KATEKATECAT Womens Shirts Short Sleeve T Shirt Round Neck Striped Color Block Casual Blouse Tees

Yesterday I wore the KATKATECAT Women’s Short Sleeve Top, as I was having an eye test, and buying new glasses.  It was really comfortable, as I did a lot of sitting, and waiting.

The top has a round neck, and 3 sections.  The top of mine is black, then white, and black strips at the bottom.  I like the short sleeves, and the slightly curved bottom to the T Shirt.  The material is 95% Cotton, and 5% Spandex, which makes for a very soft garment.

Sizes are from small to X large, and the colors, black, green, navy, and yellow.

This top is really smart, and I wore it again today, when I went for my monthly massage. It can be worn with shorts, Capris, leggings, jeans, or skirt.  Whether you are eating out, shopping, going for a walk, or just hanging out, this very feminine top will work for you.

The quality is excellent, and it can be machine washed on a cold cycle.  I like to hang up my clothes for them to dry.  That way no ironing is needed.

I did receive my top for free, and have fully tested it out, before writing my review of it.




FasiCat Women Sexy Lace Mini Babydoll Lingerie Sleepwear Mesh Chemises Nightwear Outfit

I love pretty, feminine lingerie, and the FasiCat Women Sexy Lace Mini Babydoll Lingerie, is all of that.

It is a one size fits all, and you can see in my photos that it is a generous size, so I am thinking from small to large should be fine.  It is the softest lace/mesh babydoll, and I think the eyelash fringed edges, really make it.

It comes with a tiny thong as well, which you can see in my photos.  I did model it for you, but over my sports bra, and Capris.  The lingerie has the cold shoulder, which is very popular right now.

Not only can you wear this as a sexy nightie, but also as a cover up at the beach.  It will fold up to next to nothing, go in a fanny pack, and then when you want to walk of the beach, just put it on.  It doesn’t crease, and always looks like new.

It feels great on my skin, and is perfect for that special occasion.  So if there is a lady in your life, and you want to give a sexy piece of lingerie, this could be the one


I did receive my sexy lingerie for free, and have given you my honest opinion of it.


Draft OISLE Portable Cordless Battery Bank Portable Charger Type-C Port Mini Power Bank 4500mAh External Battery Pack Ultra-Compact High-Speed LED Indicador light for Andriod of SAMSUNG, HUAWEI-Black

I get away for a long weekend most months, and thought that the OISLE Portable Cordless Battery Bank would be a nice product to take with me.

It comes with a quick start guide, which I was pleased to get, as I am not at all techie.  My phone has a thick case on it, as one slide off my purse one time, and it was a $149 accident.  So I removed the case, and my phone was slim enough to fit on the cordless, battery bank.

For the next part I am using the seller information from the Amazon webpage:

  • ‘★Small, Ultra Thin & Super Light – About half the size of the phone and only 0.28” thick, 2 ounces. You hardly see or feel it when on your phone. Great for travel and when you’re out and about
  • ★Compatibility- IPhone X, 8/8+, X, 7/7+, 6/6+/6s, 5/5s. OISLE specializes in developing useful power banks.
  • ★No Cable Nedded to Charge iPhone- Just plug the power bank into the phone’s charge port. The power bank can be charged with your lightning cable; power bank and phone can be charged simultaneously.
  • ★Smart Charger With LED battery Level Indicator- Press to start normal charge, press and hold for 3 seonds for QUICKER charge. 4 LED lights tell you the available charge, each light means 25%
  • ★Quality & Safety Assurance- CE, FCC & RoHS certified. 100% customer satisfaction is our goal. 40 days money back, One Year Warranty for quality issues.’

I have had much bigger ones in the past, and am amazed as to how light, and compact it is.  You could just slip it into a pocket, or purse, and keep it with you.

I did receive this unique product for free, and have offered you information on it.  Here is the Amazon link to the item:



Sarin Mathews Women’s V Neck Ruched Sleeveless Sexy Blouse Stretch Tank Tops

Tops are so versatile, that I tend to wear them with jeans, leggings, capris, and shorts.  That’s why I love modeling new ones.  The Sarin Mathews V Neck Ruched Sexy Top, is my latest one, and I went for a color I haven’t worn in years: Mint Green.

