ADOME Women Modal Full Slips Nightwear Cotton Straight Dress Chemise Lace Lingerie

I have lots of sexy lingerie, some Adome, and other brands too. This time I was looking for a full length slip/petticoat.  I was so happy to find the ADOME Women Full Slip, Lace Lingerie.

I have 3 or 4 long summer dresses where the material is very thin.  I wore one dancing, and my husband told me that he could see right through it.  Of course, I sat down for the rest of the evening.

As you can see in the photos on Amazon, it is perfect for this.  My video shows you the product, and quality, but I didn’t model it.  It comes just above my knees, but that will depend on how curvy you are, and could possibly be a little higher.

It is really soft to the touch.  I chose the white, as it is going to be an under garment, but it also comes in black, gray, and red.  This makes for a very comfortable nightie.  It has adjustable straps, and is made of 95% Polyester, 5% and Acrylic.

I received this product at a discounted price, and in no way did that influence me, in my reviewing.

ADOME Women Sexy Lace Lingerie Lace Babydoll Teddy Chemise Sheer Sleepwear


ADOME Women Sexy Lace Lingerie Lace Babydoll Teddy Chemise Sheer Sleepwear

Living in Florida I tend to go for lightweight sleepwear, and that is why I look for products like the ADOME Women Sexy Lace Babydoll.

This lingerie is so soft to the skin, and feel so good.  It is made of 35% cotton, and 65% polyester.  It comes in 4 colors, black, clear blue, green, and pink.  I don’t have any green lingerie, so chose that color.  It comes in small through to XX Large.

It has lace around the edging, including the back, that goes down to a V, just before my bottom.  It has straps/ties that go from the top of the bust, over the shoulders, down the back, through loops to tie it together.  This allows you to make it looser, or as tight as you want.  Mine fits me like a glove.

Once washed it does look a little creased, as you can see in the photos, but as soon as you put it on, and smooth it, it looks like the picture on the Amazon webpage.  I washed it on a delicate cycle, cold wash, and then dried it in a laundry bag, again on a cool setting.

I do love the green, which is quite dark, and am so happy, that I received it at a discounted price.

ADORNEVE Women Sexy Christmas Lace Strap Babydoll Red Lingerie

20171103_150649My husband needn’t buy me a Christmas present this year, as I have the Adorneve Women Sexy Christmas Lace Babydoll.  Come to think of it, I reckon this is his Christmas present too, if you get my meaning.

I do love feminine lingerie, and this certainly is.  I feel like an actress acting out a roll in it.  The top part is exactly like a bra with the adjustable straps, and the hook and eyes at the back.  The bra is firm, and not see-through, but soft enough to be very comfortable.

The lace is see-through, and has a pretty floral pattern.   At the front it comes down to the tops of my legs, which is halfway down my bottom.  It comes with a g-string pantie.

The material is cotton, and polyester on the Amazon page, and nylon and polyester on the label.  I personally think it is nylon, by the feel of the material.

From the webpage:

  • ‘The babydoll is featured by a half cup neck, pleated hem and a cute bow tie between the cup, the sheer lace is sexy and close to your body
  • Care: hand wash and hang to dry for best result, machine wash cold ,tumble dry low’.

We will be on vacation at Christmastime so I am certainly packing, and taking this with me.  I did receive mine for free, it’s so cute, and perfect for me.

ENJOYMENT Sexy, Feminine Lace Thong Panties.

I do love soft, sexy lingerie, and therefore wanted the ENJOYMENT Women’s Lace Thong Pantie Bow Lace Underwear 2 pack.  The colors I have are red, and light purple.

They are see through lace, apart from the gusset, which is lined.  They have 2 pretty bows on the front, in the same color, and a black one on the back.  The panties sit really well on the hips, and are low all the way around.  I like that you also have the same width of lace at the back too.  The thong, is wider than most I have, and sits well between the crack in my bottom.

I really love the feel of them, when wearing the panties,.  The quality is really good, and I washed them on a delicate cycle, and let them air dry.  You can buy them in small, medium, and large.

I did receive these at a discounted price, and chose to write a review about them.


Avidlove Sexy Women Lace Lingerie Set Front Split Hem Patchwork Babydoll Dress Bodycon 2 Piece Sleepwear

What a sexy little negligée.  I am writing about the Avidlove Women’s Lace Lingerie set with a split hem.  Avidlove might call it a nightgown, or 2 piece sleepwear, but this is see through, and so pretty with the lace across the bust line, and at the bottom of it.  It also has pretty satin bows, which makes it so feminine.

I have made a video so you can see the product, but I only modeled it for my husband.  I got the small, and it fits so well, isn’t tight, but shows off my assets. I like the 2 splits in the front, which allows it to open up, but with the G-string, you still leave a little imagination for your partner.

The straps are adjustable, so you can lift your boobs up, if you want to show more cleavage.

It comes in  4 colors (Light Blue, Dark Red, Black, Purple) and 5 sizes (S/M/L/XL/XXL). So there is plenty of choice for you.

This would be a cute gift to give as an anniversary present.  You could give it to your husband, as he would get to view you in it, or he could buy it for the lady in his life.  Either way would work.

I did receive this product for free, and chose to share my experience with you.

Avidlove Women Sexy Lingerie Spaghetti Straps V Neck Sleepwear Lace Patchwork Dress Babydoll Nightwear Set

I do have several sexy pieces of lingerie from Avidlove and the Women’s Sexy Spaghetti Strap V Neck Lace Baby doll Nightwear Set is no exception.

