Sexyshine Women’s Autumn Casual Embroidered Lace 3/4 Sleeve V-neck Hollow Out White Blouse T-Shirt Tops

Living in Florida I can wear summer clothing all year round.  That’s why I so wanted the Sexyshine Women’s Casual Embroidered Lace White Blouse.

It is a really soft cotton, and feels great against the skin.  It has three quarter length sleeves that also are embroidered.  It has a deep V neck, that has lace on it, and the rest of the top of it is plain.  From the waist down it again has the embroidery.  

It has scalloping on the edges of the sleeves, and the bottom of the blouse.  There is also a tie, to go around the waist.

I bought the small, and it fits me perfectly.  I am an American 2-4 size.

This will be perfect for any casual occasion.  You can wear it with shorts, Capris, trousers, jeans, or a skirt.  I personally will only wear it with a white bra, as the fabric is so delicate, that you can see a bra through it.

I will be going down to the beach for a week shortly, and this will be a perfect addition to my wardrobe.  I know I will wear it over my bikini, and also with shorts.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and it was my choice to right a positive review on it.

HOTOUCH Women’s Compression Flexible Leggings Fitted Sports Yoga Pants XS-XL

I live in fitness wear, apart from the evenings I do dancing, so am always happy to receive items.  The HOTOUCH Women’s Compression Flexible Leggings Fitted Sports Yoga Pants XS-XL has to be one of the nicest I have worn. 

I gave them a thorough workout at the gym, as you can see in my video, and photos.  I took about 50 photos in all different positions, but only put a few into the review.

I have the gray with the black trims, and they are also available in black with the gray trims.  They are made of 88% Polyester, and 12% Spandex.

I found them easy enough to get on, and they fitted fairly tightly.  After doing my stretching, I didn’t even know that I was wearing them, as they were so comfortable.  You can see in my photos that I did quite a bit of stretching, squats, lunges, etc.  Then I went over to the suspension straps, and set up my camera to take the video.  I think you can see every aspect of the leggings in that.

I love how they fit, and a small is perfect for me.  I weigh 110 lbs., 5.5″, and am a size 2-4.

They are washable, on a cool, delicate cycle.  It is suggested that you hang them to dry, but I always put mine in a mesh laundry bag, again on delicate.

I did receive these at a discounted price, and really love them.  I am sure you realized by the fun I had at they gym.

Ruzishun Women’s Sexy Lingerie Black Lace Babydoll Set

I really feel sexy in the Ruzishun Women’s Sexy Lingerie Black Lace Babydoll Set.  I had to take a video to show you how beautiful it is.

You can see the design in the photos, and video, so I just wanted to say how well it fits me.  It gives a great cleavage, because you can adjust the straps.  It goes in well at the waist, and comes just below my bottom.  I am pleased that it is a set, and has the G string panties too.

Sometimes having a little more material, with the sexy split, can be more exciting that some that show everything.  My husband really likes me in this one, and I am planning on taking it with me, when we go to the beach for a few days.

It is made of 65% cotton, and 35% polyester.  It is a soft silky material, and the base color of black, with the silver in the lace, gives it the special look.

It is hand washable, but I use mesh laundry bags to put all my delicate items in, and have never had a problem with them not coming out perfectly.  I then air dry them.

I did receive this item for free, and wanted to let you know that the retail price was $27.54, and the Amazon Prime price is only $11.77 with free 2 day shipping.

Meaneor Women Sleeveless Lace Crochet Keyhole Peplum Pencil Bodycon Office Dress

I received the Meaneor Women Sleeveless Lace Crochet Keyhole Peplum Pencil Bodycon Office Dress in the mail on Friday, and decided to try it on.  It fitted to perfection.  So much so, that we were going dancing, so I decided to wear it.  I have to say that I had compliments on it all evening.

The dress is available in black, dark blue, and pink.  I love black and white, so of course, went for that one.  The sizes start at XS, and go to XL, and then in the plus sizes OX to 5X.  I always wear small.

