Set Of 8 100% Pure Essential Oils Set Made in USA 10ml-Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Grade-Complete Kit, by VYTALLIA.

I am using the Vytallia Essential Oil Collection Aromatherapy gift set.

It comes in a black box, and there are 8 essential oils. The fragrances: Lavender, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Orange, Rosemary, Frankincense, and Eucalyptus.

They are 10 ml bottles with a dropper in the top of the bottle, and are 100% pure. The quality is therapeutic grade.

I opened the Frankincense, as that has to be one of my favorites, and it is super strong. I use Shea butter, a carrier oil, and added a few drops of this essential oil, to make my own Shea butter. I also added a small amount to my Essential Oil Diffuser. My body, and my home smells amazing.

I tend to use Lavender in the bedroom, and peppermint when I want a refreshing smell.

This gift set offers the best quality, and a great selection. I would be happy to get this as a gift anytime.  It is nicely presented, and an ideal present for that lady in your life.

A few more products that came in the mail.

I really believe I am so lucky to receive items in the mail.  These three were in the past week.  The 90 Veggie Organic Ashwagandha Capsules – Premium Ashwagandha with 1950 MG and Black Pepper for Maximum Absorption, Physician’s Choicewas the first one.  It is a anti-anxiety, relieve stress, elevates mood, adrenal support, and immune support  product.

I have read lots of the reviews on this product, and it seems to work for many.  As it is early days for me.  I will either update, or write a review at a later date.

The second one was a cute gift for my husband, and with it being Father’s day next week, you can get him one especially with Amazon Prime.  it is a Fathers Day Tools Keychain, by Sano Naturals.  It comes in a really elegant black gift box.

The metal is strong, shiny, and it looks amazing.  My husband loves the tiny tools, and immediately it went into his pocket.  He has been showing it to all the guys.  I know that this will be a winner with the guys in your life.

The other item is Apple Cider Vinegar Pills With Turmeric – Vegan 1500 mg with Ginger and Black Pepper Extract from Lynx Essentials.  This one I won’t be trying until my body gets used to the Ashwagandha.  I always leave a month in between trying any new supplements. 

Taken from the website, this is the reason I plan on trying it: ‘Our apple cider vinegar serves as your NATURAL home supplement to help reduce bad cholesterol, it consumes less calories and slows the rate of blood sugar level increase after a meal.’

With an excellent diet, and working out every day, my total, and bad cholesterol are slightly high.  My doctor isn’t at all worried, as my good cholesterol is phenomenal, and my ratio is great.

Again I will let you know about this product, once I have taken it long enough to see if it helps.



CJHFAMILY Knife Sharpener for Straight Knives 3 Stage Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel System, Cut-Resistant.

I was happy to receive the CJHFAMILY Knife Sharpener with a cut-resistant glove included.

I already have both items, but my girlfriend doesn’t have either.  This knife sharpener is slightly smaller than mine, but at a considerably cheaper price.

However, I have to say that the quality is good.  I took out some knives that I hadn’t used recently, and sharpened them.  For safety reasons you can put the glove on the hand, you are holding it with, but that really isn’t necessary.

The blades come up really well, and it is ‘designed to last a lifetime’.  Therefore you really can’t not buy it for the low price of just $10.99.  That is almost a third of the price of my other one.

Also being small is takes up less room, than many of the other brands.

The hand fits the grips perfectly.  I like the metal stand, and also the nonslip underneath to it.  Being black, and metal makes it look an elegant product..

I did receive mine at a discount, but feel that it is certainly worth the Amazon price.


Zalik Wine Decanter Hand Blown Design – Superior Quality Crystal Hand Made large Wine Carafe Holds 1800 ML – Lead Free The Premium Gift For Wine Lovers

I totally fell in love with the design of the Zalik Hand Blown design Wine Decanter.  This carafe holds the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine.  It is suitable for white, or red wine.

Then I thought it would look amazing with colored sands, making a design in it.  What a pretty centerpiece that would be.  I can also see how lovely it would be as a vase, with beautiful flowers in it.  So many uses, even though it is designed for wine.

