MAUI RINGS ELEGANT Silicone Engagement Rings for Women Stackable Rings Silicone Wedding Ring for Women Silicone Bands Silicone Ring Wedding Band Womens Rings

I have bent my wedding, engagement, and eternity rings out of shape at the gym.  Stupid me lifted weights while wearing them.  I didn’t realize how soft gold is.

I have lost a couple of my silicone rings, so ordered the MAUi Engagement Rings, and Wedding Rings.  They arrived within a day of each other, and both are identical, even though I ordered them on different Amazon links.

Mine are 4 to each set, and the colors are black, blue, green, and purple.  There are other sets with different colors.  The sizes 4 through 9.  I have thin fingers so a 4 fits my wedding finger perfectly.

As I go to the gym every day, do boxing, lifting, flipping tires, as well as other forms of working out, I wear a silicone ring all the time.  I only put my gold rings on when going dancing, or somewhere special.

I find these are great, and don’t have to ward off any gentlemen, that might have thought I was single.

I did receive these 2 sets of rings at a discounted price, and can’t express how happy I am with them.

CJHFAMILY Knife Sharpener for Straight Knives 3 Stage Diamond Coated Sharpening Wheel System, Cut-Resistant.

I was happy to receive the CJHFAMILY Knife Sharpener with a cut-resistant glove included.

I already have both items, but my girlfriend doesn’t have either.  This knife sharpener is slightly smaller than mine, but at a considerably cheaper price.

However, I have to say that the quality is good.  I took out some knives that I hadn’t used recently, and sharpened them.  For safety reasons you can put the glove on the hand, you are holding it with, but that really isn’t necessary.

The blades come up really well, and it is ‘designed to last a lifetime’.  Therefore you really can’t not buy it for the low price of just $10.99.  That is almost a third of the price of my other one.

Also being small is takes up less room, than many of the other brands.

The hand fits the grips perfectly.  I like the metal stand, and also the nonslip underneath to it.  Being black, and metal makes it look an elegant product..

I did receive mine at a discount, but feel that it is certainly worth the Amazon price.


Led Hat, Easily Adjustable Light Up Baseball Cap Flashing Bright Women/ Men Sport Hat

I do a lot of walking, as well as working out, so was really interested in the LED Hat.  I figured it is a fun product, as well as being a safety product, if I am walking when it is dark.

It is black, and comes with blue, red, or green lights.  You can have them off, on, and flashing, slow or fast.  There is a more expensive version that can be charged up.  This one has a

CR2016 lithium battery in the brim of the hat.  You know where it is by the blue dot on the side.

The hat is suitable for older children, and adults, as it is adjustable at the back.

I like it, as I have long hair, and usually have it up.  My ponytail goes through the hole at the back.

I chose to write a review on this hat, and was not asked to do so, as per Amazon’s TOS.  I am not writing it on Amazon, but on my blog that I personally pay for, and do not have any paid advertisements on it.  The reason I am writing this is that, I do not want Amazon to close my account again, and say that I have violated their terms.

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern, Portable, Great Addition to: Survival Kits for Hurricane, Emergency, Storm, Outages, Outdoor Portable Lantern, Black, Collapsible, Battery Powered

I had a similar product about 18 months ago, and a couple of weeks ago a piece broke off of it, so it won’t work anymore.  I was delighted to get the  Vont 2 pack LED Camping Lantern.

First off I have to say how much I loved this type of lantern, when we had Hurricane Irma last year.  We were without power after the storm, and I had the lantern on the table next to me.  As it has handles, I was able to walk into other rooms with it.

This one is even better as you get 2 lanterns.  Come hurricane season, my husband can have one on his side table too.  The LEDs are really bright, and all you do is pull it up to work, and push the handles down to shut it off.

It takes 3 batteries that you put in the bottom of the lantern.  These are not included in the box.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, but would be willing to pay the $13.99 for 2 of these.


Blitzu Power + Compression Knee Brace for Joint Pain, Meniscus Tear, ACL, MCL and Arthritis Relief, Improve Circulation Support for Running, Gym Workout, Recovery Best Sleeves Patella Stabilizer Pad

I will not take pain medication for my right knee, even though I can’t twist it anymore, so always use a knee brace.  I like thinner ones, so was happy to receive the Blitzu Power + Compression Knee Brace.  

