3rd $50 My Clicks Reward, and 2 this month. Yes really.

I wrote a blog post on the 5th June stating that I had just won a second $50 gift card, on My ClicksRewards.  Can you believe a week later, I had an email to say that I was the $50 daily winner again.  How can that be.  I only click once a day, and how many other people are doing it too.

Well, I can tell you it’s the luck of the draw, and it only takes a few minutes to sign up for the daily email.  Then click on 4 links, and you are entered.  You can skip, or say No to all of them, and get your entry.

I think I am the luckiest person around to keep winning.  Here is the link if you wish to sign up https://www.myclickrewards.com/login/?next=/sponsored-ad/17  You have nothing to loose, and everything to win.

Want a free $50 Amazon Gift Card? I know an easy way.

$15 bonus card if you buy a $50 Ruby Tuesday’s gift card.

Yes, we were back at Ruby Tuesday restaurant today, and it’s only been 2 weeks since we got the free full rack of ribs.

Well we did it again today.  I received a coupon code from them with a B.O.G.O.F. on a equal, of lesser value entrée.  Again we both had the full rack of baby back ribs, and I added the salad bar, for just $1.99 as one of my sides.

While sitting there, I notice the above offer, so of course went for it.  There is a 6 week period in June, and July that the $15 can be used.  We go there often because of their great deals, and I have been lucky enough to use a $15 off in the past, coupled with a free birthday burger.

Not only is the food good, the best salad bar around, but also excellent service too.  The Manager always checks with the customers too.  I brought my entire dinner home today, as I had worked at the gym this morning, was having my boxing lesson at 2.30, and didn’t want to overeat.

http://www.rubytuesday.com/  Every member gets a FREE* appetizer when you join, your choice of either a FREE Burger** or FREE Garden Bar Entrée** on your birthday, plus exclusive news and offers.

Eating free food is so good. Thank you Ruby Tuesdays.

B.O.G.O.F. tomorrow at Ruby Tuesday!

Eating free food is so good. Thank you Ruby Tuesdays.

Yesterday I wrote about the B.O.G.O.F. at Ruby Tuesdays restaurants.  We had planned on doing an early lunch, but my husband’s follow up visit to check on his cataract surgery was another two hour wait, we came home.  I knew that at 12.30 the restaurant would be jamming.

I had my boxing training at 2.30 p.m., so picked up my husband just after 3, and went to the restaurant.  It was still busy at 3.20 p.m., but easy to get a seat, and order.  We both ordered the full rack of baby back ribs, which are the best in town.  As one of my side I had the 58 item salad bar, for an extra $1.99.

The salad bar is so fresh, and a great variety.  I had spinach, beets, tomatoes, onions, black beans, black olives, cheddar cheese, feta cheese, chopped boiled egg, diced ham, candied walnuts, dried cranberries, wasabi peas, artichoke hearts, and probably more.  I choose 2 dressings, and added a small amount.

After I had eaten the plate of salad, and 2 ribs, I went back for grapes, and mandarin orange slices.  These are just a few of the items on the salad 20180419_160023  bar.  So you can see that having the salad bar as one of your sides, is amazing value.

Hubby ate 4 ribs, his sides, and boxed the rest for tomorrow.  We will have a second day of great ribs.  Our total came to $21.98 + sales tax, and tip.

We left around 4.15, and every table, and booth was occupied.  I can see there being lines all evening.  So pleased we found the perfect time to go.  Hope you like the photos of my food.


Free shopping at Walgreens drugstore.

I have a Walgreen’s loyalty card, and use it for prescriptions, my shopping in the store, and also for ‘healthy choices, which allows you to add your exercise, weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure readings, as well as the amount of sleep you get.  All these give you Balance points.

I have been collecting them for almost 2 years, and today I had $35 to spend in the store.  With Easter chocolate being 90% off, I made a killing.  Especially the big box full of Russell Stover sugar free eggs for my husband.

