VTEK [UPGRADED] Lightning Charging Extension Cable (3 feet) for iPhone 6, 6S, Get the Original Charging Cable Extra Length

I have an android phone, but wanted the VTEK Lightning Charging Extension Cable for my girlfriend.  She has an iPhone 6. and I knew that this would be useful to her.

It is really well made, and great that it will allow you to charge your phone, without having to stretch the cable, or worse still, lay your phone where it could get damaged.

I am adding some important information from the Amazon web page:

  • ‘End size: Length 2.5*1.8*1 cm; Male End Size: 1*0.6 cm;
  • Extension cable for iPhone 5,5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPads Mini& iPods with 8 pin lightning connector. Please Use Verified or Original Charging Cable. Not verified cable does not support.
  • It works with synchronizing with the iTunes, but does not transfer data ,music, video from your cellphone to your car, also does not work with some dock stations and iPad air please kindly notice this.
  • It does not work with any VGA or HDMI cables, 30 pin to 8 pin adapters or any converters,and iPad Air, please do not use. Please kindly notice this.’

If you have the iPhone, and it is an older one listed above, then this could be of help to you.

I did receive this one for free, and know that my friend will be using it.



Draft OISLE Portable Cordless Battery Bank Portable Charger Type-C Port Mini Power Bank 4500mAh External Battery Pack Ultra-Compact High-Speed LED Indicador light for Andriod of SAMSUNG, HUAWEI-Black

I get away for a long weekend most months, and thought that the OISLE Portable Cordless Battery Bank would be a nice product to take with me.

It comes with a quick start guide, which I was pleased to get, as I am not at all techie.  My phone has a thick case on it, as one slide off my purse one time, and it was a $149 accident.  So I removed the case, and my phone was slim enough to fit on the cordless, battery bank.

For the next part I am using the seller information from the Amazon webpage:

  • ‘★Small, Ultra Thin & Super Light – About half the size of the phone and only 0.28” thick, 2 ounces. You hardly see or feel it when on your phone. Great for travel and when you’re out and about
  • ★Compatibility- IPhone X, 8/8+, X, 7/7+, 6/6+/6s, 5/5s. OISLE specializes in developing useful power banks.
  • ★No Cable Nedded to Charge iPhone- Just plug the power bank into the phone’s charge port. The power bank can be charged with your lightning cable; power bank and phone can be charged simultaneously.
  • ★Smart Charger With LED battery Level Indicator- Press to start normal charge, press and hold for 3 seonds for QUICKER charge. 4 LED lights tell you the available charge, each light means 25%
  • ★Quality & Safety Assurance- CE, FCC & RoHS certified. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. 40 days money back, One Year Warranty for quality issues.’

I have had much bigger ones in the past, and am amazed as to how light, and compact it is.  You could just slip it into a pocket, or purse, and keep it with you.

I did receive this unique product for free, and have offered you information on it.  Here is the Amazon link to the item:



Bluetooth Body Fat Scale,VICOODA Bathroom Scale with IOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, BMI, BMR and Visceral Fat.

I have had my bathroom weighing scales for around 8 years now, and they are still working fine, but I couldn’t link my numbers to the phone for a record of them.

The VICOODIA Bluetooth Body Fat Scale has all the extras I was looking for.  

I read the Instruction Manual first, which comes in several languages.  I then put the batteries, that come with the smart scales, into the back of the product.  I placed it on the flat surface of my bathroom floor.

I then got my android phone, and you can do it with OIS phones too, and went to the ‘Play Store’.  I downloaded the iWellness 3.0. app, and then paired it to my phone.  It took a couple of minutes.

When I opened the app, it gave me prompts to add my information, and my target weight.  I then got on the weighing scales with bare feet.  The scales showed ___ 3 times, and then I clicked Yes on my phone, and all the information went into my smartphone.