It is for meniscus tear, ACL, MCL relief, and much more.  I have had a tea in the meniscus, and need to protect it.  These knee braces/sleeves are much thinner that many I have.  I really like that as I not only wear them at the gym, and don’t care what they look like, but also under trousers when I go dancing.

These fit nice and tight, and all you feel is a firmness, protecting the knee.  They stay in place, as they have a grip on the inside, near the top.  I like the black, with the gray logo, and side stripes

The price is certainly right, at $9.99 for the pair.  Many come in single packaging.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

‘PROFESSIONAL HIGH GRADE QUALITY – Made of POWER+ Premium Performance Fabric. It’s ultra durable, breathable, washable, antibacterial, moisture wicking, UPF50+ and 100% Permanent UV / Sun protection. The Blitzu® POWER + superior grade circular knit structure delivers 360 degree stretch for greater flexibility, unsurpassed power and durability ‘

I did receive mine at a discounted price, but feel that they are worth the Amazon Prime price.


Noopel Personal Alarm 130DB with Keychain and LED Flashlight for Elderly/ Kids Tracker, Safety/Attack/Protection/ Panic/Self Defense Device, Bag Decoration

My girlfriend and I go walking one morning a week, and often it is a nature trail.  Her husband is concerned about our safety, but she always says Sue is a boxer, and really strong, we will be fine.

I got the Noopel Personal Alarm 130DB with LED Flashlight, and panic alarm to make him happy.

So we went walking, and I put it on the side of my fanny-pack.  This is a perfect length for my hand, if I needed to press the alarm button, or pull up the top of it.  If you press the button, it only sounds while you are pushing it, but if you pull the pin/keychain out, it stays on until you put it back in.  On the opposite side of the alarm button, is the flashlight button.  This gives out a good light, when needed.

I like the design of the product, and it is loud.  However in an emergency I am not sure if it is loud enough to be heard a distance away.  If we were in the middle of the nature trail, I am sure that unless someone was close by, it wouldn’t help.

It is a deterrent, if someone was getting too close to you.  I do think they would make a quick exit, but I would rather have 911 on speed dial, if my life was threatened.

I did receive this personal alarm at a discounted price, and was not asked to write a review about it.

eSamcore Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight, eSamcore Water Resistant Flashlight with Safety Hammer and 18650 Battery & Charger [Zoomable] [1000 Lumens] [5 Modes] For Camping Outdoor Emergency

The more flashlights we have the better I like it, as I have one in the vehicle, and take one when I am on my own. Therefore I was pleased to receive the eSamcore Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight, which is a regular sized torch.

As with most good quality flashlights it is super bright with 1,000 lumens, is water-resistant, and has a safety hammer for breaking glass.

This flashlight allows you to have a bright light up close, and also at a distance. The modes are High, Low, Strobe, and SOS. You need to use a long press for the SOS mode.
This LED flashlight is tough, durable, and water resistant. Can be used with 1×18650 (included) battery or you can use 3 batteries (not included).

Having the tactical end allows me to walk when dark, and feel safe, having a weapon with me.  Love the hammer feature, as you never know when that might be needed.

All in all, this is a multipurpose flashlight, and everything you need comes in the carrying box.

I was extremely fortunate to get it at a discounted price, and am delighted with it.


Sogrand Solar String Lights Outdoor Decorations 30 Bulb Decorative Garden Home Decor Fairy Light Warm White LED Deal of The Day Prime Today Sogrand Landscape Ornaments Lamp Waterproof for Outside Party Yard

The Sogrand 30 bulb Fairy Solar String Lights are perfect for the outside of a homeThese are 2 inch x 1 inch lights, are clear, and have a warm white/yellow color to them. The lights are commercial quality,
Being solar, all you do is put the stake in the ground, or they can be attached to a wall, and allow the sun to power them. Once done, flip the switch on the back of the solar panel to either Flashing, or ON. You can see in my video how pretty they look.

