Magnetic Wristband With Five Strong Magnets for Holding Screws, Nails, Bolts, Drill Bits- the Best Tool Gift for DIY Handyman, Father, Husband by DIMESHY

My husband doesn’t do as much around the house as he used too, which isn’t surprising at his age.  However, we have a maintenance man at the timeshare wh

ere we are on the board, that a wanted to give a gift too.  That is why the DIMESHY MagneticWristband for Holding Screws, Nails, etc., is a perfect fit.

I know myself how annoying it is when you are putting up a picture, or putting screws in to hold up a lampshade on a ladder, and have to keep coming down to get more.  Putting this magnetic wristband on your left wrist, if you are right handed, allows you to put all the items you need on it.  This saves time, and frustration.

One size fits all, and it is extremely well made.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

【STRONG MANGETIC】Embedded with 5 super strong magnets,holding screws, nails, drill bits, fasteners, wrenches and small tools. Perfect for improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repair, sewing, and other DIY projects.【HIGH QUALITY & FITS ALL】DIMESHY Magnetic Wristband is Made of 100% 1680D ballistic Polyester,Breathable and lightweight. Adjustable top quality Velcro wrist strap, one size fit everyone!’

With men being so difficult to buy for, this is a gift that they will love, and keep using for years to come.

I did receive mine, at a discounted price, but would have willingly paid full price for it.

MECO Magnetic Screwdriver Set 38-in-1 Precise Aluminum Alloy Screwdriver Kit with 36 Bits for Electronic Maintenance

My husband is really happy when he gets a product, as it is usually me.  I figured that the MECO Magnetic Screwdriver Set is a great gift for any man, no matter what age he is.

The minute it arrived he opened it up, and pressed the button, on the front.  The plastic front lifted up, and it went into a stand position.  Here he was able to take out the handle of the screwdriver, and the extension, that can also be used to twist/turn if necessary.

I have no idea what all the bits are for, so had to go to the Amazon webpage, to check it out.

MAGNETIC SCREWDRIVER ★ 38 in 1 precision screwdriver set is designed to service all popular laptops, phones, game consoles, and other high-end electronics.

  • MULTI BITS ★ 36 carefully selected precision bits meet all your need. These bits are made from chrome-vanadium steel (6150CR-V) after hardening treatment and bright chrome plating.
  • FLEXIBLE EXTENSION BAR ★ A extension bar is included, which is great helpful when you meet deep set screws. It is great for stereo work as well we other large electronics where the screws are not on the surface.
  • USERS FRIENDLY DESIGN ★ The Unique non slip driver is machined from a single piece of aluminum, with a ball bearing mounted swivel top to make the work more easily.

My husband has a work shed outside, but this set is staying in the kitchen, where it is handy for him to use.  He loves how the screws attach themselves to the screwdriver.  A big thumbs up to it.

I did receive this tool at a discounted price, and my husband is really loving it.

KevenAnna Pair of Premium Professional 2-way Wooden Shoe Trees, Wooden Shoe Stretcher for Men or Women (Large)

The KevenAnna Premium Professional 2-way Wooden Shoe Trees are so much nicer, and easier to use, that all the ways my mother tried to stretch our shoes 55-60 years ago.  In England, we had very little money when I was young, and my mother would try to stretch our shoes to last another few months.

Now I don’t have to do that, but do have shoes that pinch, or are not wide enough for me.  I have had surgeries on my feet, and bones removed from my big toes.

These are so easy to use, and come with a one page instructional guide, with diagrams.  My feet vary in size, and one is a half size bigger than the other one.  I either have one shoe slightly loose, or one that pinches my toes.

So I put the wooden shoe tree in the shoe, and screwed it enough to stretch it slightly.  I left it in for 24 hours, and then removed it.  Very straight forward.

I have to say that the shoe

fits me so much better now.  My worrying about buying shoes won’t be a problem in the future.

A little from the Amazon webpage:


Your New Two-Way Shoe Stretcher Enables You to STRETHCH Both the Length & Width of a left or right shoe.
For Spot Stretching, simply insert any of the removable ‘Bunion & Corn’ Plugs in the appropriate holes where relief is required.