Then I went back to wine, which I do like to drink.  This is from the Amazon web page: ‘The specially designed wine carafe oxygenates the wine and lets it breathe so that it can release its beautiful aroma and unique flavor without the air restriction of your standard bottle.’

I am going to use it for my wine

, and most certainly use it when I have other wine drinkers here.  It is a quality crystal product, and has a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE, so I am thinking of girlfriends that would like this as a gift as well.

I did receive mine for free, and have written an honest review of this beautiful product.

Jovan Musk For Men. Aftershave Cologne 8 Ounces

It’s funny how my lack of writing reviews has come to a standstill, since all the problems with Amazon.

My husband has been wearing Jovan Musk since I bought it for him, and it could now be 30 years or more.  You know how a fragrance is just you, well that’s how it is with him.  I have actually been using my same perfume for 49 years.

Other years before places like K-Mart closed down, I would buy up all their boxes of Jovan Musk after Christmas, when they were half price.  Now I have to pay full retail, so checked around, and found that the cheapest price was on Amazon.  I got this big 8 ounce bottle for $15.12.  It was at least $20 everywhere else I checked.

It is a real manly smell, and many lady friends of ours tell him how good it smells, on him.

There are smaller bottles, as well as spray bottles, but this one works out cheapest per fluid ounce.

I bought this on March 26th, and only just got the enthusiasm to write about it.

TcIFE Women Top Handle Satchel Handbags Tote Purse Hobo Bag

I don’t have a really nice big handbag, so was delighted to receive the TcIFE Women’s Top Handle Satchel/Handbag/Tote/Purse/HoboBag.

It looks and feels like an expensive soft leather bag, but is synthetic leather. which is pleasing to many people.  The size is:  Approximately 13 x 11.4 x 5.5 inches (L*H*W) Handle Drop :11 inches.

I have a video for you to view, and it shows the bag, the inside, and I explain what it has.  There are also photos too, so there is very little to add in this review, apart from how much I like it.

If you want a bag that you can put extra items in, that is classy, and secure with all the zippers, this one may be a perfect match for you.  I know it is for me.

I did receive mine for free, and am so pleased with it, that I will be taking it to dancing with me tonight.  Now my dancing shoes won’t be in a plastic bag, that I have almost left many times.

Enjoy Holiday® 2 Packs Soft Lightweight Infinity Scarf For Women – 2018 New Fashion Design Printed For Spring Summer, High Color Fastness Reach CP65 Standard

I have several scarves, stoles, wraps, etc., and use them on many occasions.  I thought that the Enjoy Holiday 2 pack soft lightweight infinity scarves were perfect to compliment my collection.

They are a long circle of 100% SOFT BALI POLYESTER material.  There are many designs, and I decided on one plain one, and a floral/leaf patterned one.  As you can see in my photos, they go around the neck twice, and are certainly a fashion statement.

I will keep the plain black one as a scarf, and have the colorful one to show off clothing, that is one color.

These are washable in cold water, and hang/drip dry.

The price is certainly right at $7.99 to $12.99 for the double pack.

I did buy mine at a discounted price, but think they are certainly worth the $7.99 price.


Landnics Magnifier,10X Handheld Magnifier Antique Sandalwood Handle Loupe Magnifying Glass Lens with zinc alloy frame for Seniors, Maps, Reading, Inspection, insects and Hobby

My husband has worn contact lenses for around 25 years now.  We found out recently that he has cataracts, so has to go 4 weeks without this contacts.  I thought how nice the Landnics Magnifier,10X Handheld Magnifying Glass Lens would be for him.

First off, the antique design is beautiful.  It is really easy to hold, as the thumb rests on the 4 rings.  I held it with my laptop in front of me, typing away with one hand, and couldn’t believe how big the 10X made my keyboard letters look.

My husband is wearing 3.25 glasses for long distance, and instead of putting reading glasses over them, yes that’s what would happen for this period of time, he can now use the Landnics Magnifying Glass for reading.

Once he is finished with it, it will be going on my desk,



in our office.