There are no plugs, wires, etc., and no further cost to you after buying them. That is what I love so much about solar lights. They help the environment too.
Thinking about the holiday season, you can never have too many lights, and I plan on having my front garden ablaze with Christmas lighting this year.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Wall Mount Decorative Pathway Light Sale Outdoor LED Black Lamp for Christmas Decorations Garage Door Deck Fence Stair Yard Patio Walkway Driveway 2Pack

Right now they are The Deal of the Day Prime Today, which brings the price down to only $11.99.  A perfect time to stock up on beautiful solar lights.
I did receive mine for free, and have tested them out, ready for the holidays.  Yes, I may well use them for Easter this year.

Solar Lights, Sogrand Outdoor Garden Path Light, LED Pathway Lighting Stainless Steel, for Patio Yard Walkway Landscape Pack of 4

Sogrand Solar Jar Lights, Glass Jar Hanging Light Quicksilver Electroplating, Outdoor Decorative Lantern, for Garden, Party, Patio, Yard, Landscape Decor

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, Garden Path Light 12pcs Stainless Steel White LED Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway and Patio.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Decorations Garden Decorative Stake Light,3 Color Crackle Glass Globe, for Patio Yard Pathway Landscape

I love the Sogrand Crackle Glass Globe lights, and this set of 3 are no exception.  The glass is just beautiful, and all you have to do is push the stainless steel tube into the bulb, and the stake at the other end.

Put them in a sunny spot, and allow the free sunshine to save you energy costs.  Remove the isolator tab under the cap, and you are all set.

The colors are just gorgeous, and they change from red, orange, green, blue, rose, purple, etc.  All the photos I took at night, the flash came on, and so you can’t see them, but they do show up in the video.  My husband took the one from a distance, so managed one with color.

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting these dazzling lights, that really are magical.  Right now they are a promotional price of only $11.99, so it would be a perfect time to stock up.

I feel that they are a security product, as well as environmental friendly.  The lights are also an all weather product too.

I did receive mine for free, but am thinking of buying some for gifts.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative Pathway Light,Super Bright 15 Lumen High Stake Outdoor Garden Path Lamp Stainless Steel Lighting for Walkway Driveway Patio Landscape 6 Pack

Holiday Sogrand Solar Jar Lights, Copper Cap Glass Jar Hanging Light, Decorative Lantern, for Garden, Party, Patio,Yard, Landscape Decor (Transparent)

Sogrand 20 LED,Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Light, Security Light, for Garden Path, Wall, Walkway, Patio Deck, Shed Fence, or Pathway

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Pathway Decorative Garden Stake Light Upgraded Dual LED White Blue Glass Lens Brgiht 10Lumen Decorations Sogrand Stainless Steel Stakes for Patio Outside Landscape Walkway 4Pack

My front and back gardens are like a fairyland with the pretty solar lights I have. The Sogrand White and Blue Dual Color LED lights, just make my collection even prettier.

There are 4 solar lights, that come extremely well packaged.  To use them, all you have to do is push them together.  Put the top into the tube, and the stake in the other end.  Set them in the ground where there is a lot of sunshine.
Before it gets dark, pull out the tab, and the lights are ready to use.  Some may be on white, and others on blue.  You can choose all blue, all white, or whatever combination you like.
The colors are bright, and beautiful, as you can see in my photos, and video.

Now you can just enjoy them, and there is nothing else to do.  The sun with shine on the solar panel during the day, and they will light up your yard/garden/walkway/driveway/patio at night.  You are not only saving money on electricity, but also helping the environment.
I know that they help to secure my property, and I feel much safer, knowing that they are keeping my home well lit at night.
I received these lights for free, but they are on promotion right now at just $11.99, so now is the time to buy them.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor Decorative Pathway Light,Super Bright 15 Lumen High Stake Outdoor Garden Path Lamp Stainless Steel Lighting for Walkway Driveway Patio Landscape 6 Pack

Solar Light, Post Cap Lights 4 x 4 Plus, Super Bright 10 Lumen LED Sogrand White Vinyl, for Outdoor Areas. 2 Pack

Sogrand 20 LED,Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Light, Security Light, for Garden Path, Wall, Walkway, Patio Deck, Shed Fence, or Pathway