I have taken a photo from my husband’s phone, so you can see the layout on mine.  The next day, just stand on the scales, and the lines will come up again, and press yes, and you have the details.  You can then go back, and check your progress.

One thing I have to tell you is that these will be my scales.  In the Safety Precautions it states:  Not recommended for any person using a pacemaker or other internal device.  My husband has a pacemaker/defibrillator, so will keep the other scales for him.

I love the thin, white, elegant scales, with silver rounded lines on it.  This makes a nice change from my black ones.

I have tested it for several days now, and am extremely pleased with it’s performance, and the accuracy of them.  The weight is identical with both sets of scales.

I did receive mine for free, and feel that I can give an honest review, after testing them.



Praying our Internet will finally work as it should tomorrow.

We lived in a 2 story townhouse on the next street, for 16 years, and the cable was rarely a problem.  The modem was downstairs, and we lived upstairs, it was fast so we were happy.

2 and a half years ago we moved to a single story condo on the next street over.  We are paying for 100 Mbps of service, and often I can’t even load photos, it’s that bad.  I have to do them on my my T-Mobile phone, and use my high speed data.

Friday we finally got a representative from Spectrum, that took the time to try everything out.  He said that he would be extremely unhappy with this continuing for 2 and a half years.  He saw all the phone calls, and visits, but no one had got to the route of the problem.

The speed test that they ask us to do can be Ping 2,500 Download 5.63 and Upload 6.28, and then a few minutes later, Ping 24, Download 11.91, and Upload 11.40.  Still not great, but something it totally out of kilter.

A Manager/Supervisor will take over our case, and be here tomorrow between 1 and 2 p.m.  He will work on the problem until it is resolved, and I will have him as a contact.

I tried to change companies but Frontier don’t have Fios here, so I am stuck with them.  Hoping it will make my life easier, and I won’t spend hours just trying to get something to load.

Will update you, as soon as I get any news, or better service.

Arsenal or Chelsea game today? We managed both.

We were in such a dilemma today, as Arsenal where playing against Burnley, at the same time, Chelsea playing Liverpool in the Premier league. It is so close to the end of the season, and Liverpool are in 3rd place, Chelsea in 5th, Arsenal 6th, and Burnley 7th.

Coming from the south of England, I love all the London teams. Hubby has always been an Arsenal fan, but they have had a difficult season, this year.

We started watching the Arsenal game, and then I thought, why not try to get the Chelsea game up on my smartphone. Not a problem with Spectrum, I logged in, and it worked. So then I went onto my laptop, and got it there too.

We watched Arsenal win 5 – 0 on the television, and Chelsea win 1 – 0 on my laptop. Happy day for us.20180506_130213

Both Manchester City, and Manchester United can’t be overtaken, but it does mean the Chelsea, or Tottenham Hotspur could overtake Liverpool in 3rd place.

The top 4 teams in the league, get to play in the European tournaments the following year.

Don’t trust Frontier sales reps.

You have probably heard me complaining about Spectrum’s price increases over the past couple of weeks, so really did my research, before deciding to go with Frontier.

It was all arranged for the technician to be here between 8 and noon today.  We got up extra early to ensure that we were respectable.  Got the phone call just before 9 to say he was on his way.

He arrived, and came in.  he knew that we had a landline as we were changing that over, and Internet too.  He asked who we were with, and I told him Spectrum.  He immediately told us that we wouldn’t get the reception with Frontier, that we are getting with Spectrum.  Streaming would be a nightmare.

To cut a very long detailed story short, we wouldn’t be getting FIOS, as it was too expensive for Verizon to continue with it, so our phone and Internet would be on the old system, that couldn’t support the streaming we do, and we could also get problems with phone calls.  I assured him that the sales rep had said that there would be plenty for streaming on the smart television, as well as being on my laptop/phone doing Facebook/emails etc.