Turn plastic handle Clockwise to adjust length.
Continue to turn plastic handle Clockwise until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!
Turn metal looped handle in a Clockwise direction until you begin to see surface pressure showing on the shoe. DO NOT OVERSTRETCH!

FOR BEST RESULTS, leave Stretcher in place for at least 24 hours. To REMOVE Stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.’

These are good for teenagers, and all the adults in your family.  A product you may not use every day, but useful when you do need it.

I received this product for free, and found it worked great, so wanted to share it with you.

Sogrand Post Cap, Super Bright 10 Lumen Silver Vinyl Solar Lights, Fence Lamp Deck Outdoor Post Lights, For Yard, Pathway, Dock, Driveway, Pack of 2

Do you have a pergola, posts, or places where you need to set a light on the top?  If so, then the Sogrand Post Cap Silver Solar Lights, could be just what you are looking for.

These 2 beautiful lights, are silver, and look great during the day, but so beautiful at night.  We had a lot of rainy days, here in Florida, so waited until a dry evening to take photos of them.

There is nothing you have to do for them, as they have everything you need in them. Put the lights in a sunny spot, and let the light from the sun do it’s job.  The solar panels, are the energy source, as well as a battery already in them.

Pull off the top of the lights, and turn the switch to the on position, and then push it back on.  Once it gets dark, the lights will come on.  They have this truly white, white that looks like diamonds.  The shape is just gorgeous, and they really show up well in the dark.

I was thinking,

if you have a gate to your property, these would really light up each side of it.

I really love mine, and even though I got them for free, I feel that they are worth the money.  A classy product.

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, Garden Path Light 12pcs Stainless Steel White LED Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway and Patio.

Solar Lights Outdoor,Sogrand Decorative Garden Path Light 4 Color LED Glass Lens Stainless Steel Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Driveway Patio Yard Pack of 4

Sogrand Solar Lights Outdoor, Super Bright High 10 Lumen Unique White Blue Dual Color LED Stainless Steel Garden Path Light Landscape Lighting for Pathway Walkway Yard Patio Driveway Pack of 4

Digital Multimeter, Liumy AC/DC, Current, Voltage, Resistance Digital Meter/Tester with Ohm Volt Amp & Diode Test, for Household Outlets, Fuses, Vehicle Battery, Charging System, Automotive Circuits

I got the Liumy Digital Multimeter AC/DC Current, Voltage Resistance Meter/Tester for my husband.  He is the go to person, in our household, for anything that I don’t understand, or don’t need to know.

He told me that it is perfect for testing batteries.  So hubby opened it up, and was pleased to see that it has a protective rubber band, going all around it.  It also has a flip up stand, so that you can use it, and still have your hands free, for using both of the test leads to check the battery.

Not only can it be used on regular everyday batteries, but also on car batteries, and so much more


Some technical information from the website for anyone that would like to read it: ‘ ★Specifications:
●Max.display: 1999, 3 1/2 digits
●Range selection: Manual ranging
●Overload display: “1” is displayed
●Sampling Speed: 2 times per second
●Low Battery Indication
●Power: 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery Included
●Diode Test: Yes
●Continuity Test: Yes
●Square Wave Output: Yes
●Dimensions: 5.1″ x 2.8″ x 1.4″
●Safety/Compliances: IEC61010 CAT.I 600V, CAT.II 300V, double insulation
●DC Voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V ±(0.5%+3), 500V (1%+5)
●AC Voltage: 200V/500V ±(2%+10)
●DC Current: 2000μA/20mA ±(1.8%+2), 200mA ±(2%+2), 10A ±(2%+10)
●Resistance: 200Ω ±(1%+10), 2000Ω/20KΩ/200KΩ ±(1%+4), 20MΩ ±(1%+10), 200MΩ ±[5%(reading-10)+10]’

I have a very happy husband with his new toy.  Guys are so difficult to buy for, so if you have a Do It Yourself guy, then this could be a perfect gift for him.

I did receive this product at a discount, but that didn’t affect the review, I have written here.