Everything else was on sale, B.O.G.O.F. or B.O.G.O. half off, so I ended up getting almost $100 worth of products, and paying the balance of $8.  Just love it when things come together like this.

Doe’s anyone else save in similar ways?

How to get free or discounted products on Amazon.

I have had several comments as to how I get free/discounted products from Amazon.

I have to go back around 26 years ago when I started freelance writing, and at that time I was earning money doing it.  Then Epinions came along, and I was a member of that community until they closed down.  I had to buy the products, go to the restaurants, travel, write about it, and get paid for it.

Then a fun one called Bubblews.  They paid way too much money, that in the end they just couldn’t pay us anymore.

I then joined Elite Deal Club, and am still a member of it.  Anyone can join.  They have highly discounted Amazon products that you can get a code for, and buy.  They ask for seller feedback, but reviews are not compulsory.

From here I started joining groups on Facebook, and a few more sites.  I wrote on Amazon for 12 years, and then started my blog.  I love this blog, because I can write exactly what I think of a product, and do not feel under any obligation to write a 5* review.  I do believe that some sellers pressure reviews to do just that.

I now tend to receive most of my products from a great group, that gives good discounts, for seller feedback.  However, I usually write a review as well, but that is because this is what I do.

Any questions you have?  If so, please leave comments below.  I will reply to them all.  Also I do have my email address on my contact page.

Free items that have arrived from Amazon sellers in the past month.

I am astonished at the amount of products that have been delivered to me, which I haven’t ordered.  I did agree with a couple of sellers, that if they have returns that are in perfect condition, they could be sent to me.  Amazon will not let them sell the items again, and charge storage fees.  However, the

Syma X5SW Explorers2 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter with 0.3MP HD Wifi Camera (FPV) White 

arrived today, and I can’t remember a company that had these.  I am certainly not complaining.  I am sure my husband will try it out, and if not we belong to charity organizations, as well as friends that are grandparents.

As I got wiped from Amazon I can only order, and leave seller feedback, if there is an order number.  They will not let me do anything else on Amazon.  No record of these coming to me, so thank you sellers, and I am happy to distribute them for you.

Yidarton Women’s Halter Sundress Casual Sleeveless Summer Chiffon Shift Dress

I go dancing 2 to 3 times a week, so love pretty dresses.  The Yidarton Women’s Halter Dress is so feminine, that this will be one I wear often.

It is made of 95% Polyester, and 5% Spandex.  The dress slips over your head, and has a loop, and button, to close it at the neck.  It is a floral lace patchwork halter dress, and you can see this in the photos, of me holding it up.  It flows nicely, and comes just below my knee.

I ordered a small, as I am 5’6″, with a 34 and a half in bust line.  It is loose lifting, so you don’t have to worry about any other measurements.

It is extremely well made, and has a lining, so you don’t need to wear a slip/petticoat underneath it.  It swirls, which is great for dancing.  The wine color really suits me, and it comes in black, as well as blue.  It can me worn for a casual date, or any special occasion.

It is suggested that it be hand washed, or a cold delicate machine wash.  I always put my delicates in a mesh laundry bag, and they come out fine.  I then hang them up to drip dry.

I did receive this dress for free, have worn it as you can see, and really checked it out for workmanship.  In no way was I influenced to write a positive review.


RabTig Set of 7 Mesh Laundry bags-1 Extra Large, 2 Large, 3 Medium, 1 Bonus Bra Bag – Delicates Laundry Bag-Best for Soft Toys, Travel Organizers, Blouse, Hosiery, Underwear, Lingerie


Majestic Pure Red Clay Mask in Cole Flower Honey, Powerful Facial Cleanser Mask, 9 oz

I love natural products, and so wanted to try the Majestic Pure Red Clay Mask in Cole Flower Honey Facial Cleanser Mask.  It comes in a big 9 ounce bottle.

