I prefer to call them disagreements rather than arguments.

I think in every relationship there are bumpy times, when you both has opposite opinions on a subject.  Minor ones, I can let go over my head, but when it comes down to something important to do with my husband’s health, then I will not let them go.

One of those was earlier this year, when my husband’s sugar was so low I couldn’t get a reading.  I used a hypoglycemic emergency kit to get it up to 29, and got him to the hospital, where they couldn’t get a reading.  They hooked him up to an I.V. and got it up to 200.  Job done.

Then they did tests to make the hospital money, and wouldn’t let him eat, even though he was hungry.  They never came back and checked the I.V. or did another reading on him.  2 and a half hours later he was told that he could go home, if his sugar was good.

They couldn’t find the meter to check it.  It had dropped to 40.  They said that he had to stay in.  This is when I disagreed with them.  I told them if they had checked his sugar on a regular basis, or allowed him food, he would be going home.

They kept him in hospital 3 days, even though we didn’t agree.  He was given an I.V. and full meals, so his sugar went sky high.  I demanded to see the hospital doctor, and informed her that he was coming off the I.V.  She didn’t want to do it, but when I showed her his perfect readings, when I take care of him, she agreed.

Months of recorded statements from me, and I won my class, and he got refunded the co-pays for the hospital stay.  I was happy to pay the E.R. one, because that was needed, but when I disagree, and know I am right, I will never give up.


Is there anything in this house that is finished.

I moved us from a townhouse to a condo earlier this year.  This was because of my husband’s health issues.  I gave most of my stuff to friends, and charities, and ended up with about 10%.  On the other hand my husband didn’t want to part with hardly anything.

I had planned to have everything done, and the condo looking spick and span in 6 months.  The new windows, and patio doors are in, the inside is painted, new higher toilet for my husband, and extra insulation in the loft.

There are still boxes in the second bedroom, and stuff around the house.  My decision was to be there 24/7 for my husband, and leave the other stuff unfinished.  He doesn’t worry about it, and now I am starting to feel the same way.

Life is more important that sorting out things.


Do I eat the pastry or the fresh fruit

My husband and I have been at a meeting this morning, and I had a breakfast sandwich.  I ate the egg white, spinach, avocado, and a little of the multi-grain bread.  Now it is lunchtime, and in the box are a cream cheese Danish with cherries, or fresh fruit.  I am in a dilemma as to what one to eat.

What would you eat?  Well as I was so good earlier, I am going for the Danish, and then tonight for dessert I will have the fresh fruit.20160926_131444

Makes a really nice change for me to have this kind of dilemma.


Panic Disorder- Panic Attacks

Everyone that sees me taking care of my husband 24/7, latest diagnosis is stage 5 kidney failure, as well as a long list of life threatening issues, would think that I am the happiest, fittest, upbeat person around.

Since childhood, going back 60 years, I have suffered with anxiety, panic disorder, and panic attacks.  They went undiagnosed until I came to America 28 years ago.

I have a girlfriend that wrote a book about this subject, so I phone her regularly, and have done every self help book, worksheet there is.

I don’t have panic attacks as often as I used to, and most times, know how to calm myself down.  However, after my husband has been in hospital for 1 month, and almost died on me, you can guarantee one will come at sometime.

You are never free of them, and always recovering.


We have been too generous over our lives.

My husband and I were born in England, before, and after the war.  This meant that we had very little.  This made us very frugal over the years.  After coming to America, we had friends, and family had needed help.  We were generous, and ended up with $50,00 in loans.

We had one pay us back in full, and 3 that partly paid us.  2 went bankrupt on us, and we couldn’t do anything about it, and another was a family member, that doesn’t mention it.

This is the time in our lives that we could use the money, as I have a granddaughter at Oxford University, and my husband’s health costs keep increasing all the time.

Being generous is often a good thing, but remember that as you get older, those people who you helped out won’t be there for you.  As they couldn’t pay, they stopped being your friends.  Not your choice, but theirs.


Pose and posture go with being elegant, and stylish

At school 60 years ago, in England, we were taught to straighten our backs, shoulder back, chin, and head up.  My parents were the same.  ‘If you can’t stand straight, then I don’t want to see you’.  Yes many parents were very strict in the early  50’s.

I am so pleased that I had this kind of upbringing.  I now walk talk, am slim, with muscles, and can wear anything.  I go with white and black mainly, and sometimes add in gray.  These clothes make me look both elegant, and stylish.

I am fortunate that my friends are always complimenting me on how I look, and my clothes. I use many skirts, trousers, with different tops, and they think I have hundreds of different outfits.

As a senior, I am proud of my school, my parents, and myself for sticking to the rules.


To take a hike.

As a child in England, to take a hike, was to go walking in rough terrain, or up a hill.  That was fun, and a great exercise for us.  I can remember that I rarely saw an obese child, in those long gone days.

Living in Florida, I will never take a hike, in that context, but have often heard the phrase, Take a Hike.  Meaning, Get Lost, or in my English terms, bugger off.  I personally wouldn’t say it, because I hate hurting people’s feelings.  Most likely I would say, that I have to leave, and walk away.


Being Passionate about something

I used to be a very weak person, never standing up myself, and could never say ‘No’ to anyone.  Having been trodden down by my first husband, with no self esteem, I had no choice but to turn myself around.

40+ years later, people call me strong.  That is not a word I would use for myself, because I always have that self doubt.  What I would say is that I am very passionate in all I do.  I put every effort into whatever it is, and I would like it to come over, that I am a very caring person.


For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health….

I am thinking about our wedding right now, when I read the Daily Prompt word, Together.  When we take on a marriage, we use these vows, and I am just wondering how many people realize that these are for life.  Not while we are having fun, jobs going well, plenty of money, and no health issues.

Thirty, forty, fifty years down the road, do couples still honor them, and are they still together, even though one could be the 24/7 caregiver for the other one.  That is my roll right now, and what my vows mean to me are, together as long as God is willing.



Life can be very fragile.

After my husband was in hospital, ICU for Christmas and New Year, and then rehab, he was very fragile.  He had lost so much weight.  6 foot tall, and weighing 147 pounds.

I moved us from a 2 story townhouse, where everything was upstairs, into a condo to improve his life.  He was back in hospital again in February, for several days.

I have done everything in my power to get him to gain weight.  He made it up to 158 pounds, and then these last 18 days, hasn’t felt well.  He has dropped back to 151 pounds.

I feel as if I want to wrap him in cotton wool to protect him, and do everything in my power, to try and get him up, and moving again.