EMDMAK 96W Power Converter 110-240V AC to 12V 8A DC Power Adapter Fit for Appliances Work with Car Cigarette Lighter

I got this item for my husband, as you never know when you are going to need a converter/adapter.  He has box loads of them, and won’t part with anyone of them.  He says that there will always be a time when we need one.  That was the case recently, when a product was sent to me with the wrong, adapter fitting.

This is what Emdmak states about the product: ‘With the Emdmak power adapter, you can bring your car appliances & accessories back home, office and hotel to use conveniently.’

So it basically does the opposite of most power/converters that we use.  The products that we buy to use in our vehicles, can now be used in my timeshares, and anywhere that we have electricity.  This really is a neat idea, and one that I bet many people don’t realize exists.

Now the kids that have there electronics in the car, can use them, pretty much anywhere they want to.

Again from Emdmak: ‘Very convenient and Easy to use, allows you to plug in and get power from anywhere, anytime.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


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