It suggests that you try the product on the underneath of your elbow first.  I did the inside of my arm, around 2 x 3 inches.  I left it on for 20 minutes, as stipulated, and then pealed it off.  You can see in my photos, the half pealed area.  It comes off really easily.

After doing this test, I tried it on my face, ensuring I didn’t get too close to my eyes, or lips.  It didn’t feel tight, like some masks, and made my face feel really good.

From the Amazon website: ‘Majestic Pure Red Clay Mask is designed as a gentle face wash for those of us with sensitive acne prone skin; even if you do not have sensitive or acne prone skin, you can still benefit greatly. Our formula removes impurities outside and inside of the skin and detoxifies the skin, while minimizing the appearance of the size of the pores.

Red clay mask is especially beneficial for its natural anti-aging properties. The presence of iron oxide, essential trace elements, minerals in this clay draws out impurities and pollutants from the skin and provides a deep cleanse which softens, lightens and rejuvenates the skin.’

I really do like this product, and it is so easy to use.  I can apply it anytime, do something for 20 minutes, and then peal it off.  It just needs rinsing afterwards.  It can be used twice a week.

I did receive this product for free, and wanted to share how easy it is to use, with you.



Majestic Pure Natural Dead Sea Mud Mask Facial Cleanser, 8.8 fl oz

Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly Hot Cream 8.8 fl. oz. – 100% Natural Cellulite Cream Treatment, Promotes Supple and Toned Skin, Muscle Relaxant & Pain Relief Cream.

I truly believe that I am the healthiest, and fittest I have been in my 69 years on this earth.  However, after working out I do get pain, and muscle cramping.  That’s when I need the Botanic Hearth Muscle Jelly Hot Cream.

It is 100% Natural, a cellulite cream, as well as a muscle relaxant, and help to relieve pain.  It comes in a clear plastic jar, and is a bright orange color.  The jar is a good size, with 8.8 fluid once of cream.

I rub it on my right knee, left shoulder, and left cheek of my bottom.  These are the areas where I get pain.  Especially after boxing, lifting, and Zumba.

It can be used twice a day, but I only use it when needed.  It rubs in really well, it isn’t greasy at all, but it does smell.  It has menthol, and eucalyptus in it, so that it why the smell stays with you.  If you rub it in with you fingers, and wash immediately, it is still on them.  I use a small piece of makeup remover pad

to apply it, and that works for me.

It does give me relief, and the pain goes away.  I haven’t tried it in any other capacity, but have read how well it works.

I did receive this product for free, and didn’t have to write a review on it, but chose to.


Baobado Premium Survival Bracelet-Set only $10.99 for 3-Outdoor Emergency Paracord Bracelet 5 in 1 With Compass, Flint Fire Starter, Emergency Scraper/Knife, Whistle, Rescue Rope-Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Travel

Do you go out on your own?  Early in the morning, or in the evenings?  Then I think you should check out the Baobado Premium Survival Bracelet.  Even if you live in a town, or city, just have the whistle will make you feel safer.

If you are an outdoors person, and go camping, hiking, trekking, etc., then you will have a compass, flint fire starter, emergency scraper/knife, whistle, and the rescue rope.

There are 3 bracelets, and I can’t decide which I like the best.  The black blends in with anything, the orange is really colorful, and I love the Army green.  I am thinking that as my husband was in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, and his grandson is still in the Marines with almost 17 years under his belt, then the Army green one will go with his camouflage shorts.

It is a one size fits all, and fits my husband’s wrist perfectly.  I have mine further up my arm, but it stays well.  I do have tiny wrists, even though I have great muscles, from working out.

From the Amazon website:  ‘SUPER STRONG & DURABLE & ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Has been tried & tested to a minimum Breaking Point Of 550 lbs/250 kg. You can use it from stabilize a tent to build a shelter, create hunter traps, hiking rope,

scraper tool, care a wound & many more.’  Combined with the compass, fire starter, and whistle you can’t beat the price at $10.99 for 3.

I did receive these amazing bracelets for free, and wanted to share the benefits of having them with you.