Our lives evolve around the gym and the Premier League Football

This morning we woke up, and switched on the television immediately.  The bed was adjusted to a sitting position, and we watched the first half of the Cardiff City, and Newcastle United game.  Showered, and then had breakfast while watching the second half.

Off to the gym.  Len went into the social room, sat on a sofa with coffee, and watched Tottenham Hotspur – Fulham game.  I went into my Zumba class for an hour, and out in time for the second half.  I pushed the standing punch bag down to the televisions.  Watched 30 minutes of the second half, while killing the bag, boxing20180818_113350.  Then went on a treadmill for 10 minutes to cool down.

Came home, got lunch, in time for the 12.30 match between Chelsea, and Arsenal.  We have been on the edge of our seats, as Chelsea scored 2, then Arsenal 2.  Sadly for Len Chelsea scored a third goal, and now we are in the 3 minutes of added time.  I very much doubt Arsenal can score to draw the game.

Final score 3 – 2 to Chelsea.

Training a leftie and a right handed lady at boxing today.

I have had the honor to teach basic boxing to around 18 ladies over the past year or so.  This is the first time I have had someone left handed.

I wrapped her hands and wrists with my spare wraps, and had an extra pair of gloves for her.  We went into the boxing room first, and I was able to get her warmed up, and then start to show her the stance, and the basic jab, jab, punch.  I am glad that I did before the next lady arrived.  I am 70, and she is older than me, and found it difficult to follow instructions.  I have the most patience I know, and had to spend a long time with her.

My lady from my last class remembered well, and between showing the new lady, I was able to teach her 2 more moves.  She really impresses me, and is very determined.  My lady I have been working with for 4 months didn’t manage to come.

The gym I go to would pay me if I worked with 5 at a time, but there is no way that seniors can do this in a group setting.  They need individual attention, and that is why I volunteer my time.  I love that I can give back to the community.

We took selfie photos, but unfortunately I can’t compress them, to allow me to put photos in my blog posts, so it’s an old boxing one.

Do you volunteer your time, and if so what do you do?



TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Weight Loss Ab Belt – Premium Stomach Fat Burner Wrap Waist Trainer

The TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is a perfect product for boxing, lifting weights, flipping tires, etc.

It is extra wide, and wraps around you.  There is Velcro on the belt, and it will close where ever you need it on the belt.  The inside of the belt is a ‘ non-slip interior grid to prevent slipping, bunching, or moving of any kind. Now you can feel rest assured that your belt will remain in place.’

It also states on the website that ‘MORE SWEAT, LESS STINK: We designed the interior to repel sweat and moisture to prevent sweat and bacteria build up. ‘

It comes in sizes from extra small to extra large, so there is a belt for everyone.

It is nicely made, and does stay in place, when boxing.  My clothes are soaked after a workout, and have to be washed, but the belt can just dry out.

I was lucky enough to get mine at a discounted price, and can never have too many.  I use one, and then let is air dry in the garage, allowing me to use another one when needed.




Loving the PAMASE Boxing Leather Punch Focus Mitts – Target Training Hand Pads for Karate, Muay Thai Kick, Sparring, Dojo, Martial arts


I already have a pair of boxing mitts for myself.  My husband has held them a couple of times, but as my punching is getting harder, I don’t like asking him to do it.

The ones at Load More Plate, where I have my training sessions, the Velcro was not sticking, so I bought these PAMASE Boxing Leather Punch Focus Mitts and gave them to my trainer.  They are thicker, and a much better quality had the ones they had.  It was for my own benefit, as this is where I get to  find more stamina, and can go much longer, even though I drive myself to my limits.

If you are in the market for mitts, for boxing, or martial arts, I highly recommend these.  I purchased these at a discounted price, and decided to write a review, because they are a quality product.




Heart on my bottom. Cute when I bend over.


I bought a pair of legging, and Capris for the gym.  They were  both discounted, and I needed new ones.

The leggings are NonEcho High Waist Yoga Pants Fitness Leggings Stretchy Workout Tights Women Capris Activewear.  They are black, and have the red heart on my bum, and diagonal striped below it.  Everyone says ‘How skinny I am’, but this sexy red heart proves them wrong.

I wore them yesterday for Zumba Toning, lifting weights, and circuit training.  They stayed totally in place, and I love the wide waistband.  Every time I bent over in Zumba Toning, I was thinking of the views that others behind  me, could see.  Made me smile.  Right now they are sale with Amazon Prime just $9.89.

The other pair from Zelotpower, that are black leggings, I am wearing today.  I did Zumba in them, and boxing.  They fit me well, and have plenty of stretch in them.  Again a great price at $9.59.

I did get both at a slightly cheaper price than the prices above, but feell that they are both good quality, and exactly what I wanted.



Check out Zumba Toning.

I do Zumba 4 times a week, but every six months when my girlfriend has a meeting, I go to the Friday Zumba Toning class.

