LattoGe Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces Sports Laces Trim-To-Fit Design Unisex One-size Fits All

I like to have my sneakers fit fairly tightly, and sometimes they get loose, so wanted laces that would stay in place.  I have the no tie shoe laces in another pair of sneakers, so was very happy to get the Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces Sports Laces Trim-To-Fit Design Unisex One-size Fits All, Running Locking Shoelaces for Mens, Womens, Seniors, Kids Shoes, Cleats, Boots, Hiking Boot from LattoGe.

I chose the black, although they come in many colors.  I took out the old laces, and pulled out one lace.  I took the middle of it, and worked it up to the tie area.  I then pushed the laces through the lock, and pressed it tight.  I then got the end clamp, and put the ends into it.  I then pressed it closed.  It only took me a few minutes to perform this task.

I laced them up while on my feet, to ensure I got the perfect fit.  The black go perfectly with my black shoes, with a pink tongue, and motifs.  They are really comfortable, and I think they look kind of cute.  They come in black, red, blue, and white.

The Amazon Prime price is just $6.49.  I was lucky enough to receive a discounted price, and wanted to review them, so you can see how neat they are.

IBRR Set of 12 Silicone Colors Baking Cups, Silicone cupcake molds, Reusable muffin liners

My husband is diabetic, and has a limited choice of sugar free desserts, so I try to bake him cakes, muffins, and cupcakes.  I have some really large silicone muffin liners, and when I use them, I have to cut the cup cakes in half for him.

That’s why I thought that the Set of 12 Silicone Colors Baking Cups, Silicone cupcake molds, Reusable muffin liners, would be a perfect size.

They are also cute if you have children, there are 2 each of radiant pink, joyful yellow, blissful orange, jovial blue, bright green and ebullient purple.  Not only can you use them for baking, but are perfect for creating appetizers, snack desserts, and nibbles.

From the website: ‘Pantry Elements Silicone Baking Cups are eco friendly and non-stick baking apparatus of highest quality. These are BPA free, PVC free and phthalate free and are made of 100% pure food grade silicone. Devoid of any type of fillers these baking cups comply with the safety standards laid by U.S. FDA and European LFGB’

You can hand or dishwasher them, and you are good to use them again.

I will add photos of actually baking with them at a later date, as I have only just made a batch of the extra large ones, for my husband.

I received this product at a discounted price, and I have written an honest review, at it is my own opinion.


StylnClass PREMIUM Stainless Steel Non Stick Heat Resistant Kitchen Tongs with Silicon Tips SET ( 7inch , 9inch and 12inch ) for Barbeque, Cooking and Grilling  

I have several kitchen tongs, and they tend to be big, and bulky.  When I measured them, they are all 12 inch.  That is why I am very happy to have the StylinClass Professional Kitchen Tongs set.

I adore the 7 inch ones.  They are perfect for putting out appetizers, teacakes, scones, and any small items.  These tongs are great for sharing a salad for 2 people.
The 9 inch ones, I am using more for cooking, but can also be used for baking too.  As they have silicone tips, and great for lifting food off of hot trays.  This is much better than burning your fingers.
The 12 inch ones are big enough for grilling, cooking meat, and even for picking up slices of pizza.  They are a perfect size when you have a party, and are cooking/baking it quantity.
They are stainless steel, with silicone tips, which means that you can use them in non-stick pots, and pans.  They are BPA free, and Eco friendly.  All 3 tongs come in the locked position, and to open them up, all you have to do is push in the O ring at the end of them.  When you want to put them in a drawer, or hang them up, just pull the O ring out, and they close tight.
You really can’t hurt yourself with these tongs, unless you poked yourself in the eye with them, so are really safe for anyone to use.  The quality is excellent, and they are not heavy, or cumbersome.
Just wash them as you would any other kitchen item, either in the dishwasher, or by hand.
I absolutely adore the baby ones.  I want to play with them all the time, and try more uses for them
I did receive these tongs for free, and as I love writing reviews, I couldn’t help but do a positive one, as they are so cute.


