Replenishing the sand at Treasure Island Beach, Florida.

The beaches loose sand all the time, and years that we have lots of storms, or a hurricane are the worst.  I had seen in the news, that because the ‘Sunshine State’ makes it’s money from tourists visiting the beaches, it needed to be brought back to it’s pristine self.

So this afternoon when I checked out the beach, I saw the dredging at the John’s Pass end of the beach.  I took a few photos, and am so delighted that this is taking place.

As the months go on, I will take photos of the sand, to show you how it is progressing.  Right now they are just getting setup.


More channels than we thought on our H.O.A. plan.

We couldn’t wait to check out the television stations after the Spectrum guy left.  My husband still wasn’t sure what we would be getting.

I went through the channels and we have over 200, a lot more than we were given to believe from Spectrum, and also more than my neighbor.  She has a really old box, and when we checked hers, prior to me giving up so many of our stations, I was pleasantly surprised.

My husband can get all 3 English football channels, as well as some of the European ones.  The history channel that he watches often is there, and the 2 BBC channels.

When we moved to our development 18 years ago, we brought our package with us.  I now wish that I had checked what was in the H.O.A. package, and could have saved thousands of dollars over the years.

If you didn’t read the first part yesterday, please check here: Spectrum won’t work with customers, that have been with the company they bought out, for 30 years.

Spectrum won’t work with customers, that have been with the company they bought out, for 30 years.

Has anyone else had their cable company change in the past year or so?  We did, and were paying under $100.  Our basic, and standard cable television is included in our H.O.A. maintenance fee.  I felt this was high for the H.D. channels, as we didn’t have H.B.O., or any of the Premier stations, Internet, and home phone.

When our year was up with the Brighthouse account, Spectrum put our bill up another $40.  This is when the Social Security pay rise barely paid for the Part D medical increase.

I have spent several months trying to get a better price, and the best they could do was $128.  I was still not happy with that.

We are now waiting for Spectrum to come, and take away some of our equipment, we are going to the basic, and standard, that we have to keep with them, and getting rid of the rest.  We will still have to pay $8 for the ‘box’, otherwise we wouldn’t get all of the 150 approximate channels.  This will bring our bill down by $36, taking back under $100.

However, next week we are taking away our landline, and Internet, and putting them with another coming.  Spectrum will only be getting $8 + taxes from us.

I am so happy about it.  I hate that smaller companies are being bought out all the time, and then they monopolize the product that you can’t do without.

Has this happened to you?

Second cataract done, but…..

I am so pleased that it is now Monday afternoon.  This morning I was awake at 4.30 a.m. waiting for the alarm to go off.  Len had cataract surgery at 6.45.  He didn’t feel good going into it, having a mini heart attack just beforehand.  The nitro took the pain away, as he gets these often.  However, we didn’t want to cancel, as he had already started taking the drops.

I completed his paperwork, and an employee held his arm, and walked him into the surgical area.  There was another really nice couple in the waiting room, and the lady and I went off to breakfast together.  She didn’t want to wait for 5 hours on her own, and I was happy to take her.  We only went to Dunkin, as she didn’t like Starbucks, but it was great for both of us having company.

It was less than an hour after getting back, when I got the phone call, to collect my husband from the other door.

Last time I went in, and helped him with his orange juice, and sugar free cookies.  It was great.  He came out, with a lady helping him to walk, and I literally put him in the vehicle.  He was sweating, and looked like he was having a sugar low.  He told me that they gave him V8, and a sweet pastry that he wouldn’t eat, or drink.  So he had, had nothing by mouth, and they hadn’t told me.

I pulled up in Wendy’s parking lot, and left him in the vehicle, and went in and got him a drink, and something to eat.  I made sure he had some of both before driving home.  He has been stumbling around, and just not good.  So different from the first time, when I sat with him, and he ate, and drank before we left.

He is now sleeping, and I am so pleased.  Surgeries cost a fortune, and patients should be taken care of from start, to finish.  I feel that they really let him down this time.

Why didn’t I get a smart T.V. when they first came out.

Because of the Amazon glitch/hack/breach, I have been waiting to order a smart television for my husband.  After it had been back for a week, I thought I would take a chance.  I had heard that putting your credit card details back in, may not be a good thing, as some accounts had charges on them.  I used my Amazon credit card, and only my transaction went through.

The television came yesterday, and as it’s a 55 inch, we had a friend take the one off the wall, and put up the new one for us.  Then came the fun time setting everything up.

I have to say that although it has taken us 5 hours, it’s been worth it.  Yes, we were cut off from technical support on the phone twice, but managed to get enough help from them to continue on ourselves.

We have our cable television working, wireless HDMI, so that we don’t have to plug the HDMI cable into our laptops.  I have already added my Amazon Prime account, and Britbox.

I love going up to a 55 inch television, and how bright, and clear it is.  I will be reviewing the TCL 55S405 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV in a few days, when I have checked out a lot more.


Zumba, flipping tires, and boxing today.

