France 1 Croatia 0. Change that to 1 -1

I went to my Zumba class from 10 to 11 a.m., and was back home within 8 minutes.  I couldn’t miss Zumba two days in a row, but yesterday I went to the gym in the afternoon for boxing, and lifting weights.

So now I am here and the score at 20 minutes is 1 – 0 to France.

Personally I want France to win the FIFA World Cup as England, and Belguim couldn’t do it.  The reason being that Giroud played for our team, Arsenal, for years.  Also Croatia have been a dirty team throughout the tournament.

Just before posting this Croatia have just scored so drawing right now.  This will make for a very exciting game.

England 0 Belgium 1

In the 4th minute of the FIFA World Cup playoff for 3rd, 4th place, Belgium have scored a goal.  England did that, and then lost their game, so maybe this is a good omen for England.

I am English, and so wanted this to be the final.  I have said from day 1, that if England didn’t win, then I wanted Belgium to.

I am still in my dressing gown, on the recliner, having coffee, and was hoping to have a great morning.  To be truthful I am not disheartened.  I love the Belgium players, as so many play in the English Premier League, and if we can’t do it, then I am happy for them.

England will we be singing Land of Hope and Glory, or in tears at the end of the game.

It is only a few minutes before the semi-final between England and Croatia kicks off.  I cannot sit, relax, or do anything right now.

So this morning I trained 2 ladies boxing at the gym, took my husband out to a little Mom and Pop place for lunch, making sure we got back in time for the game.

I know Americans have no idea what it means to us, but it is like winning the Super Bowl.

England play your hearts out for us.  That’s all we ask.

Photo curtesy of Pixaby RonnieK.

England 1 – 0 at halftime. Now 2-0

I came to the gym to do Zumba class, but ended up on the treadmill, watching Sweden – England FIFA World Cup match.

At halftime, I did the last 10 minutes of Zumba, and am now back on the treadmill.

Still sweating, and enjoying a workout while watching a fantastic match.

England just scored again.

Thank goodness England are through to the next round.

England are playing at 2.00 p.m., and I have my boxing session with my trainer at 2.30. I never miss my boxing, but I would have been so torn, if Belgium and England were not already through to the next round.

I feel that either one of these teams could win the cup, but obviously want England to be the champions.

Will update when I get back home.

It’s now the 70th minute, and I am pleased that I didn’t have to watch all of the game.  Obviously neither Belgium or England want to play Japan in the next round, so goals will be few, and far between.  Also they are saving players for the knockout part of the tournament.

Rainrop Women Platform Slip On Loafers Shoes Comfort Suede Moccasins Fashion Casual Wedge Sneakers 35-42

I wear sneakers most of the time, as I am a gym rat.  I do wear heels when dancing, and have a couple of pairs of sandals.  However, the Rainrop Women’s Platform Slip On Loafers Shoes, are the most comfortable shoes I have worn.

They are a smart shoe/moccasin/wedge sneaker.  I have the black, but they come in a variety of colors, and 2 different styles.  These you can check out from the Amazon link, at the bottom of this post.  The American sizes are 4.5 – 8.5, and European 35 – 42. I order a size 8, and they are true to size.

I didn’t have to break them in, like some shoes, as they are so soft.  The first day I walked in the house, and since then have used them daily.  I have had them just over a week now, and wear them with no show socks.

From the website: ‘Breathable pigskin leather lining, absorb sweat and deodorant, breathable and lightweight.’  This means that my feet don’t sweat, here in Florida, and that is a great feeling.

I do have a suede brush, but haven’t needed to use it yet.

I received these shoes at a discounted price, and in no way did it influence my blog post.




This morning we had a 2 year old S.U.V., this afternoon a 2019 car.

We went to the gym, and then to the Honda dealership, as my husband had a



$1,000 coupon. I had no intention of getting another vehicle, and my husband has always insisted on a S.U.V. Well, he fell in love with the Honda FIT, and we ended up buying one.

He doesn’t drink, smoke, or spend money, so when they dropped $4,000 on the price, as I kept saying No. We ended up coming home with this flashy, speedy car.

Sub Tropical Storm Alberto didn’t stop the Memorial Day Services.

Yesterday we attended a service at our local Fraternal Order of Eagles, and today it was at the local Marine Corps.  My husband was in the Royal Air Force for 22 years, and his grandson is a United States Marine.  He has been in for 17 years so far, and we are so proud of him.

I hope you have all taken time out of your day, to remember those that fought for their country, and those that gave their lives for us.

I am so thankful to these men, and women, and pleased that I attended the 2 services.

Yesterday 1,000 followers, and today only 999.

1,000 Follows!
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Your current tally is 1,005.

Happy to say that I am now 1010. Many thanks to everyone.


I was going to write a blog post today, as I had 1,000 followers, only to find that someone removed me today.  Whoever you are, that is fine, as I am sure that I will pick up another follower shortly, to bring back that amazing number.

I just wanted to thank each, and every one of you, for supporting me in my writing.  I have been doing this for at least 26 years, and couldn’t go a day without it.

Cross that out.  I am back to 1,000 followers thanks to The Beauty Spyglass.

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