Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides 1.5 lb. Custom Anti-Aging Hydrolyzed Protein Powder for Healthy Hair, Skin, Joints & Nails. Paleo and Keto Friendly, GMO and Gluten Free, Pasture-Raised Bovine Hydrolysate.

I try to be the fittest, and healthiest I can be, so workout every day.  Afterwards I have a protein shake.  I am always interested in trying anything new, so wanted to check out the Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides Custom Anti-Aging Hydrolyzed Protein Powder.  It is for healthy hair, skin, joints, and nails.

The price of $15.99 for a large 1.5 pound jar seemed very reasonable.

I opened the jar, and am pleased to say it has little smell to it.  I am glad that I found the scoop right down the bottom, as it is much smaller than other scoops I have.

I had read reviews that people didn’t like the taste, so decided to try it with my usual whey protein chocolate shake powder, and sliced banana.  The taste was really good. I did notice that it didn’t completely dissolve the first time, so had the blender on for

longer the next day.

The serving is 2 scoops, once or twice a day.  I always start off slowly, so have been using half a scoop for the first 3 days, and upped it to a scoop these past couple of days.

It is too soon to say if it is working for me, but I am going to continue taking it, and will get to 2 scoops a day.  I really like this product, and hope that it will improve my health, and well being.

There is a lot more information on the Amazon site, and I have put the link, just below this.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and wrote a quick review, but will update it, if and when I notice a difference.




Mino Ant Essential Oil Diffuser, 120 ML Portable Black Wood Grain Cool Mist Ultrasonic Air Aroma Humidifier with LED 7 Color Changing Lights and Auto Shut-Off Sensor

I am a lover of Essential Oil Diffusers, and would love to take one with me, when I go away for a long weekend.  The Mino Ant Essential Oil Diffuser is only 120 ml., which is a perfect mini size one.

My one has the light brown wood grain, with white in the middle.  However, when it is working the middle changes to 7 different colors.  Also the mist, that comes out the top, looks the same color as it is showing.

It is so simple to use.  You plug it in, and then pour the water into the jug, and add to the fill line.  I used a few drops of Peppermint Oil in mine, but any fragrance can be used.  I then pressed the light button, followed by the mist button.  As you can see in my photos, how pretty it looks, and how well it works.

If you forget to turn it off, it will automatically switch off, when the water level gets low.  It is extremely quiet to run, and you can have it on continually, or intermittent.

This diffuser is perfect for bathrooms, or any small area.  It takes up far less area, than any of my other ones.

I did receive it for free, and had to write about this cute product.

Thena Best Organic Natural Moisturizer Lotion For Body Face Dry Scalp Skin Therapy Cream


Whenever I go away for a long weekend, I take travel size products with me, whenever possible.  Seeing the Best Organic Natural Moisturer Lotion in a 1 ounce size, was exactly what I was looking for.

It states that it is a lotion, but to me it is a thick cream, and is suitable for the body, face, or dry scalp.  It is used for Atopic Dermatitis Rashes, Rosacea, Hives, Irritated Itchy cracked inflamed skin, Eczema, Psoriasis treatment, and anything else that fits into this category.

I opened the jar, and it is a pale cream color.  The smell is pleasant, and not the menthol smell you so often get, with this type of cream.  It rubs in immediately, and it not at all greasy.

Being organic, I want to share some details from the Amazon website:

•Stop itching instantly
•Reduce & relieve pain, dryness, swelling and redness
•Ultra moisturizing & soothing, fast absorbing, non-greasy
•Heal damaged skin, restore and strengthen the skin tissue
•Prevent new flares from the drying effects
•Protect against infection, bacteria & future outbreaks
•Accelerate cell regeneration, rejuvenate and promote anti-aging
•Great for eczema scars, scalp psoriasis, insect bites, cuts, burns, dry hands, feet, scalp, elbows and cuticles

Incomparable advanced formula with loads of superfood for skin and natural anti-inflammatory healing properties:

•Natural Plant-based Oils, Shea Butter, Organic Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado Oil
•Anti-inflammatory Herbs, Aloe, Olive Leaf, Calendula, Comfrey, Chamomile
•Vitamin A, C, E
•Pure concentrated Essential Oil Blend of aromatherapy treatment for healing and calming, Lavender, Peppermint, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Bergamot Oil,etc.
• Honey, MSM

Made in USA with natural and organic ingredients. No cortisone, sulphate, parabens, artificial fragrance or colors, safe for the whole family, never tested on animals.’

I cut my thumb today, and put a small amount of this cream on a Band Aid.  Within minutes I couldn’t feel the area, that was cut.

I personally feel that this is an asset to any bathroom cabinet, or first aid kit.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and am having to share this will you.




