Sogrand 8pcs-Pack, Outdoor Solar Lights with a Glass Lens Copper Finish.

The Sogrand 8pcs-Pack, Outdoor Solar Lights, with a Glass Lens Copper Finish, are the latest lights for my garden.  They are expertly packaged, which is great, being that they are glass.  There are the black stakes, the copper rods, the glass lights, and the copper tops.

Under the copper top, which is also the solar panel, is the on/off switch.  I put them in my front garden, and choose the side that gets the most sunshine.  Then this evening, once it was dark, I went out and checked on them.

They turn a really pretty blue color, and look enchanting.  It was lovely seeing them light up the area, between the lawn, and my flower beds.

They can also be placed next to pathways, around a patio, in your yard, along a walkway, driveway, or anywhere extra lighting is needed.

I love to see them brightly lit up, when I drive home.  It makes me feel very secure.  My neighbors tell me how beautiful they make my garden look.

Being solar they take the sunlight, store it, and then produce the energy for the nighttime.  This saves money on electricity, or batteries, and as they are waterproof you know they won’t burn out.

I received these light for free, and tested them in rainy, and dry weather.  Therefore this is an honest review of how they performed.

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Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack

I have a brand new patio outside my sliding doors, and now have so much more room.  We have amazing zero gravity chairs, with attachable side tables, so needed some lighting in the area.  Here is where I put the Sogrand 4 LED Solar Globe Stake Light Set, 2-Pack.

As you can see they are globes, and they measure 5.9 inches, and with the stake the length is 11 inches.

I set them up initially right where the sun shines all day long, and then moved them back  to their home.  Here the sun will shine enough to ensure they come on each night, but I really wanted them to be fully charged the first time.

I went outside 30 minutes after dusk, and they were shining brightly.  When I got close to them, I could see the 4 LED lights.  You can see them in one of my up close photos.

The globes are plastic, but a really thick, strong plastic, to ensure they last a very long time.

Not only do they give me light for my patio, during the evening, but also help with security at night.  The best thing of all is that I am saving energy, by using solar lights, which helps us all, and also my pocket.

I received these lights for free, and wanted to test them immediately, and write a review about them.

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