The fabric is 95% Rayon, and 5% Spandex.  This makes for a really soft, lightweight, comfortable top.  The V/Ruched/Cowl Neck just falls into place.  The one I have is sleeveless, but it is also available with long sleeves.  The sizes are small – 3X large.  There are eleven colors in the sleeveless, and 5 with sleeves.

It comes just over my bottom, and has a pretty rounded shape that covers it.  The material shows off my curves, and makes me feel sexy.  With a good quality pair of gray or black capris, and black high heeled sandals, I am all set to go to a party, dancing, out to eat, etc.  During the day it is a fun top to wear with shorts.

It is washable, and I use a delicate cold cycle, and then allow it to dry naturally.  Give it a little shake, smooth if necessary, and no ironing it needed.

This is another top that I will get a lot of use out of.  I did receive it for free, and have been honest in my review.



Sarin Mathews Women’s Open Cold Shoulder Slim Fit Sexy Stretch Tank Top

Sarin Mathews Women’s Casual Off Shoulder Tops Short and Long Sleeve T Shirts Loose Sexy Tank Tops Blouses

Aimeno Personal Wand Massager – Cordless Electric Massager for Body – Powerful Therapeutic Wand Massager – Rechargeable Waterproof Mini Stress Relief Silicone – Foot Back Neck

Being a gym rat, I have aches and pains in my left shoulder, right knee, and my left hip.  I do use rubs on them, but prefer a massager.  The Aimeno Personal Cordless electric Wand Massager is a product that works for me.

It is 100% Silicon, and 100% Water Resistant .   The color is purple, and it has a gold colored handle.  The on/off switch is just above this, and also the mode button for the 12 different modes.

To turn the product on/off, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.  Then you can press the mode switch to change speed patterns.

In the box are:

1 x AIMASON Massager
1 x USB Charger (Wall Charger is not supplied)
1 x Storage Bag
1 x User Manual

Charge it up before using.  I did mine overnight to make sure.  As you can see in my video, and photos, the red light stays on when in use.  I find the areas that ache/have pain, and position the massager there.  It really does work for me, and right now I have no pain whatsoever.

Just press the on/off switch, and hold so that the massager turns off.  I do pay for massages once a month, but this certainly helps me, in between them.

I did receive this item for free, and can honestly say that it does what is expected of it, and more.




Sarin Mathews Women’s Casual Off Shoulder Tops Short and Long Sleeve T Shirts, Sexy Tank Tops

Last night I went dancing, and wore my new Sarin Mathews Off Shoulder Sexy Top.

When I put it on, with black leggings, I had my husband take some photos, so you can see how pretty it is.  

The material is 95% Rayon, and 5% Spandex, which gives it a nice stretch.  It is the softest material you can imagine.  It automatically sits on the shoulder on one side, and then drops down on the other arm.  I have a strapless bra, so it worked out perfect.

The top is available from small to XXX large.  There are so many colors to choose from, and it is also available in the off shoulder, with long sleeves.  You can check these out from the link below.

I drove to the dance, it stayed totally in place, and when I was dancing it looked amazing.  I even did the jive with my husband, and was spinning like crazy, and it didn’t move.

I had many ladies telling me how beautiful it was, and how they loved the purple color on me.  This really feels like a dream top to me.

The sizing is perfect, and it can be either machine washed on a cold, delicate cycle, or hand washed.  It really doesn’t need ironing.

I did receive my sexy top for free, and I am over the moon with it.


Sarin Mathews Women’s Open Cold Shoulder Slim Fit Sexy Stretch Tank Top

Sarin Mathews Women’s V Neck Ruched Sleeveless Sexy Blouse Stretch Tank Tops

EthanHenry Womens No Show Socks, Non Slip Boat Flat Line athletic Cotton Casual socks

I wear socks every day, in my sneakers, as they are great when working out at the gym.  I can never have too many, and recently got the EthanHenry Womans No Show Socks.  

They come in either a pack of 3 or 8.  I have the 8, and the colors are white, black, beige, and gray.  The material is 70.5% Cotton, 25.7% Nylon, and 3.8% Spandex.  This gives them a really nice stretch to fit

sizes 6 – 10.

They feel very comfortable on, and having the silicone grips where the heels are, prevents them from coming down.  I have previous had socks that slide down into my sneakers.