He went around the house, and came back, only to say that the copper piping is 40 years old, and we could be phoning them every day with complaints.  There wouldn’t be anything they could do.  We would also be tied in for a 24 month contract, and couldn’t get out of it.  He said that he has Spectrum, and it would be better to stay with them.

I asked why the sales force sell you this package, knowing the situation, as they had my zip code, to verify where I was located.  He said that their job is to make a sale, and it would be useless phoning them.

He suggested that we cancel before he did any work, so my husband and decided that, it would drive us crazy. We cancelled.

Why do Frontier promote this fantastic offer that they gave us, if their service isn’t reliable in our area.  They offer FIOS, but do not tell us that they are no longer laying lines.  We only have 2 choices.  Paying a fortune to Spectrum, or crappy service with them.

Frustrated isn’t the word, but I can’t type what I am thinking.

Transferring everything to my new HP Notebook Laptop 15.6 HD Vibrant Display Quad Core AMD E2-7110 APU 1.8GHz 4GB RAM 500GB HDD DVD Windows 10

My Windows 10 laptop is 2 years old, and my husband has a Windows 8.  His one doesn’t hold the battery life, so he was going to get a new laptop.  However, as I use mine for hours a day, we decided I would get the HP Notebook Laptop 15.6 HD Vibrant Display.

I really don’t like getting new ones, as I have so much to transfer from one to another.  I started a week ago, and a day later it wouldn’t work.  I found the HP number, phoned them, and was number 50 in line.  I finally spoke to a guy, and he said I could return it, or do a factory reset.  As I had information in the laptop there was no way I was sending it back, so after 3 and a half hours, I had to start afresh.

I have so many sites, and try to have different passwords for each one.  On the other laptop they automatically logged me in, so couldn’t remember all my passwords.  We are told not to write them down, so I have had a week of adding new ones.  That’s why I haven’t been on that much.

We have used it to stream on BritBox, and Hulu, and the picture is great, as well as the sound.  We also Skyped Len’s family, and the picture our side was much better than usual.  I haven’t been able to Skype my family, but that could be an Internet problem over in England.

I like that I have Cortana, she understands my English accent.  Everything else is the same as my 2 year old one, so am fairly happy with it.

Being 70, it takes me longer to pick up new technical stuff, but I will get some of it, and that is good enough for me.

This laptop was on sale, down from $399 to $269, which I thought was very reasonable.  If you want technical specs, etc., just click on the Amazon link below.


Archeer UHF Wireless Microphone, Cardioid Handheld Microphone System,Singing Machine Dynamic Mic with Portable Receiver 1/8” Output and 1/4” Adapter for Church, Recording, Home Karaoke

I love to sing in church, and am always singing in my home.  My husband bought me an inexpensive Karaoke machine years ago, and the microphone was very basic.  So just looking at the quality of the Archeer UHF Wireless Microphone, I knew that it would be far superior to what I already have.

To be honest I am not technical at all, and can only judge a product on it’s design, quality, and what is provided in the box.  For me I can check all these off after using the microphone.  The sound quality is great, and has 48 frequencies to ensure that it is crystal clear.

It comes with the handheld wireless microphone, a receiver, 3.5 adapter, MIC wind cap, and a user manual.  I had plenty of batteries to use with the microphone,and receiver, as they are not included.  I read the instructions, and got it set up.  My husband says that all I need now is a stage.

Information from the Amazon webpage:

‘UHF 610MHz–675MHz frequency,

48 selectable UHF channels with stable reception.

1/4” receive and extra 1/8” adapter,connect more devices.

Dynamic mic capsule,cardioid polar pattern.

Durable metal construction,with a sturdy grip and hold,the microphone can be easily held.

50 meters range wireless transmit distance.

Perfect for church service, karaoke parties, weddings and other events.

How to use

1. Load two AA batteries into the microphone and two AAA batteries to the reveiver.

2. Plug the receiver into the MIC input of devices with 1/4” audio jack,or put the 1/8” adapter on the receiver, then switch on devices and microphone to use.