I so love being retired.  I get to go to the gym every day, and change up my routine.  Today I had a 10 a.m. Zumba class, dropped my husband back home, and then back to the gym.

Infinity is the only gym close to me that has a boxing room.  I will be pleased when they take out some old equipment stored in there, so that we can get to the speed bag, without climbing over stuff.

Anyway, I enjoyed my boxing routine, and then went into a huge back room they have.  Here are the 3 sizes of tires that you can work with.  After about a month, I am now on the medium size one, and keep eyeing up the large one.  At 110 lbs., I can’t imagine ever being able to move that colossal one.

I still have some pain from my core workout on Thursday, but only the tops of my legs.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get up, and not feel that my legs won’t work.

Have a fun day, including a workout, if possible.

Boxing turned into an ab workout yesterday.

My trainer was busy yesterday afternoon, so he planned an abs workout with a fellow trainer.  This guy was a third of my age, and said that I would be doing the same routine, as he had just completed.

I laid on the mat, and crossed one leg over the other one, and did crunches, then the other leg.  From here he held my foot, that was at a 90 degree angle, and I lifted the other one.  Then changed sides.  The killer was the Russian twists, with a fairly heavy ball, and feet in the air.  Finally he placed three hand weights in front of me, and I had to have my feet up, and go between the weights.  The final one was my feet going over them.

First time was easy, second time more difficult, and the 3rd time a killer.  He said that my abdomen would feel it today.  No, it was the crease at the tops of my legs, and groin area.  I struggled to get up this morning.

Oh, I forgot to say before the workout yesterday, I had been at the gym for 1 hr. 45 minutes, with a Zumba class included in that.  Also last night we had gone dancing, and I did around an hour and a hour.

I walk with my girlfriend on a Friday morning, so we went to the Nature Park, and I walked it with her 3 times.  Came home, and hubby wanted to go to the gym, so have been back doing upper body.  Tonight?  Dancing, of course.

70 is a number.  I don’t think I will ever slow down.

Free shopping at Walgreens drugstore.

I have a Walgreen’s loyalty card, and use it for prescriptions, my shopping in the store, and also for ‘healthy choices, which allows you to add your exercise, weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure readings, as well as the amount of sleep you get.  All these give you Balance points.

I have been collecting them for almost 2 years, and today I had $35 to spend in the store.  With Easter chocolate being 90% off, I made a killing.  Especially the big box full of Russell Stover sugar free eggs for my husband.

Everything else was on sale, B.O.G.O.F. or B.O.G.O. half off, so I ended up getting almost $100 worth of products, and paying the balance of $8.  Just love it when things come together like this.

Doe’s anyone else save in similar ways?

Still not buying products on Amazon. #Amazonclosed

I have been reading updates from my thousands of friends on Facebook, and understand that there are still so many, that still have their accounts closed.  They are continually  phoning Amazon, and getting the run-a-round.  Others have had charges on their credit cards, while being closed, which is very worrying.

My husband still wants the big television, as one of our two is old, and making a loud humming noise.  I am still reluctant to order, until everyone has their accounts back to normal.

My account was ‘closed’ from March 31st for a week.  During that time my Amazon credit card was paid, and my points that revert into money, are not there.  I am showing zero rewards.

Amazon have not yet got back to me about my chat with one of their reps, that was at the weekend, and I was told that I would hear within 24 hours.  So this lady who has money to spend, will either wait, or buy elsewhere.

Amazon’s TOS. How do you read it?

Thrive into fitness.

My boxing trainer, Ryan, has had so much energy lately that I asked him what he was doing differently.  He said that even though some days he works from 5.30 a.m. to 9.30 at night, he can get through his strenuous routine, now that he using Thrive.

Well I wanted to know more about it, so he showed me a short video, and then I got a 3 day sample pack for $15.  There were 6 capsules, 3 packs of Vanilla Shake mix, and 3 Derma Fusion Technology patches.

All very simple, take 1-2 Thrive Capsules in the morning on an empty stomach, wait 20 – 40 minutes and mix milk, or water with the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix.  Then apply the patch to the bicep, shoulder, forearm, or top part of the hip.  This is to be replaced the following morning.

So I went ahead and did all of the above.  I am on the go all the time, so as far as more energy, it’s hard for me to tell.  I never stop.  It is supposed to stop food cravings, enabling you to loose weight.  I am sure that this would help in the long term.  You get quality vitamins, and minerals that your body needs, so you don’t have to take a multi-vitamin.

Personally I think $5 a day is very reasonable, when you are saving on your vitamins, and you have it for breakfast.

I am the fittest 70 year old I know, so probably I am not the one to be writing about this, but I truly think that there are many people out there, that could really be helped with this product.

I am not selling it, my trainer can certainly sell it to you, and if it works, you can also be a distributor of it.  Here is his Facebook website:

The webpage for this product:  There is a video you can watch about the product, and many testimonials.

Please feel free to contact me, or Ryan, if this interests you.  I did not receive this for free, or receive

any incentive for writing about it.