Kinzd Mens Slim Grain Leather Credit Card Holder RFID Carbon Blocking Wallet

I don’t normally use handbags/large purses anymore, as I go to the gym, and wear a fanny pack.  That’s when the Kinzd Mens Slim Grain Leather Credit Card Holder RFID Carbon Blocking Wallet, is perfect for me.

It might say ‘Mens’, but most of the ladies at the gym, use these slim line credit card holders too.  Not only can you put your driver’s license in them, but also credit cards, a debit card, and cash.  The center of the wallet opens, when you press the sides, and you can put your dollar bills in there.  I always carry a couple in case I forget my water bottle, and need to buy one.

The slim credit card holder/wallet is only 4.2 ” x 2.8″ x 0.3″ (10.7cm x 7.20cm x 0.8cm).  It is a dark grain leather, that looks really smart.  Mine has 4 pocket, 2 each side for credit cards, and then a wider one at the top of each side.  Then, of course the one I mentioned in the middle.

These RFID carbon blocking wallets protect your information from Electronic Pick pocketing; Blocking all RFID scanners and readers.  This certainly makes you feel more comfortable, in these times, when you never know who is around you.

I did receive this wallet for free, and feel that everyone should be aware, that these are available for their safety.

Kinzd Minimalist Wallet Unique Thin Men’s Front Pocket Wallet Small Credit Card Holder

kinzd Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Wallet Minimalist Secure Thin Credit Card Holder

kinzd Money Clip, Front Pocket Wallet, Leather RFID Blocking with a Strong Magnet.

Meaneor Women Ladies V-Neck Lace Sexy Cocktail Floral Midi Bodycon Dress

I feel like a million dollars in the Meaneor Women Ladies V-Neck Lace Cocktail Floral Midi Bodycon Dress.  It is very sexy as it clings to the body.  The lace is so soft, and lightweight.  It is open lace on the sleeves, and the back of the dress, and the rest has a lining.

I would suggest that if you were wearing this cute dress outside, you may need a mini half slip/petticoat underneath it, as the lining isn’t thick.  However, I feel quite happy wearing it dancing, in the dimmer lights.

It states on the Amazon website to hand wash it, but I find as long as I use Mesh Laundry Bags, and put it on a delicate cycle, I can machine wash all of my dresses.

You can see the material in my video, and I know that you will love it.  The Meaneor range of clothing are very reasonable, and this one is $20.99 if you are a Prime member

I did received this dress at a discounted price, and just had to show off my sexy figure, and dress.  This is an honest review, because that is the only way I know to write them.

Meaneor Women’s Sexy Short Sleeve Cold Off Shoulder Lace Trim Strap A-line Mini Dress

Meaneor Women Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Splicing Chiffon Handkerchief Tunic Dress

5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth,Machine Washable Towel

I may be a gym rat, but am a girly girl too.  I love really feminine things, so was happy to receive the 5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth, Machine Washable Towels.  Yes, there are 2 of them. The colors are pink, and purple.

They are oblong, with rounded edges, and are so soft.  The towels, themselves, are the softest I have ever used.  The size of them are 16 inches x 8 inches, which is plenty big enough to clean your face.

From the website: ‘Just add water to your face cloth or use with your favorite cleanser. The plush microfibers gently lift away dirt, oil, makeup, and even waterproof mascara to leave skin clear, soft and smooth.  For use on all skin types’. 

I added water to one third of the towel, and wiped away my eyeshadow, and mascara.  It came off completely.  I then rinsed the towel, and it was clean.  It can be hung up by the washing instruction label, to dry.  It is chemical free, and can be used 1,o0o times.  You can use either side of it, as one side has a higher pile on it.

With Easter coming up, you could wrap some eggs in these, or chocolates, and give them to the ladies in your life. Also a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

I did receive this at a discounted price, and wanted to share the outcome with you.  A very unique gift, which I believe anyone would be happy to receive.



ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bags MMA

This is my new favorite product.  The ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bags MMA.

First off, it is not boring black, like most balls, and it’s not the shape of a ball.  I think it makes it kind of special, and a talking point.

I took it down to my trainer, he set it up in his training facility, and then both of us worked with it.  He told me it was a great product, and I actually prefer it to the one I use, in the gym.  It is a little heavier, so doesn’t come back quite as quick, and hit me.

I have it set up in my condo, where we found a wooden area, and screwed in a big ring.  Then attached the top of the loop to it.  On the floor we put several metal weights, and then got webbing with a metal locking clip, and secured it to the floor.

I have it in a really large closet with the double doors open, so you can find a space anywhere, to have it in.  I jab, jab, punch, and it comes back to me.  It is a great workout, and I don’t have to have my husband holding pads, or be at the gym all the time.

I will still do my boxing twice a week in the sweat room, but can do the odd 15 minutes at home, whenever I want to.  It is set up, and all I have to do is box.

If you have Amazon Prime, it is HALF PRICE, at just $9.99.  It is made of PU leather, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in working out.  Ladies, this is perfect for you, and so much fun.  The ELEGIANT Double End Boxing Speed Ball Sporting Focus Training Kick Punching Bag is the only workout that makes me sweat.

I received this product at a discounted price, and my review on this product is totally my own.

This is my video of it.