Simplicity Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers

Simplicity sent me 2 different kinds of ear muffs, or as they call them Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers.  I love the first pair I was sent, and these ones are quite a bit different, but so cute.

They are really fluffy on the inside to keep your ears really warm, and then have the jazzy sequins on the outside.  Nobody I have seen has anything like these.  The band is covered with a knitted type cover, which is very comfortable to wear.  It states on the website that the  ‘Material: Acrylic’, but obviously it is completely covered.

I have worn them for several hours, and my ears are really toasty, even with glasses, they don’t hurt me.  They also fit really nicely above the clip I wear at the back of my head.

With the other Simplicity ear muffs I would be happy to hand wash them.  With these ones, I would only sponge wash the inside of the ear muffs, and let them air dry.

I know I am going to get comments about wearing ear muffs in Florida, when friends have temperatures below freezing.  What I suggest is that you use the link below, and treat yourself to a pair.

I received this product for free, and always love writing reviews.  They are my own words, as no one else would test them the way I do.

Simplicity Unisex Warm Faux Furry/ Fleece Winter Outdoor Ear Muffs worn even in Florida

Simplicity Women’s Batwing Knitted Tassel Pullover Sweater Poncho Shawl


Christmas Tree Lights – Battery Operated LED Light with Suction Cup by RECESKY – Window Hanging.

When we moved from our townhouse earlier in the year, to the condo, I gave most of my Christmas stuff away.  This included 2 artificial trees, so now I don’t have any.  As we aren’t home too much for the Christmas period, I thought that the ‘Christmas Tree Lights – Battery Operated LED Light with Suction Cup by RECESKY – Window Hanging Decor for Indoor Lighting, Party, Holiday, Xmas, Wall, Festival, Christmas Decorations (Warm White)’ may put me in the holiday spirit.

The Christmas tree measures 6.3 inch, height 19.7 inch. (Length from battery case to Christmas tree ornament 7.9 inch.  I misread it when I first saw it, and only realized that the height was 7.9 inches, after receiving it.  That isn’t a problem, because it is so cute.  It has 8 LED lights around the tree, which do light up well, when the room is darkened.

It is battery operated, so you will need 3 AAA batteries.  Once put into the circular top, it is ready for use.  You push in the button to switch it on, and off.  It comes with a suction cup so that it can go on a window, or wall.  You can also stand it on a flat surface.

This is going down to our timeshare with us, as it will make it more festive.

This is an ideal gift for someone that doesn’t have a tree, a very small apartment, or room.  It definitely lights up the room, and puts joy into your heart.

I received this product at a discounted price, and wanted to write my own review about it.

Merry Christmas Lights – 14 LED Letter Shaped Battery Operated String Light by RECESKY20161202_145456

GOBUNNY Little Shy Fox With Cute Genuine Fur Ball Tail Novelty Key Chain for Car Key Ring Bag Purse Charm

I wanted the GOBUNNY Little Shy Fox With Cute Genuine Fur Ball Tail Novelty Key Chain for Car Key Ring Bag Purse Charm, as I figured my granddaughter in England would love it.  Most years I send a box of gifts over to England for my grandchildren.

The Little Shy Fox has a story, which is really cute, and you can read it on the Amazon webpage for the product.  ‘She wants to accompany and protect her friends’.

The fox is made of high quality Rex rabbit fur, which is unbelievably soft.  Probably the softest fur I have felt.  The face is a gold colored metal, and covered in pearls, and pink gems.  If you pull down the fur you can see the eyelashes, nose, and cheeks.

It is handmade, and is really well made.  It comes in 4 colors, black, white, pink and rose.  As you can see in the photos, I have the pink, which is so pretty.  I also like the white too.  The size I have is 3.5 inches.

It came in a plastic see through jar, with a screw top.  It has shredded paper in the bottom, and top, to keep it well packaged.

I feel that this is too big for a key ring, but perfect to attach to the handle of a bag, or large purse.  The Little Shy Fox is adorable, and I am reluctant to part with her.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.