Liumy Laser Distance Meter 131 Ft Rangefinder, LCD Backlit Handheld Measuring Device, Level and Mute Functions for Single-distance Measurement / Continuous Measurement / Area / Pythagorean Modes

LIUMY Tactical Flashlight, 2960 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight, IPX7 Water Resistant XML Flashlight, Handheld Spotlight with 5 Mode / 450 Meters for Outdoors (Camping,Hiking, Cycling Use)


Liumy Laser Distance Meter 131 Ft Rangefinder, LCD Backlit Handheld Measuring Device, Level and Mute Functions for Single-distance Measurement / Continuous Measurement / Area / Pythagorean Modes

This is a product that my husband wanted.  When the Liumy Laser Distance Meter arrived, I handed it straight over to my husband.  

It comes with an Owner’s Manual, that has a quick start, Initial Operating and Settings, Distance Measurement, Functions, and Trouble Shooting.  Normally my husband doesn’t read the manual, but he had the product in one hand, and the instructions in the other.

After a few minutes, he had it working.  He was going around the house, and measuring different areas, and places.  I am wanted new furniture, and I think this will be great, as I won’t have to move the furniture, or climb on it, to measure the area I have available.

As I am not technical at all, I am giving you this information from the Amazon webpage: ‘

  • →HIGHT ACCURACY: accurate to ± 0.005 feet laser precision technology, horizontal bubble is more convenient to adjust the measurement angle, the measurement range extended to 131Ft.
  • →SILENT DESIGN AND ANTI-GLARE DESIGN: to open the mute function for indoor libraries and other places where quiet work, anti-glare design so that the rangefinder in the sun is still able to work.
  • →DURABLE AND RESONABLE DESIGN: IP54 dustproof and waterproof, pocket size. Anti-drop waterproof and dustproof, more convenient to carry.
  • →MORE INTELLIGENT DESIGN: LED backlight for dark and night use, 3 Min Automatic Shutdown and 30 seconds laser auto-off function to save power.
  • →MULTI-FUNCTION: Pythagorean method-three points, area, volume, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction, Single-distance Measurement.

My husband is very pleased with it, it looks really smart, easy to hold, and durable.  He has added it to his collection of tools.  A very happy guy.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and wanted to let you D.I.Y guys know that these are available.

LIUMY Tactical Flashlight, 2960 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight, IPX7 Water Resistant XML Flashlight, Handheld Spotlight with 5 Mode / 450 Meters for Outdoors (Camping,Hiking, Cycling Use)



Baobado Premium Survival Bracelet-Set only $10.99 for 3-Outdoor Emergency Paracord Bracelet 5 in 1 With Compass, Flint Fire Starter, Emergency Scraper/Knife, Whistle, Rescue Rope-Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Trekking, Travel

Do you go out on your own?  Early in the morning, or in the evenings?  Then I think you should check out the Baobado Premium Survival Bracelet.  Even if you live in a town, or city, just have the whistle will make you feel safer.

If you are an outdoors person, and go camping, hiking, trekking, etc., then you will have a compass, flint fire starter, emergency scraper/knife, whistle, and the rescue rope.

There are 3 bracelets, and I can’t decide which I like the best.  The black blends in with anything, the orange is really colorful, and I love the Army green.  I am thinking that as my husband was in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, and his grandson is still in the Marines with almost 17 years under his belt, then the Army green one will go with his camouflage shorts.

It is a one size fits all, and fits my husband’s wrist perfectly.  I have mine further up my arm, but it stays well.  I do have tiny wrists, even though I have great muscles, from working out.

From the Amazon website:  ‘SUPER STRONG & DURABLE & ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Has been tried & tested to a minimum Breaking Point Of 550 lbs/250 kg. You can use it from stabilize a tent to build a shelter, create hunter traps, hiking rope,

scraper tool, care a wound & many more.’  Combined with the compass, fire starter, and whistle you can’t beat the price at $10.99 for 3.

I did receive these amazing bracelets for free, and wanted to share the benefits of having them with you.