My dress is black, and then has the white/off white/cream lace overlay.  It is attached at the neck, and the armholes, then the lace is loose coming down to the hips.  It has a very pretty black band, where the waistline is.  It has a scoop neckline, and a keyhole button opening at the back.  It is made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex, which allows it to fit nice and snug, but also has a little stretch in it.

The dress comes above the knee, and has a pencil slim skirt to it.

When I was dancing, and spinning around, the bottom of the lace fanned out.  It is so different to other dresses I have.

It is suggested that it should be hand washed, but I put my dresses in a mesh laundry bag, and set the machine for a cold, delicate wash.  This always works for me.

I did receive this dress for free, and as you can see in the photos, and video, really tested it, before writing this review.

Meaneor Women Casual Work Office Open Front Button Short Cardigan Blazer Jacket

Meaneor Women Ladies V-Neck Lace Sexy Cocktail Floral Midi Bodycon Dress

Meaneor Women’s Sexy Short Sleeve Cold Off Shoulder Lace Trim Strap A-line Mini Dress

ADORNEVE Women Sexy Beachwear Bikini Cover up V-neck Hollow out Lace Lounge Dress

Living in Florida I do spend quite a bit of time at the beach, and need a cover up, for when I am walking through the reception/office of our timeshare.  I thought the ADORNEVE Women Sexy Beachwear Bikini Cover up V-neck Hollow out Lace Lounge Dress would be perfect, as it come down over my bottom, and has three-quarter length sleeves.

I do have one from Egypt that has spun gold threads in it, but don’t always want to wear it.  That one is priceless.  I also have another one that is long, but opens right up the front.  This one has a V neck, which is nice and wide, and lace around the neck, front, and edge of sleeves.

It comes in black, white, and light blue, but I would call this more of a green.  I asked my husband, what color it was as he didn’t know what I had ordered, and he said green.  The color is very pretty, and I like it, but wanted to make you aware that the color in my photos, is a true color.

It states on the website that it is made of 100% polyester, but checking the label it is 80% rayon and 20% polyester.  It says to hand wash, and not to tumble dry.  I will do mine on a cold, delicate cycle with my bikinis, and other items that state ‘hand washing’.  They also come out beautiful when I put them in a mesh laundry bag.

I ordered small, and it is loose on me, but that is how it is made, and perfect for a slip over.  It has slits up the sides.  I feel that the bikini cover-up is a great asset to my beach clothes.

I did receive this item at a discounted price, and wanted to share with you another great product, that I have received.

Adorneve Women Lace See-through Lingerie Sexy V-neck Robe Chemise and G-string


RabTig Set of 7 Mesh Laundry bags-1 Extra Large, 2 Large, 3 Medium, 1 Bonus Bra Bag – Delicates Laundry Bag-Best for Soft Toys, Travel Organizers, Blouse, Hosiery, Underwear, Lingerie

I have to say that I am a huge fan of Mesh Laundry Bags.  I already have a couple of sets, but really wanted the RabTig Set of 7 Mesh Laundry bags-1 Extra Large, 2 Large, 3 Medium, 1 Bonus Bra Bag – Delicates Laundry Bag-Best for Soft Toys, Travel Organizers, Blouse, Hosiery, Underwear, Lingerie.

 I have never had a large enough bag, that will allow me to put a dress, or long trousers in it, as well as a bra bag, which is circular.  It lays completely flat when not in use.  The other thing the other bags don’t have, it that some of them are black, for dark colors.  I have always separated my wash before, but may try whites, and colored clothes together.

As you can see from the photos, they are beautifully made, and have nothing that can catch on other clothing.  The zipper pull even tucks into the flap, and I feel that this is a real bonus.

Once you do your laundry in the washing machine, you can transfer the bags, to the dryer.  After you have removed the clothing from the bags, you can either store them flat, or on a hook, as they have a loop for that too.

I don’t send anything to the dry cleaners anymore, and either hand wash, or do a delicate wash in my machine.  I find that these bags really save my delicate clothing, as well as other items.  My bras used to come unhooked in the machine, and then catch up on something else.  I had ‘pulls’ on the other garment, so love that this can never happen again.