From the Amazon webpage:

  • ‘Genuine Crystal Glass Lens – This 10x magnifier brings crystal clear image and distortion free magnification, always provides you sharp and clean image.
  • Lens Magnifications: 10X; Lens Diameter: 72mm; Handle Length:about 138mm
  • Lightweight and Comfortable¨The ergonomic design is good for long time use. Perfect for seniors and hobbyist. Great for reading, crossword puzzle game, close observation for items like jewelry, hallmarks, stamps, coins, rocks, gem collection and insects, and great to timepieces repair and miniature engraving.
  • Elegant and Graceful, This magnifier comes with a sandalwood handle and zinc alloy frame, which feels like a coherent entity. The antique design sending out slight retro taste always make you be pleasure with it.’

If you have an elderly relative/friend that has problems with their eyesight, or someone that is into intricate hobbies, then why not check this out.  I did receive mine for free, and have been totally honest in my opinion of this product.

Landnics Knee Brace Support, Knee Sleeve Relieves Patella Tendinitis Tear, Adjustable Strapping Elastic Recovery Brace for Arthritis, ACL, Running, Basketball, Relieve Pain, Black- (1 Piece)

Landnics Sports Water Bottle, 36 oz Potable Water Bottle With Fast Flow, One Click Open, Leak Proof Flip Top Lid, BPA Free & Eco-Friendly Plastic Water Bottle for Gym, Outdoors, Cycling, Camping

Landnics Wrist Support Brace with Removable Splint for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Sprains, Strains, Prevention Wrist Injury, Wrist Pain, Right Fitted Wrist Brace – (1 Piece)



Free items that have arrived from Amazon sellers in the past month.

I am astonished at the amount of products that have been delivered to me, which I haven’t ordered.  I did agree with a couple of sellers, that if they have returns that are in perfect condition, they could be sent to me.  Amazon will not let them sell the items again, and charge storage fees.  However, the

Syma X5SW Explorers2 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter with 0.3MP HD Wifi Camera (FPV) White 

arrived today, and I can’t remember a company that had these.  I am certainly not complaining.  I am sure my husband will try it out, and if not we belong to charity organizations, as well as friends that are grandparents.

As I got wiped from Amazon I can only order, and leave seller feedback, if there is an order number.  They will not let me do anything else on Amazon.  No record of these coming to me, so thank you sellers, and I am happy to distribute them for you.

Tingoo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Zipper Around Waterproof Wallet Card Holder

I have RFID Blocking wallets and card holders, the wallets are quite big, and the card holders small.  The Tingoo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Zipper Around Waterproof Wallet Card Holder is an in-between size.  This is a good thing, because it is small enough to go in my handbag/purse, or in a top pocket that can be buttoned up.  I don’t like any wallet that is just in a pocket without being secure.

I love the smell of leather, and having black handbags, am loving the black wallet.  I know that my cards are safe, and that someone isn’t going to get my information, while in a coffee shop.

The zipper runs round smoothly, the card pockets are big enough to put your cards in.  Although the Amazon webpage says it will hold 6 cards, that is how many slots there are, you can put more than one in each slot if necessary.  It has Velcros in the middle, which is another nice extra that I like.

A little from the webpage:

Premium Leather — Head layer cowhide genuine leather wallet, waterproof and suitable for outdoor use. Inside lining is made of high density denim, durable and unique looking.

  • Safety & Privacy— This wallet is equipped with advanced RFID secure technology which blocks RFID signals and protects the valuable private information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scans
  • Multifunctional & Practical — 6 card slots + 1 currency pockets + 2 SD card slots + 1 key slot. Roomy enough to make your credit cards, cash, coins, notes and receipts well organized.
  • Slim Size— 4.13″ x 3.35″ x 0.67″. This slim wallet can be easily placed in your front pocket or back pocket. Best choice for avoiding bulky looking wallets.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee’.

If you are concerned about keeping your credit cards, driver’s license, social security, and/or medicare cards safe, then this could be the perfect product for you.

I did receive this product for free, and as you can see in my photos have tested it,for a week now.