1. Please keep microphones and loudspeakers as far away from each other as possible to avoid microphone cause whistled.

2. Batteries are not included (microphone karaoke are powered by two AA batteries and receiver is powered by two AAA batteries).’

I really love it, but have a friend in a band, so I am going to be a kind friend, and pass it on to him, as I was fortunate enough to get it for free.

ARCHEER Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver, Wireless 3.5mm Audio Adapter, aptX Low Latency Digital Optical TOSLINK for TV, Home Stereo System

Archeer Skin Tester, LCD Skin Care Digital Moisture Analyzer Monitor for Salon Spa Home

ARCHEER 17W 3.4A Dual USB Port Wall Charger Adapter for Smartphones and Tablets, Black, 1 Pack



Free items that have arrived from Amazon sellers in the past month.

I am astonished at the amount of products that have been delivered to me, which I haven’t ordered.  I did agree with a couple of sellers, that if they have returns that are in perfect condition, they could be sent to me.  Amazon will not let them sell the items again, and charge storage fees.  However, the

Syma X5SW Explorers2 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Headless Quadcopter with 0.3MP HD Wifi Camera (FPV) White 

arrived today, and I can’t remember a company that had these.  I am certainly not complaining.  I am sure my husband will try it out, and if not we belong to charity organizations, as well as friends that are grandparents.

As I got wiped from Amazon I can only order, and leave seller feedback, if there is an order number.  They will not let me do anything else on Amazon.  No record of these coming to me, so thank you sellers, and I am happy to distribute them for you.

Tsumbay Digital Voice Recorder 2 in 1 Mini 8GB Flash Drive Audio Recording Device Sound Recorders Memory Stick for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews, Conversation, Classes, Negotiation

I am just amazed at what a tiny Digital Voice Recorder/Mini 8GB Flash Drive/Memory Stick the Tsumbay is.

When I took it out of it’s plastic cover, and before reading the User’s Manual, I thought it hasn’t come with a USB cable. Well it doesn’t need one, silly me. As soon as I pushed the silver colored clip to the left, the USB port is built in. It just pushes out of the end.

I charged it out, and that can be done via your laptop, or a charging station, which I used. I am going to use the information on the Amazon website, as it explains it better than I can:

  • ‘2 in 1 Function. This little gadget can be used as a digital voice recorder, and a USB flash drive memory stick features 8GB for storing files including photos, voice recordings, and many other documents.
  • Charging & Recording Simultaneously. Easily get charged with the USB port and Micro USB port built-in which support usage on both computers or Android phones. No need to worry about power shortage since you can also record while it is being charged.
  • Wide Usage Occasions. This digital voice recorder is a great recording device for interviews, classes, meetings, lectures, business negotiations, seminars and any other important occasions.
  • Compact and Convenient. Lightweight and tiny, easy to be carried to anywhere you need. You can attach it to your key rings, belt buckles, and any other wristbands with the rope hanging hole on the right corner.
  • voice recorder for pc computer with usb MP3 WMA WAV windows 2000 xp vista 7 Easy Operation. Start recording, pause recording or stop recording very easily by long pressing or short pressing the power button. And you can easily see the power status by checking the Indicator Light.’

I am not technical at all, but wanted this to record meetings I attend. I really love how easy it is to use, and how small it is. ‘Playback is in the state of shutdown. You connect to a PC or Android phone to playback. The information to do this is in the User’s Manual.

I am delighted with it, and am planning on using it at our next meeting.


Tsumbay 10X40 Compact Monocular Telescope High Power Monocular Scope Waterproof for Bird Watching, Wildlife Portable HD Spotting Scopes with Compass

Tsumbay 8GB Digital Voice Recorder Wristband Audio Recorder Wrist Watch USB Rechargeable Sound Recording Bracelet Dictaphone for Lecture Meeting Interview Classes