Organifi Complete Protein (1215g) – Best Tasting Organic Protein and Vitamin Shake – Vegan, Plant-Based Protein Powder – Nutritious Meal Replacement – Chocolate Flavored – 30 Day Serving

I have a protein shake most days, after working out.  That is why I couldn’t wait to try the Organifi Complete Protein Organic Protein Vitamin Shake.

I have to be honest, and tend to buy any kind that is on sale, and if not, then Wal-Mart’s own brand.  So I was wanting to know why this organic protein was 4 times the

price of generic brands.

I have to say that it isn’t the taste.  I am not overly keen on the chocolate flavor. That is why I add fat free milk, half a banana, Spirulina, and some cocoa powder to it. This tastes good.

I am lucky as I don’t need a special diet, so the dairy is good for my bones.

From the website: ‘As you know, a high protein meal can boost your metabolism and give you more energy. What’s more, getting your daily vitamins and minerals may strengthen your immune system. Normally, it does take time to make an organic meal with the protein and nutrients you need. Few people want to wake up early to make juices or smoothies day after day. Instead, this simple, five-second-solution is easy to make and EASIER to add to your routine.’

I am very happy using this product, and as it contains 2.68 pounds, it will last me a long time.  It certainly stops my hunger, after boxing and lifting weights, so am pleased that I have it.

I received this product at a discount, and didn’t pay the full price for it.  To me, it is more expensive than I feel comfortable paying.  However, if you are a Vegan, then this is the product for you..


Viva Naturals Spirulina Powder: California-Grown, Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated and Pesticide-Free — The FINEST Green Superfood for Smoothies and Juices , 8 oz.

I have been taking Spirulina powder now for a couple of years, and really think it helps me.  I first found out about it at a seminal at my gym, and tried it straight away.  So when I had a chance to receive the Viva Naturals Spirulina Powder from California I wanted to use it.

I love that it is non-GMO, non-Irradiated, and Pesticide Free.  It comes in a big 8 ounce size jar.

I have a protein shake for lunch each day.  That is after I have done either boxing/kick boxing, and weights, Zumba and machines, or circuit training.  I have 8 ounces of fat free milk, 2 scoops of protein shake, half a banana, and 1 teaspoon of Spirulina in my blender.

The Spirulina does turn the shake green, but that is fine with me.  I can’t taste it at all, so have no idea what it really tastes like.

‘Viva Naturals Spirulina Powder is an all-in-one nutrition powerhouse that adds a boost of antioxidants, protein, iron and vitamin A’.  This with the other supplements my trainer suggests, give me a well balance diet, and I feel the healthiest, and fittest that I have ever been.  Not bad for a 69 year old.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, and am really pleased to write a review, about a product that I truly believe in.

Himalayan Salt Lamps with Wood Base, Cozyswan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Rock Salt Night Light with UL Listed Plug,Amber, 7 – 9-Inch for Lighting, Decoration and Air Purifying

I have heard of Himalyan Salt Lamps, but until a week ago, didn’t have one.  As soon as the Himalayan Sat lamp Cozywan Glow Hand Carved Natural Crystal Rock Salt Night LightI took it out of the box, read the instructions, then plugged it in.

I turned on the switch, which is like a wheel.  You can have it barely on, with very little light, and go right through, to a bright light.  The first night we used it, it was too bright for us to sleep, so turned it to a glow.  This was perfect, and we both had a good night’s sleep.

I have kept it on all the time that

I have been in the house, only switching it off, when we go out.  I wasn’t too sure what it did, so took this off of the Amazon webpage.

‘Cozyswan Himalayan salt lamp works as “Natural Ionic Air Purifier”.Salt lamps can absorb the mold, bacteria, and allergens from water vapor and then purify air, providing you a clean breathe space.
The kind of salt lamp does have a profound effect on your health.
Himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollen, and other harmful pollutants.
When heated, it emits negative ions that fight against electromagnetic radiation, fights fatigue and sluggishness; improve health ability; increase the flow of oxygen to the brain; sleep better & wake refreshed; soothe allergies.
You can use it as a bathroom light, bedroom light, living room light, kitchen light, hall light, or anywhere in your home you want to bring a gentle glow.’

I have been using an Rx nasal spray for allergies for the past 18 months.  The past couple of days I stopped using it, and I haven’t had watery, scratchy eyes.  Therefore I do believe it is helping me.  As far as sleeping better, I can’t say that it has made any difference.  However, I always wake up bright, and cheerful, so it’s very hard to tell.

I do love the warm glow from the lamp.  The shape of it, and also the wooden base.  It is a quality product, and I will continue to use it.

I received this item for free, and chose to write a review about it.

