Starbucks need to do more training for new stores.

Today was a nightmare for me at a new location for Starbucks.  My girlfriend and I have 30 minutes to place our order, and drink it, while having a chat.

I order the same item most Friday mornings, a tall brewed decaf with caramel syrup.  My girlfriend has a tall iced coffee with caramel.  She had no problems with her order.  It came up immediately.

After standing for several minutes, I was asked if I was waiting for something.  I told them the details of my drink.  It hadn’t even been started. Usually before midday decaf is brewed, but not in this store.  So I waited several minutes for a pour over to be made.

I added a tiny amount of half and half, and it looked like white water.  I tasted it, and wondered where the coffee was.  I took it back, and another member of the staff showed the person how to make it.  Again a long wait, and by the time I sat down, we barely had ten minutes to chat, and I didn’t enjoy my drink.


After we sold our restaurant, I was a member of staff at a new Dunkin’ Donuts.  We were taken to another location, and worked with them, so that on our opening day, we were totally up to par.  Perhaps this should be something that Starbucks need to do.

I know everyone has to learn, but not on regulars, that know how to order, and don’t get the service they deserve.  Okay, my rant is over now.

There were 2 other people in the store, and when we left no one in the drive through.

Does caffeine make you sick?

20180311_163314I used to drink pots of coffee when we had our restaurant.  Every time our servers walked pass they would top up my coffee mug.

I had no choice but to give it up, when I had a bone density test, and found out that I only had 47% bone in my left hip.  They were hips of a 90 year old.

I had to give up caffeine, very little alcohol, take calcium supplements, and do weight bearing exercises.

It took me 18 years to reverse my osteoporosis, and now my range is ‘normal’ for a 70 year old.  I am loving it.

I go to Starbucks most weeks, and the baristas know that I have a Venti brewed decaf with caramel.  I rarely go on a Saturday, but was waiting for my husband’s meeting to finish at the F.O.E., which is pretty much next-door.

I placed my order, and the place was jamming as a parade was going on downtown.  The lady asked if a pour over was okay, and I said that was what they always do.

Around 6 minutes later my drink was called.  I was there for an hour, so drank the whole large coffee.  I then picked up my husband, and as he is diabetic, and went somewhere to eat.  I was starting to shake, and thought it might be that I needed to eat.  Well that didn’t work, because I started feeling worse while eating, and driving home.

My stomach was upset, I had diarrhea, and a headache.  Immediately I knew it was the coffee.  It had caffeine in it.  When I checked my free refill, the decaf hadn’t been checked off.  It was too late to do anything apart from spend the rest of the day, and evening on the toilet, and recliner.

I did email Starbucks, and ask them to ensure that they always make decaf when asked for.  Many times I have seen people trying to give me regular coffee, as no decaf is made.  When I catch it I always tell them that they will make me sick.  When it is handed to me, I always double check that it is decaf.

Thank goodness I am fine now.  Has this happened to anyone else?

Better Than Coffee Energy Bars, 100mg Caffeine (Sample Pack, 4 flavors, 4 count)

When I read about these bars, I figured ‘Worth a try’.  Working out each day, I always have a little caffeine in the morning, before killing it in the gym.  The Better Than Coffee Energy Bars, 100 mg Caffeine sounded new, and different for me.

The flavors are:

  • ‘Dark Chocolate & Coconut: Our original flavor. Intense notes of 70% organic dark chocolate, lightly sweetened by coconut flakes.
  • French Roast: Rich notes of dark roast coffee give way to undertones of 70% organic dark chocolate. Robust, bittersweet flavor ideal for coffee lovers.
  • Dark Chocolate & Cranberry: Perfect balance of strong cranberry complemented by our 70% organic dark chocolate. 
  • Dark Chocolate & Mint: Our hallmark 70% dark chocolate with a minty twist that lingers on the tongue.’

As I had never had anything like this before I figured I would start off with a quarter of a bar.  I only weigh 110 lbs., and am a small eater.  I didn’t feel a burst of energy, but was able to do my 30 minutes of boxing, followed by weight machines, and then 15 minutes of exercises, and stretches.  Later in the day I didn’t get a crash, so it must have worked like my one cup of coffee in the morning.

I like the flavors, that are certainly not sweet at all.  As I don’t add sugar to anything, I am fine with them, but if you have a sweet tooth, they are not a sweet chocolate.

The price is a little high for the size of the bar, but thinking that I am only eating a small amount, it’s fine with me.  I figure that after a couple of weeks I would be having half a bar.  Larger guys, I am sure would have a full bar.  No problem.

A little from the webpage:

‘With caffeine, 5/6 g fat, 5 g protein and 7/8 g net carbs, the dark chocolate – coconut or the dark chocolate – mint flavors are the most appreciated by the keto diet or higher fat diets followers.


Pea protein crisp(pea protein concentrate, brown rice flour[rice flour & rice bran]), chicory root fiber, seeds (sunflower seed, sesame seed, pumpkin seed), brown rice syrup, desiccated coconut, organic 70% dark chocolate chunk(organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter), whole grain brown rice protein, guarana, grape juice concentrate, rice syrup, brown rice, millet, coffee powder, sunflower oil, maca, coconut oil, cocoa (processed with alkali), agar,natural flavor’.

For any further information, you can click on the link below.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, and chose to share a review with you.


Café de Loja Gourmet TESTER BAG Whole Bean Coffee – Medium / Dark Roast Arabica

I only drink coffee, and water, at home.  I will have an alcoholic drink when we go dancing, but that’s it.  Therefore it is imported to have a good quality coffee.  The Café de Loja Gourmet TESTER BAG Whole Bean Coffee – Medium / Dark Roast Arabica gives you a chance to try it, at a very inexpensive price.  100 gm/.22 pounds at a cost of $2.80.

I have a manual grinder, so ground up enough for me to have a couple of cups of coffee.  I like to keep the beans whole until I am actually making it.  When grinding the smell was amazing, and while it was brewing, I couldn’t wait to drink some.

I found it to have a rich full body, with a fruity hint, and no aftertaste in my mouth.  I sometimes take milk, or cream in my coffee, but this coffee was perfect without anything added to it.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, and a small packet such as this, is perfect

for you to try it.