My feet do not smell when wearing them, as they are ‘Cotton ANTI-ODOR socks factory with 3 years history. 1 Year quality guarantee’   They don’t pull on my feet, which could cramp my toes.  The quality is excellent, and I certainly give them a thumbs up.

I did receive these free of charge, and have worn several pairs of them, before writing my review.


I could go to a Royal function in the ZJCT Womens V Neck High Low Dress Sleeveless Cocktail Party Dress

I really think that I could be the Belle of the Ball in the ZJCT Women’s High Low Cocktail Dress.  It is beautiful, well designed, and fits me to perfection.

The material is 65% Rayon, 30% nylon, and 10% spandex.  It is a slightly thicker dress than several I have, and that is a good thing, because it evokes quality.

The V neck is very flattering, and shows off the top of my boobs.  Not too much, but just enough to give a glimpse.  It is sleeveless, and has a tight fitting bodice.  It then flows from the waist down.  The dress has a zipper under the arm, which allows you to get in, and out of it without help.

The front is around the knee, on me just slightly below it, at the front.  Then at the back it goes low, and really shows off my



legs.  It’s like having a picture frame around them.

The dress comes in off white, burgundy, and black.  The sizes are from small to X Large.

My dress was folded, when delivered, and had some tiny creases in it.  I used my handheld garment steamer, and removed them in minutes.

The washing instructions are on the coolest, delicate cycle, and hang to dry.  It can be ironed if necessary, but I have my own little hand tool, which is so much easier.

I received my posh dress for free, and can’t wait for that special occasion, to wear it.  Although it can be worn for dating, cocktails, etc.



Bluetooth Body Fat Scale,VICOODA Bathroom Scale with IOS and Android App Smart Wireless Digital Scale for Body Weight, Body Fat, Body Water, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, BMI, BMR and Visceral Fat.

I have had my bathroom weighing scales for around 8 years now, and they are still working fine, but I couldn’t link my numbers to the phone for a record of them.

The VICOODIA Bluetooth Body Fat Scale has all the extras I was looking for.  

I read the Instruction Manual first, which comes in several languages.  I then put the batteries, that come with the smart scales, into the back of the product.  I placed it on the flat surface of my bathroom floor.

I then got my android phone, and you can do it with OIS phones too, and went to the ‘Play Store’.  I downloaded the iWellness 3.0. app, and then paired it to my phone.  It took a couple of minutes.

When I opened the app, it gave me prompts to add my information, and my target weight.  I then got on the weighing scales with bare feet.  The scales showed ___ 3 times, and then I clicked Yes on my phone, and all the information went into my smartphone.

I have taken a photo from my husband’s phone, so you can see the layout on mine.  The next day, just stand on the scales, and the lines will come up again, and press yes, and you have the details.  You can then go back, and check your progress.

One thing I have to tell you is that these will be my scales.  In the Safety Precautions it states:  Not recommended for any person using a pacemaker or other internal device.  My husband has a pacemaker/defibrillator, so will keep the other scales for him.

I love the thin, white, elegant scales, with silver rounded lines on it.  This makes a nice change from my black ones.

I have tested it for several days now, and am extremely pleased with it’s performance, and the accuracy of them.  The weight is identical with both sets of scales.

I did receive mine for free, and feel that I can give an honest review, after testing them.



FasiCat Women Sexy Lace Mesh Lingerie Sleepwear Chemises Long Gown Nightdress

I ordered the FasiCat Women Sexy Lace Mesh Lingerie awhile ago, and it never arrived.  Amazon sorted it out for me, and I am pleased to say that I now have it.

It is a very sexy nightdress/lingerie, or cover up for the beach.  It comes with the thong for bedroom wear.

I go to the beach most months, and love sexy cover ups, so am planning on taking this with me on my next trip.  I know that it will turn eyes, and I will get lots of compliments on it.

The material is 35% Polyester, and 65% Cotton.  It comes in one size, and the choice of colors are, black, green, pink, red, and rose red.  I figured black would work with all my bikinis.

It is suggested that it be hand washed, and hung dry.  With this being a floral lace pattern, I agree with this, as it looks delicate.

It has a V neck, and ties at the sides.

So whether you want to wear it as a sexy nightie, or show off your body at the beach, this fits the bill perfectly.

I did receive mine for free, and love the feel of the lace on my body.  This is a great Valentine’s gift, in the red, as well as other occasions.


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