PURENJOY Bath Body Brush, 100% Natural Boar Bristle, perfect for the shower.

hecI am so happy with my PURENJOY Bath Body Brush as it gets to all the parts that I normally can’t reach.  It is made of 100% Natural Boar Bristle, and has a Bamboo handle.

The bristle feels soft, but it is hard enough to use as an exfoliating brush.  I got in the shower, and wet the brush, squeezed on some of my shower gel, and then went all over my body.  I rinsed the brush, and showered off the gel.  My skin felt a little tingly, and was slightly red, which meant that it worked for me.

It can also be used dry, and this actually massages your body.  It is great on the places that I have aches, and pains.  I use it in a circular motion, and it really helps to relieve the pain.

It has a rope tie at the end, so that you can hang it up to dry, or to keep it on a hook. Check out my video:


This is beautifully made, and feels great on my skin.  I love going back to basics, and feel that this product lives up to my standards.

I did receive this item for free, and wanted to write a review about it.

Helping my toes, and maybe preventing more surgeries with the Sisfung Bunion Corrector for Relief Bunion Pain, Hallux Valgus Correct, Toe Straightening and Alignment

Around 30 years ago I had surgeries on my big toes.  Some bones were removed, my bunions straightened, and also my hammer toes.  Over the past 15 years or so, all of these are happening again.  Therefore I needed something to help me get my toes back in shape.  The only advice from my doctor was more surgery, which I am not having.

The product descriptions are: ‘Our three bunion products can meet your different needs, in peacetime you can wear bunion corrector, when sleeping in the evening or movement you can wear bunion protector, in his spare time you can also use it to exercise.’

I have been using the exerciser whenever I am seated, and am hoping that it will straighten both my big toes.  The bunion splint, which is the corrector, I have worn when I am on my recliner.  The soft material of the protector, still helps to separate my big toes, from the next ones.  This one helps my toe nails digging into the next one.

I am really hoping that between all 3 products, my toes will improve, but I am thinking months, or years, as it took this long for it to happen.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and chose to write a review about it.

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Archeer Skin Tester, LCD Skin Care Digital Moisture Analyzer Monitor for Salon Spa Home

I didn’t even know that one of these existed, until I received the Archeer Skin Care Digital Moisture Analyzer Monitor.

This is a really neat small monitor, and so simple to use.  It already has the battery in it.  You pull off the plastic cover, and press the Record or Test button, for the machine to come on.  Press the test button again, and press the metal rods on your face.

A beep goes off in less than 5 seconds, and

your results are ready.  I tried mine on my chin, cheek, and my forehead, and got 3 different readings.  The 35% was slightly dry, for both moisture, and oil, and slightly rough for softness.  The 37% was the high end of the above readings.  Then the 40% was normal, slightly oily, and soft.

Now I know what areas I will need to concentrate on, to get my face back to the normal range.

I love that this is so simple to use, and that you yet instant results.  The operation manual is easy to read as well.

From the website:

  • ‘Skin moisture analyzer is a portable device that uses Bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology.’

It also has a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, so a perfect gift for the lady in your life, that has everything.

I did receive this product for free, and am so happy at the ease of use, and the immediate results you get.

ARCHEER Essential Oil Diffuser, 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier with Color Changing LED Lights Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser for Office Home Bedroom Living Room Study Yoga Spa, Baby Room

ARCHEER Aromatherapy Diffuser, 300ml Ultra Quiet Oil Diffuser Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Auto Shut-off Air Aroma Humidifier 7 Color Night Light for Home, Yoga, Office, Living Room, Baby Room

TNT Pro Ignite Stomach Fat Burner Body Slimming Cream With HEAT Sweat Technology – Thermogenic

I love working out, and have a great back, shoulders, and muscles in my arms, and legs.  However, I still have a small stomach, and don’t have a 6, 4, or 2 pack.

I had a chance to try the TNT Pro Ignite Stomach Fat Burner Body Slimming Cream.  It has heat sweat technology, and I had nothing to loose trying it.

So this past week, I have been applying a good amount on my stomach, just before working out.  I sweat when I am boxing, and kick boxing, but not normally with other exercise.  So before Zumba, lifting weights, circuit training, and walking at the beach, I put a generous amount on my stomach.  It has a mint smell, which disappears fairly quickly.  It doesn’t have any color to it, and won’t stain clothing.

I find that I sweat more on my stomach now, and am hoping that in a month’s time, I can update this review with my results.  The first week has been good, but I can’t possibly be 100% positive, until I see physical results.  Either in photos, or with a tape measure.

This is so easy to use, and I am delighted to test it, and come back to you, with my results.

I did receive this product for free, and as you can see from my review, I always give an honest review.  I will be added to this one.

TNT Pro Series Exercise Stretch Bands Resistance Set Heavy Duty Door Anchor Included