The color I chose is red, but it comes in black, and purple as well.  The sizes are from small to XX-Large.  There is a V lace insert at the front, where you can see part of the cleavage through it.  Then it is smooth over the body.  At the bottom it has 2 lace inserts at the sides.  It cover the front of you, but even though I don’t have a big bottom, it comes down about half way.  This is a set, so you get the G-string as well.

When I put in on, I got a Wow from my husband.  It is really feminine, and shows off your curves. To see it on, you will have to check the Amazon link to the product.  I have added it below.  However, I took photos, and did a video to show you how pretty, and the quality of the nightwear.

I did receive this item for free, and tested it, before writing my review.

Avidlove Women’s Sexy One Piece Swimsuit Cover Up Halter Beachwear

Avidlove Women’s Sexy Lingerie Lace Babydoll 2 Pieces Mesh Chemises and G-string

Avidlove Women’s Short bridesmaids Kimono Robes Satin Lace Trimmed Sleepwear




HOTOUCH Women’s Cotton Lightweight Hotel Spa Bathrobe Sleeve Short Sleepwear S-XXL

Living in Florida I tend to go for thinner robes, and that is why I chose the HOTOUCH Women’s Cotton Lightweight Hotel Spa Bathrobe Sleeve Short Sleepwear S-XXL.

It is a more conservative bathrobe than some of the satin ones I have, but that can  be a good thing.  There are times when you have visitors, or need to go to the door, and I am pleased to say that this robe covers well.

It is made of 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex, and is extremely soft to the touch, which make it feel really comfortable on.

It has an inner tie, which secures one side, and then the main tie is stitched at the back, and you just pull it to the front, and tie it.  When closed it has a V at the front.  The robe has three quarter length sleeves.  It has 2 fairly deep pockets at the side, to slip your hands in, or put a Kleenex in.

I am wearing this bathrobe while staying in my timeshare, and it is perfect for coverage.

I did receive this product at a discounted price, tested it for several days, and have written my own personal review.

Ruzishun Women’s Sexy Lingerie Black Lace Babydoll Set

I really feel sexy in the Ruzishun Women’s Sexy Lingerie Black Lace Babydoll Set.  I had to take a video to show you how beautiful it is.

You can see the design in the photos, and video, so I just wanted to say how well it fits me.  It gives a great cleavage, because you can adjust the straps.  It goes in well at the waist, and comes just below my bottom.  I am pleased that it is a set, and has the G string panties too.

Sometimes having a little more material, with the sexy split, can be more exciting that some that show everything.  My husband really likes me in this one, and I am planning on taking it with me, when we go to the beach for a few days.

It is made of 65% cotton, and 35% polyester.  It is a soft silky material, and the base color of black, with the silver in the lace, gives it the special look.

It is hand washable, but I use mesh laundry bags to put all my delicate items in, and have never had a problem with them not coming out perfectly.  I then air dry them.

I did receive this item for free, and wanted to let you know that the retail price was $27.54, and the Amazon Prime price is only $11.77 with free 2 day shipping.

Adorneve Women Lace See-through Lingerie Sexy V-neck Robe Chemise and G-string

Summer here I come, in the Adorneve Women Lace See-through Lingerie Sexy V-neck Robe Chemise and G-string.  This robe is totally lace, and see through.  Even the Amazon photos have darkened some areas.

I put it on last night while watching television, and it is so comfortable.  It is made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex.  It has the beautiful ‘eyelash’ trim around it, which makes it even more feminine.

The small is a perfect size for me, and I am a 2-4 US size.  When you tie it, the material above your wait, covers nicely, but the bottom part does open up.  That is where the G-string comes in.  Without it, I don’t think I would feel comfortable.

I chose the black, but it also comes in dark red, another sexy color.  It is suggested to hand wash, and hang dry, but it can go on a delicate wash cycle, and dryer.  I always put my lingerie in a mesh laundry bag, so always comes up perfect with no snags, or rips.

I did received this robe at a discounted price, and with anything I receive, can’t wait to share it with you.

Avidlove Women Sexy Lingerie Teddy One Piece Lace Halter Baby doll

Sexy lady in red, is me right now.  I received the Avidlove Women Sexy Lingerie Teddy One Piece Lace Halter Baby doll Bodysuit, and feel that this is the sexiest lingerie I have so far.

I had to check the photos on Amazon to see how to wear it, as the front doesn’t have any shape at the top, when I held it up.  I stepped into it, and wiggled into the bottom part of it.  The back is a T back, with beautiful ribbons laced from the bottom to the top.  The back is just beautiful.  Then the front has lace at the bottom, and really soft, partially see through material from the waist up.  Once you tie the straps around your neck, the material falls into folds, and that’s how you get the really sexy front.

Yes, I went for the wine red, so I feel like the scarlet women in it.  It also comes in black, blue, and purple.  The material is 65% Cotton, and 35% Polyester.

The small fits really well, and I showed it off to my husband, but I can assure you that no one else will see me modelling it.  It really feels luxurious, and looks expensive, but the price is only $12.99. 

Want to give you husband, boyfriend, lover a treat, then maybe you should buy him this present.  I know it would what a smile on his face, and excitement in your life.

I received this lingerie at a discounted price, and wanted to share the outcome of my testing it, with you.

Avidlove Women’s Sexy Lingerie Lace Babydoll 2 Pieces Mesh Chemises and G-string

Avidlove Women’s Short bridesmaids Kimono Robes Satin Lace Trimmed Sleepwear

Avidlove Women Sexy Mesh Lingerie Dress Babydoll Underwired Padded Open Front Nightwear with G-string

Avidlove Women’s Sexy One Piece Swimsuit Cover Up Halter Beachwear