If you are not aware of this one, it is Zumba dancing with light weights.  You do a couple of songs without the weights, then with them.  Most of the ladies have the pretty 2 lb. weights, but as I do lifting, and boxing, I went with 4 lb. weights.  They were certainly heavy enough for me, and I ended up with a great workout.

Followed that with some lifting, and then on the upside down Bosu to get a little more cardio in.  I hate treadmills.

How is your day going so far?


Strength training, Zumba, boxing, and table tennis today.

Today I did a variety of working out.  First off, I went to the gym with my husband. I went to my Zumba class, while he had coffee in the social area.  He still can’t get on the machines, after having the ear surgery.

This afternoon I went on my own, and did some boxing, and then continued with some strength training of my shoulders, on a machine.

Then a few minutes ago my husband and I decided to play a little table tennis.  At almost 85, it is something that both he, and I can do together.  I am 70.  It’s so much fun, as the ball often doesn’t do what it is told to.

Boxing has to be the best workout around.

Back to doing what I so enjoy – Boxing

Zumba, flipping tires, and boxing today.


AmoLaife Women’s Crossback Sports Bra with Sport Headband and Wrist Straps Set

I can never have enough Sports Bras, as I workout every single day.  That is why I was happy to receive the AmoLaife Women’s Crossback Sports Bra with Sports Headband and Wrist Straps.

You can pay the $13.99 or more for just the bra, in most cases.  The bra comes in Navy blue, or gray. and is available from small to X large.  The material is 88% Nylon,12% Spandex, which give you a nice stretch.  It has removable pads too.  I take them out when I wash, and hang dry the bra.  This makes for a quicker wash/dry.  Sometimes I hand wash, and over times in a cold, gently cycle.  I never put them in the dryer. 

The bra is tight, which you want in a sports bra, and goes over the head.  The first time I struggled to get it over my head, and over my boobs, but the fit is perfect.  You need that in a bra, so that they can’t move about when boxing, lifting, or whatever you do at the gym.

It is really well made, and has a mesh lining, which makes it comfortable.  You can see the crossover back in my photos, wearing it.  It doesn’t show in the majority of sports tops, and if it does slightly that is fine with me.

I have worn it while boxing, lifting weights, on the floor doing an ab workout, and Zumba class.

The headband will come in useful for boxing, as my hair is always in my eyes, and the wrist bands will help to support my weaker right wrist, due to surgery.

I did receive this set for free, and am very happy indeed with it.  Certainly a great product.



Another great boxing workout today.

As you know by now we hit the gym 7 days a week, 3 of which I go in the boxing room which isn’t air conditioned.  I live in Florida.  The video shows what I do for the first 5 minutes.  It is to give this 70 year old lady extra stamina.

My trainer had asked for 100 around 3 weeks ago.  I did 60, and then went back for 60 more.  The next day I did the 100.  The following week 200 at the start of my session, and 200 at the end.

This past week I have been doing 300, and feel that by next week I will be up to 400.  I push myself all the time, and if I can do it anyone can.

What are your fitness plans for today?


Hokonui Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker with so much more, at a great price.

As I can average anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000 steps a day, I always wear a fitness tracker.  The latest one is the Hokonui Fitness Tracker, that tracks running, distance, calories, steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and sleep.

It comes with the instruction manual, which allows for an easy setup.  Just download the app on your phone, go to setting to make sure Bluetooth is on, and pair it.  You are all set to go.

I have been wearing mine for a few days now, and love that I can see all these features, as well as the time, day of the week, month, and year.  It looks smart, and has plenty of holes on the bracelet for any size wrist.  It is waterproof, and has a touch screen.  The fitness tracker can be used with either IOS or android.

There is so much information, and more to this product, that I am sharing this from the Amazon web-page:

  • ‘Multifunctional:24 hours Real-time Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Step Pedometer, Calorie Burnt, Distance, Automatic Sleep Monitoring, Call Alert, Message Alert, Alarm Clock Alert, Goal Complete Alert, Sedentary Alert, Remote Camera Control, Activity Data Sharing and so on, help you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle.
  • Smart Reminder: Drink water, take medicine, study, appointments, walk the dogs, all the anniversaries and birthdays, currency conversions, and other high-frequency event tags. More effective than mobile phones, more intimate than the ordinary wristband.
  • Life Companion: IP67 Waterproof resistant, you can wear the fitness tracker when swimming and taking a shower. Receive call, calendar, SMS and SNS (Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter) notifications on display, never miss the messages that matter.
  • 10-Days Standby Time: Built-in 155mAh high-capacity battery, adopts the latest energy-saving technology, which can last for 15 days and 7-10 days of working time, 2 times longer than other fitness trackers. Compatible with Android 4.4 & iOS 8.0 or a higher OS based supports Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 1 Year Time Warranty: 12 months quality assurance, New Replacement or Refund without Return in 30 days. We are committed to improving product quality and reducing product defects. If there is any quality problem, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to providing you a pleasant shopping experience.’

This fitness tracker has so much more to offer than many ones of similar price.  This is a must if you are on a budget, at only $35.99.  I was fortunate enough to receive mine for free, but have been totally honest in my review of it.