What else can I say about them, apart from I love using them.

I did receive them at a discounted price, and chose to write an honest review, after testing them.



Naggoo Clearance Sale Women’s Letter Print Raglan Sleeve Jersey Baseball T-shirt Tops

Once the holidays are over it’s the time to buy for this year.  So I bought the Naggoo clearance sale Women’s Letter Print Raglan Sleeve jersey Baseball T-shirt top.  It has ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ on the front of it.

The main color is a pale gray, and the sleeves and neckline are bright red.  They also have it with green sleeves.

When I read about it, it states that it runs small, as I usually buy small, I went with medium.  The medium fits me perfectly.  It is nice and long, so I don’t have a gap between my trousers, and the top.

The T-shirt is 35% Polyester and 65% Cotton.  It is a very soft material, and is thin, but feels warm on.  It says to wash separately, but I did mine on a delicate cycle, with other coloreds, and on a cold wash.

If you like this shirt, there are only two of the red ones left.  It doesn’t say how many of the green.  Being clearance, when they are gone, they are gone.

I will be adding more photos tomorrow, as I am having a problem with photos loading right now.

I did receive this product at a discount, and in no way did it persuade me to write a positive review of it.


Majestic Pure Raw Mango Butter, Organic Premium Grade for Soft Supple Skin and Healthy Hair

I use Shea butter on my body every day.  I combine it with an essential oil, and love the way my skin looks, and feels.  So when I had the opportunity to try Majestic Pure Raw Mango Butter, Organic Premium Grade for Soft Supple Skin and Healthy Hair, I couldn’t wait.

I have had it for about a week now, and have been using it every morning.

The Mango Butter comes in an 8 ounce jar that it clear, so you can see the product through it.  Thinking of mangos initially I thought it would be a bright color, but this product comes from the seed kernel, which is off white.

After unscrewing the cap, there is a seal that needs to be removed.  The smell is very delicate, and once on your skin, disappears in no time at all.  The Mango Butter is really thick, so when you put your finger in it, you need to rub it across the top, to get the product.  I love that it is 100% pure and organic.20161007_102407

When rubbing it into your skin, it has tiny little beads, that disappear as you work it into your skin.  I put it first on one arm, and not only did it make it shine, but I was really happy with the soft feeling of my skin.  I then continued over the rest of my body.

I workout at the gym each day, and get lots of comments on my amazing skin.  This Mango Butter will continue to keep it looking good.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.

Majestic Pure Eyelash Wonder Serum

Majestic Pure Jasmine Essential Oil, Therapeutic Grade, Pure and Natural

Majestic Pure Roman Chamomile Essential Oil,Therapeutic Grade





Feel really sexy in my new Relleciga Push-up Bikini

Please read all of my review, because I have selected ‘Fit As expected’. This is because I am aware that they run on the small size. I read some of the reviews on Amazon, and although I only weigh 107 lbs., and am a 34C, I opted for large. In American sizing I would be a small, or even extra small. Therefore I suggest you order 2 sizes larger than you really are.

When my Relleciga 1/2 Cup Bandeau with Mild Push-Up Molded Foam Padding Bikini Set arrived, I looked at it, and thought it was totally me. I put it up against my body, and figured that the sizing was right, but just to make sure I put it on. As you can see from the photograph, it fits perfectly. The workmanship is really good, and it feels so soft to the skin. The beads on the neck strap, and on the sides of the bikini bottom, give it an extra special touch.

I have only tried it in the house so far, but am going for a long weekend at the beach, on Saturday. This is when I know people will go crazy about it, and want to know where I got it from. I may be 68, but feel a teenager again, wearing it.

Update December 3rd, 2016.  I have been wearing this bikini each time I come to the beach, and it fits perfectly.  I wash it in a laundry bag, on delicate, and dry it the same way, and it has kept it’s shape perfectly.

I just went back on my Amazon account, to add a link to this older review, and unfortunately it only goes back 6 months.  I did a search for it, and this exact model didn’t come up.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.