LOLLDEAL Car Wash Mitts, (2-Pack) Premium Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt Gloves for Car, Wood, Mirrors, Furniture & Glass (Blue)

Up until a couple of years ago we used to wash our own vehicle, but the dealership that we bought it from, provide free car washes.  I hate dusting, so thought that the Car Wash Mitts, Lolldeal (2-Pack) Premium Chenille Microfiber Car Wash Mitt Gloves for Car, Wood, Mirrors, Furniture & Glass (Blue) would work for me.

Sometimes I leave it so long that you can see fingerprints, or areas where items have moved in the dust.  Not a good thing.  I put the gloves on, and then moved my hands over the black furniture.  It took it off, and when I turned the gloves over, I could see the dust attached to them.  Then I went for my wooden blinds, and my hands, easily went between them.  I can see how easy my dusting is going to be from now  on.

I used to have a brightly colored duster on a stick, and it would just spread it to different areas, but this really does lift it up, and off of the furniture.

From the website: ‘Double sided with elastic cuff to ensure secure fit, creating 360-degree for cleaning need. DELIVERS A LINT-FREE, SCRATCH-FREE SHINE! Double Sided chenille microfiber! Use it dry to dust and wet to wash. Dries quickly.

It is machine washable too.

Now I will be dusting more often, and only taking a few minutes to do it.  This is my trusty cleaning tool, and delighted I have it.

I did receive these mitts for free, and am happy to share with you, how well they work in the house.



Yootech Galaxy S8+ Screen Protector [2-Pack][Galaxy S8 plus,Not Glass], Galaxy S8+ Wet Applied Screen Protector BUBBLE-FREE for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

I was lucky enough to receive 3 items from Yootech, and the third one is the Galaxy S8+ Screen Protector [2-Pack][Galaxy S8 plus,Not Glass], Yootech Galaxy S8+ Wet Applied Screen Protector BUBBLE-FREE for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. 

I have the Yootech Galaxy S8 Screen Protector [2-Pack][Not Glass], Galaxy S8 Wet Applied Screen Protector BUBBLE-FREE for Samsung Galaxy S8 (2017) sitting next to this one, and have gone through both boxes.  They look identical to me, so I figured if you are interested in this new kind of screen protector, use this link , and read my previous post.  I believe the only difference it the S8, and the S8+.

To actually find this product, it is on the Amazon link, at the bottom of the post.  It does come with a lifetime no hassle warranty.

I did receive it for free, and wanted to let you know that it is available.





Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack

I have a brand new patio outside my sliding doors, and now have so much more room.  We have amazing zero gravity chairs, with attachable side tables, so needed some lighting in the area.  Here is where I put the Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack.

As you can see they are globes, and they measure 5.9 inches, and with the stake the length is 11 inches.

I set them up initially right where the sun shines all day long, and then moved them back  to their home.  Here the sun will shine enough to ensure they come on each night, but I really wanted them to be fully charged the first time.

I went outside 30 minutes after dusk, and they were shining brightly.  When I got close to them, I could see the 4 LED lights.  You can see them in one of my up close photos.

The globes are plastic, but a really thick, strong plastic, to ensure they last a very long time.

Not only do they give me light for my patio, during the evening, but also help with security at night.  The best thing of all is that I am saving energy, by using solar lights, which helps us all, and also my pocket.

I received these lights for free, and wanted to test them immediately, and write a review about them.

Sogrand 5 Modes,Flashlight,Torch High-Powered, FlashLight, Rechargeable Tac Light, Water Resistant Handheld Flashlight with Zoom Function

Sogrand 6Pc-Pack, Solar Lights Outdoor, Stainless Steel, Solar Light, Solar Garden Lights, for Lawn,Patio,Yard,Walkway,Driveway,Pathway



Alistart 3D Sleep Masks, Contoured Shape Eye Mask (2 Pack) Sleeping Mask for Women, Men, Super Smooth Blindfold for Travel, Shift Work

Living in Florida, or should I say the sunshine state, I can get woken up with the sun coming through our blinds.  It’s lovely to have sunshine, but not when you want another hours sleep.  That is why I wanted the 3D Sleep Masks, Alistart Contoured Shape Eye Mask (2 Pack) Sleeping Mask for Women, Men, Super Smooth Blindfold for Travel, Shift Work.

You get 2 in the pack, which makes for good value.  They have a 3D shape, which goes back to within an inch of my ears.  The fabric is soft, and the nice thing about them is, that there is a good insert for the eyes, and nose.  This makes for great comfort.  They have a Velcro strap at the back, so fit any shape/size head.  They cover such a big area, that there is no way light can get through them.

The Sleeping Masks fold in half, if you are taking them on vacation, and need them for a plane.  You can tuck them in a pocket, and then get them out, when you want to sleep.

Being silky soft, I can’t fault them in any way, so am happy to recommend them.  At $8.99 for two on Amazon, to me is a good deal.  I received these for free, and wrote my review on how they worked, when I tested them.

Premium 2 Pack Dual S Shaped Hooks ShineMe Stainless Steel Organizer.

The Premium 2 Pack Dual S Shaped Hooks, ShineMe, Stainless Steel Home, Office, Bath, Coat, Caps, Towel Hanger, Kitchen Spoon, Pan, Pot Holder Rack, for Door Shelf Storage Organizer (2 Pack) is a must for any cook, or D.I.Y. person.

These aren’t that big, they measure 4mm, 2.5in *1.9in *1.6in (6.3*4.8*4cm).  I have taken that from the website.  They fit over loops, tops of doors, shower doors, etc., and then you can hang items on them.

I like them in my kitchen, and put my scissors, and a can opener on them.  The scissors will stay, but I still haven’t really decided what I use the most, to have on the second one.

Being stainless steel they will not rust, and shine beautifully.  They are smooth, and there isn’t anything that you can hurt yourself on.  You can also move them around, as they just hook on, and off.

They are an asset in my kitchen, but I know that my husband would like them in the garage, for hanging items.  I may well be buying another pack of them.

I did receive them at a discounted price to test them, and have to say that I honestly love them.  Therefore I am happy to write a review about them