cotton, and polyester.  It comes in a Women as well as a Men shirt, and both are available in black, navy, Royal blue, brown and heather.  There are plenty of sizes, so check out the chart on the site below.

I wear it with shorts, capris, and leggings.  Everyone notices it, and if it’s a day I am not boxing, make a remark about it.  Because of this shirt, I have had ladies ask me about boxing, and I have started giving them basic training.  I do this while at the gym, and it gives me pleasure to give back to the community.

Are you a senior into boxing, or do you know one?  This would be the perfect gift for them.

I did receive my T – Shirt for free, and have really given this product a good testing, before writing my review of it.