A big Thank You to Antony

We have been reading one another’s posts for quite some time now, and I have been amazed at his knowledge on, and about WordPress.

So when I started doing videos on YouTube, I was leaving a link in my posts, so that readers could click on it.  Then a recent post, the video itself came up. I was so happy, but didn’t remember what I did differently.  I spent hours trying to figure it out.

Then I emailed Antony, and he got back to me with a simple answer, in language I understood.  Now all my videos are showing up, and I feel that they are the center of my blog posts.

I personally want to tell you what a great person he is, and if you are not following him, with a WordPress blog, you are missing out.

Here is a link to his blog Antony Agnel


Daily Post/Daily Prompt one word Squat

This word I could not pass up on, as going to the gym every day, and working out at home, the ‘squat’ is one of my favorite things to do.

When I am stretching/warming up, I do all the usual ones, and go down into a squat, coming up, and stretching my back.

I do regular squats, ones  with a large ball behind my back, and some with my suspension straps.  Squats are part of my daily life.

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Do you know this 68, and 359 day old boxer?

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Awareness of your surroundings is so important.

This used to be for women, and children, but with the violence we now have anywhere in the world, everyone needs to be more careful.

My husband is a black belt at judo, and I do boxing, and kickboxing, but neither of those would help us, if someone had a gun.

My thoughts, that also go into print, are that everyone should be aware of the conditions around them.  Are they on their own?  Is it dark?  Are they in a strange place? Are there several people around, or just the odd one?

The list could go on, but all I want to stress is that, everyone is vulnerable, and I ask you all to be safe.


Do you know this 68, and 359 day old boxer?

Today I had a trainer working with me.  I have been boxing for 4 years, but no training whatsoever.  He put me through it, and I loved every minute of it.

He had heard that I will never give up when it comes to working out, and the Facebook video was the last couple of minutes, of my hour.  Unfortunately I can’t put videos into this blog, but I have added photos.

If you want to see the video, check it out on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/susie.34668  Also by clicking on his name, or the link to his business, you can see what an amazing guy he is.


It’s hard to resist the temptation.

Sometimes life gets difficult, and we have to resist doing the wrong thing.  The doctor hasn’t allowed my husband to drive since December of 2,015, and this is a constant problem.

When he tells me he is going to drive, and I know that it could get nasty, I just say ‘No’, and walk into another room, or go into the garden.  If I stay I may say something I would regret, and I love him too much, to do that.

Stop, think, and resist saying what you really want to say, when it can hurt someone else.  It gets really hard to do so, as this has been going on for over a year now, but what else can a wife do, when she wants to protect her husband’s life, and the life of others.


On automatic pilot

Acquaintances, and online friends ask me the question, how have you gotten through the 23 years, since Len had the 2 massive heart attacks, and quintuple by pass surgery.  His daughter tells me all the time, that she would have lost her Dad then, if I hadn’t been here to take care of him.

I have 2 answers to this question.  First off, I go on automatic pilot, because of dealing with the various situations over the years.  I know the signs of a heart attack, a sugar low, blood pressure low, and a stroke, all of which he has had.  I also know when his arteries are getting blocked.  His heart won’t take anymore surgeries, so he has a pacemaker/defibrillator.

The second is my faith.  As Len has had more health issues, now with his kidney failure, I ask the Lord for strength every morning, and night.  I often ask during the day too.  Having this growing faith, has allowed me to do many things, that I would have thought impossible.

Yes,  so it’s autopilot for me.  What about you?


Ten minutes can be a lifetime.

March of last year my husband was still really sick, and we had moved into the condo, but still had the townhouse.  We got in the vehicle, and I drove to the townhouse, from there we were going out to have lunch.  He stayed in the car, while I switched off lights, opened blinds, and checked everything.

Ten minutes later, when I got in the vehicle, my husband wasn’t coherent. He was mumbling, sweating, and having a sugar low.  I drove to the next street, where our condo is, ran in the house, and got the Emergency Diabetic Kit,.  I mixed the vial with the product in the syringe, shook it, and shot him up with it.  I then did a sugar reading.  It was 29.

As he was sitting in the passenger seat, and the hospital is less than a miles from our home, I drove him there, breaking all speed records.  Once I arrived, they took him in, and couldn’t even get a reading.  That meant it was below 20, and he was in a diabetic coma.

Of course he survived it, but Ten minutes really can be a lifetime, or loss of life, to a diabetic.  Please take time to know the signs.


The days of being overworked are gone

45 years ago I was so overworked and harassed, I just didn’t know where my life was going.

I had a baby, I had a daycare in my home, with 5 other babies/children during the day.  In the evenings I would go selling door to door, and also did baby sitting.  I had a husband that was an alcoholic, and didn’t bring any money into the house.  Those days sucked.

This was 11 years of my life, until he died.  It took years, but my life turned around, and now I am retired, living in Florida, and spending time at the beach.


I would love to attempt a marathon

This week I am at the beach, and walk throughout the day.  My best day a few years back was 42,000 steps, which was around 19 and a half miles.

Since my husband health has deteriorated, I walk for an hour, come and check on him, and then walk again.  I still manager 100 miles in a week, but would love to attempt a marathon.

I can’t see any way of doing it, but wouldn’t it be great to try.  Just once…..


A new year, and a fresh start

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but do look to try to improve mine, and my husband’s lives.

With all his health issues it is not easy, but now the temperatures are a little cooler in Florida, I am going to try and get him to walk a little more.  With neuropathy of the feet, it is not easy.

We have a beautiful river walk, downtown, and that is where we need to start.  As you know I workout at the gym everyday, but now I need to concentrate on getting Len moving a little more.  The podiatrist said that it is the only way to help his feet.

What plans do you have for the New Year?