Pokkop Garden Genie Gloves 2017 Hot Style, useful one size with Fingertips Unisex Right Claws Quick & Easy to Dig and Plant Safe for Rose Pruning (1 pair)

Since moving from the townhouse to the condo, I have been doing a lot of gardening.  We do have landscaping people, but they just trim, what is already there.  I am always planting, so used to dig with a trowel.  Now I have the Garden Genie Gloves 2017 Hot Style, useful one size with Fingertips Unisex Right Claws Quick & Easy to Dig and Plant Safe for Rose Pruning (1 pair), I can do my gardening in half the time.

They are made of durable natural rubber latex, and come in one size.  I have small, long hands, and they stay on well.  On the right glove are the 4 claws, that dig, rake, and generally make gardening easier for you.

I took a video while using the one glove to show you how good it works.  The claws are made with durable ABS plastic, and totally safe.  It allows you to do pruning, and all kinds of gardening, that would normally needs tools.

The regular price being $17.99.  These are fun to wear, and save your hands, as well as nails.  I really like using them.

I received this product for free, and think it is so neat, that I just had to write a review about it.

Hikeren Car Vacuum Cleaner, DC 12-Volt 106W Wet & Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner,16.4FT(5M)Power Cord with 2 HEPA Filters,One Carry Bag(Black)

We have had our vehicle for over a year now, and my husband gets a hand vacuum, and plugs it into a socket in the garage, and does the floors.  That’s it.  So when I saw the Hikeren DC 12-Volt 106W We t& Dry Handheld Auto Vacuum Cleaner,16.4FT(5M)Power Cord with 2 HEPA Filters, One Carry Bag (Black), I knew that it was perfect for our needs.

In the photos, and also the video, you can see what you get for your money.  An excellent product, that is really sturdy, and will last a very long time.  It fits nicely in the hand, and really looks a quality product.

I took the vacuum and the accessories out to the car, and had my husband hold the phone to video me.  I switched on the ignition, put the plug in the cigarette lighter, and pressed the power switch.  The suction was amazing.  I used the brush attachment, and did the passenger seat.  The color changed from a pale gray, to a dark one, where all the dust was removed.

I am really impressed as to see what a huge difference it made to the car seat.  I stopped then, and came in.  My husband plans on doing the floors later.

When I checked his video it didn’t come out.  So maybe later I will do a video of him vacuuming the floors.

From the Amazon website: POWERFUL SUCTION: Hikeren car vacuum has CE, ROHS Certification. 12volt, 106w, 3.0KPA suction. 75db low noise can effectively clean the dust inside the car.    REMOVABLE & WASHABLE HEPA FILTER: Hikeren car vacuum with two HEPA filter which is detachable and easy to be cleaned.’

I really am very happy with the new wet and dry vacuum, and know that our vehicle with get more loving, tender care, now that I have the correct tools for it.

I did receive this product at a discount price, and wanted to share my experience with you.


Moongo Wrench Bushing Set 7-19MM Magic Spanner Grip Wrench Universal Socket Ratchet Wrench Fool inch Sleeve Piece Magic (Red)2pcs

My husband should really be doing this review, as this product is for him.  As we get older it gets harder to remove screws, bolts, etc., so this is when the Moongo Wrench Bushing Set 7-19MM Magic Spanner Grip Wrench Universal Socket Ratchet Wrench Fool inch Sleeve Piece Magic (Red)2pcs come in handy.

We were going to a demonstration with a screw in my pantry, but it was high up, and difficult for me to video it.  The short video shows how it works, and I have added photos too.

It is very well made, small enough to have handy, and works every time.

From the Amazon website: ‘Can be disassembled various shapes nuts, screws, hooks, lag screws, and bolt heads etc. Self-adjusts to fit thousands of fasteners. Polished chrome finish. Internally by 58 high-carbon steel hardness pole constituted.  100% Brand New and High Quality ,The way it sets up with the wrench more leverage than a screwdriver to turn tighter screws.’

My husband is very happy with it, and knows that it will come in very handy for him.


I did receive this item for free, and wanted to show you what a neat product it is.