Sogrand 8pcs-Pack, Outdoor, Solar Landscape, Pathway Lights, for Lawn, Patio, Yard, Walkway, and Driveway.

I have some really beautiful solar lights for my driveway, they are the Sogrand 8 piece solar outdoor landscape lights.  These are black ones, and have 6 little windows on each side.  They really sparkle inside the bulb.

There are 8 bulbs with solar panels on the top, 8 posts, and stakes.  So simple to set up, as you push the post into the light, and the other end into the stake.  Set them in a sunny spot in the garden, and let them charge up.

I go out just before dusk, and twist off the top, and push the switch to the on position.  Then put it back on.  The lights are a bright white, and underneath them you see I believe 9 squares of light.  Unfortunately they didn’t show up that well in my photos, but looking out at them, the patterns are so pretty.

These are energy saving, as you are using solar power, instead of batteries or electricity.  They stand up to rain, and wind, so are certainly weatherproof.

I was lucky enough to receive these beautiful lights for free, and have fully tested them.

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Sogrand 100 LED 30FT, Solar Rope Lights, Waterproof Outdoor String Lights, Idea for the yard, garden, lawn, patio, deck, fence, and landscaping.

Sogrand 2pcs-Pack 45LED 4 Mode, Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Light, Solar Security Light, Solar Motion Light, for Wall, Patio, Deck, Shed, Fence, Pathway and Driveway.

Sogrand 4pcs-Pack,Solar Lights Outdoor,Copper Finish,Solar Deck Lights

Sogrand 8pcs-Pack, Outdoor Solar Lights with a Glass Lens Copper Finish.

The Sogrand 8pcs-Pack, Outdoor Solar Lights, with a Glass Lens Copper Finish, are the latest lights for my garden.  They are expertly packaged, which is great, being that they are glass.  There are the black stakes, the copper rods, the glass lights, and the copper tops.

Under the copper top, which is also the solar panel, is the on/off switch.  I put them in my front garden, and choose the side that gets the most sunshine.  Then this evening, once it was dark, I went out and checked on them.

They turn a really pretty blue color, and look enchanting.  It was lovely seeing them light up the area, between the lawn, and my flower beds.

They can also be placed next to pathways, around a patio, in your yard, along a walkway, driveway, or anywhere extra lighting is needed.

I love to see them brightly lit up, when I drive home.  It makes me feel very secure.  My neighbors tell me how beautiful they make my garden look.

Being solar they take the sunlight, store it, and then produce the energy for the nighttime.  This saves money on electricity, or batteries, and as they are waterproof you know they won’t burn out.

I received these light for free, and tested them in rainy, and dry weather.  Therefore this is an honest review of how they performed.

Sogrand 2pcs-Pack 45LED 4 Mode, Solar Lights Outdoor, Motion Sensor Light, Solar Security Light, Solar Motion Light, for Wall, Patio, Deck, Shed, Fence, Pathway and Driveway.

Sogrand 200LED 72FT, Solar String Lights,Warm White LED Fairy, Solar Lights Outdoor, String Lights, Solar Garden Lights.

Sogrand 4pcs-Pack,Solar Lights Outdoor,Copper Finish,Solar Deck Lights

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EMDMAK 96W Power Converter 110-240V AC to 12V 8A DC Power Adapter Fit for Appliances Work with Car Cigarette Lighter

I got this item for my husband, as you never know when you are going to need a converter/adapter.  He has box loads of them, and won’t part with anyone of them.  He says that there will always be a time when we need one.  That was the case recently, when a product was sent to me with the wrong, adapter fitting.

This is what Emdmak states about the product: ‘With the Emdmak power adapter, you can bring your car appliances & accessories back home, office and hotel to use conveniently.’

So it basically does the opposite of most power/converters that we use.  The products that we buy to use in our vehicles, can now be used in my timeshares, and anywhere that we have electricity.  This really is a neat idea, and one that I bet many people don’t realize exists.

Now the kids that have there electronics in the car, can use them, pretty much anywhere they want to.

Again from Emdmak: ‘Very convenient and Easy to use, allows you to plug in and get power from anywhere, anytime.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.

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Kitchen Timer EMDMAK Digital Cooking timer with Built-in Magnet Count Down Large LCD Display Loud Alarm

EMDMAK 24 hour digital Timer/Clock works anywhere in the house