Cyber Roll Window Film Privacy Vinyl No Glue Static Self-Adhesive Stained Glass Film Decoration Membrane Square

When you live in an older home, sometimes the patio doors, a window, or even a glass/mirror area may become dingy.  If all else fails, and you can’t get it clean, then it’s worth trying the Cyber Roll Window Film.  Or you may have neighbors so close, that can look20160917_132358 into your window.  If so you will be able to create privacy, while making your window look attractive.

The roll is 17.7 x 78.7-inches.  The film is self-adhesive, easy to handle and install.  You don’t need a handyman, glue, or any tools, apart from scissors, or a knife, water, squeegee, and a cloth.

It states on the Amazon website, that it will last for years.  I have only had mine for a week, but it is holding up well.  I will certainly update this review if I find any flaws in it.

The instructions for applying the window film are on the website below, but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, and I will reply to it.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

Exfoilate your face without having to use a mask, or mud pack, with the Kingdom Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

I cleanse my face twice a day, but never sure how well I have done it. I always use a quality cleanser, water, and a cotton ball. So when I had the chance to get a Kingdom Electric Facial Cleansing Brush with, 3 Speed Settings, which is Cordless, and has a USB Charging system, I was happy. It is a waterproof design, and it comes in baby pink.

First off, it is a quality product, and feels very comfortable in your hand. You need to plug in the USB for up to 16 hours for a charge. I think mine was around 12 hours, and it worked great.

I wet my face, and the brush. I then applied some of my cleanser to the brush, and pressed the clean button. It goes onto the lowest power, you can press it again for the next one, and once more to get the highest speed. Upon pressing it again, it switches off.

I tried the first level of cleansing, and slowly worked the whole of my face, using the directions in the booklet that is provided. It felt really good, as the brush is so soft. It says to use for 1 minute, and so I switched it off, rinsed my face, and patted it dry. I also ran water through the Facial Brush, and let it air dry.

Taken from this page: “360-degree rotary soft brush head that easily removes make-up, dirt, oil and dead skin. Your skin’s natural radiance will shine through as the brush exfoliates and clears clogged pores which help your skin absorb nutrition effectively from your skin care products like essences and creams”.

I am using it every other day right now, on the lowest speed, and my skin feels really soft. I do use a serum, and an anti-wrinkle cream both morning, and night on my face. I feel that this is working for me, and may go to either the next speed, or daily after a couple of weeks use.

It comes with a second facial brush, so I think it is wonderful value. It also has a black drawstring bag to keep it in, rather than the box.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review..