KUBEER Yoga Pants Yoga Capris Leggings Workout Running Sports Tummy Control Shapewear Black

I am wearing my KUBEER Yoga Pants/Leggings right now.  I wore them to my hour Zumba class today, and I did stretching beforehand.  Shortly I will be going for my boxing session, with my trainer Ryan at Load More Plate, and I know that they will be really comfortable.

They are fairly thick, which I love, but have a nice lot of stretch in them.  They are really well made, and not at all tight at the waist.  I hate it when you get ones that cut in.

A little from the Amazon webpage:

Stand, sit, twist and stretch, 360°are free for your any positions and they won’t ride up, fall down, or dig in. Kubeer is a lifestyle brand that combines style, comfort, fit, and performance. From yoga, to shapewear or barre or spin class, Kubeer yoga pants are perfect for everything even a must have for your wardrobe.’

I didn’t sweat at all in them, and there was no chaffing, so I am extremely pleased with them.  They come in 6 sizes from x small to xx large.

I think the price of only $12.99 is exceptional, and although I got mine for free, I would happily pay full price for them.


Check out this video of my trainer and myself.  He had a new toy, and I got to do my boxing on it.  Yes, I am crazy.

DonKap Women’s Yoga Pants Flexible Stretch Ankle Legging Fitted Active Sports Pants XS-XL

I go to the gym every day so need a whole bunch of sports shorts, capris, and leggings. That is why I couldn’t wait to wear the DonKap Women’s Yoga Pants Flexible Stretch Ankle Leggings.

Even though I do boxing/kick boxing, weight lifting, Zumba, and circuit training, I have slim long legs, and love to show them off.  These leggings are nice and long.  I am 5 ft. 6 inches, and they came right down to my ankles, with a inch or more to spare. 

The material is: ‘88% Polyester, 12% Spandex. Stretchy, breathable, quick-dry, sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric’.  You can either choose the black with a gray waistband, and stripes at the side, or the opposite way around.

They have small pockets on both sides, and you can see them in my video.  You can also see how well they stretch, as I am doing squats on the upside down Bosu ball.  I don’t use any hands, just balance.  I took the video myself while going up and down, on a moving half ball, so that is why it isn’t the best it could have been.

I really tested these DonKap Leggings well, and can say that they stand up to the most strenuous workout.

I did receive them at a discounted price, and wanted to video them for you.


Pannel Yoga Pants with Pockets, Utopian Bliss Women‘s Power Flex Yoga Pants High Waist Tummy Control Workout Yoga Capris Pants Leggings with out pocket

Being a gym rat, I love having great workout clothes, that I look and feel good in.  I am happy to say that the Pannel Yoga Pants with Pockets, are on my favorite list.

First off they are so comfortable.  Probably the most comfortable pair of Capris I have.  The fabric is 87% nylon, and 13% spandex, which makes them fit like a glove, but have so much stretch in them.  They have a deep pocket on the front left leg, and also a secret one in the waistband.

I have worn them while boxing/kick boxing, lifting weights on an upside down Bosu ball, several high intensity Zumba classes, and circuit training.  The stay in place, and stretch in any direction I go.  They are excellent quality, and the finish is perfect.

From the Amazon website:

  • Yoga capri legging also feature all over interlock seams to reduce irritation and eliminate chafing, allows for maximum comfort and wearability.
  • Soft, breathable four-way stretch fabric, moisture absorbing, quick drying and non see through.

You can see in

the video, also photos how well made they are, and the small fits like a size 4, so true to size.

I did receive mine for free, and after thoroughly testing them in the gym, I can honestly say that these are the nicest Capris I have.




Cnfio Women’s Sexy Fit Slim Casual Stretchy Long Sleeve Dress Tunic Top

I had the pleasure of wearing the Cnfio Women’s Sexy Fit Slim Long Sleeve Dress Tunic Top last night.

We were going dancing, and so I put it on, and as I like to do swing, and twisting, figured I needed to wear leggings with it.  I have some really tight black ones, and the outfit was outstanding.  I had so many compliments.

The dress is made of polyester and cotton.  The color I chose was the Wine Red, but it also comes in black, and off white.

I love the long sleeves with the rousing on them, and also at the bottom of the dress/top.  It makes for a really feminine outfit.  At the front and back it comes around 5 inches above my knees, and at the sides 7-8.

The fabric isn’t thick, which made it perfect for dancing.  It is very figure flattering, and the small fitted me perfectly.

My husband said that I looked really sexy it in, and it is a totally different design to any tops/dresses that I have in my wardrobe.

I am on vacation at the beach right now, and brought it with me.  If we

go our for dinner, it will be very comfortable, and I know that I will look good.

The dress should either be hand washed, or on a delicate cycle.  I always dry my dresses on a hanger.

I did receive this item for free, and as you can see, really tested it.



Ekouaer Women’s Yoga Cami Tank Top Running Workout Top w/ Hook Spaghetti Strap

I love clothes, and changing them up.  That is perfect for tops, skirts, trousers, and capris.  You can get several different styles using one top.  That was what I wanted when I received Ekouaer Women’s Yoga Cami Tank Top.

It is perfect for working out, but also great for shopping, going to the park, hanging out with friends, and so much more.  The material is 90% Chilon, and 10% Spandex.  It feels so silky and soft.  The top has a good stretch it in, and when stretched you cannot see though it.  I have the blue, which is so pretty.  It also comes in black.  It does say that it can be a racerback, and has a hook, but I didn’t find one, or figure out how that works.  Most of my gym tops are racerbacks, and I tend to wear them when I am boxing.

The sizing chart on the website is a little out.  I am a U.S. size 2 -4, and go for a small.  However the small on the chart was 0-2 – 30.33 inch bust, medium 4 – 32.33 inch bust, and large 6 – 34.2 bust.  As I am a 34.5 bust I went for the large, and although it looks great, I think a medium would have fitted me perfectly.  So go with your gut feeling and if you are a 4, then order the medium.  Luckily it isn’t a problem, because sometimes working out, it is nice to have something that is a little looser.

I have worn it with shorts, leggings, and capris, and really love it.  The color for me makes it.  I don’t often wear blue, but this is such a great color on me.

I did receive this top for free, and have been wearing it all the time.  That is why I couldn’t wait to write a favorable review about it.



Ekouaer Women’s Solid Stretch Board Shorts Sport Swimwear Beach Shorts

HOTOUCH Women’s Compression Flexible Leggings Fitted Sports Yoga Pants XS-XL

I live in fitness wear, apart from the evenings I do dancing, so am always happy to receive items.  The HOTOUCH Women’s Compression Flexible Leggings Fitted Sports Yoga Pants XS-XL has to be one of the nicest I have worn. 

I gave them a thorough workout at the gym, as you can see in my video, and photos.  I took about 50 photos in all different positions, but only put a few into the review.

I have the gray with the black trims, and they are also available in black with the gray trims.  They are made of 88% Polyester, and 12% Spandex.

I found them easy enough to get on, and they fitted fairly tightly.  After doing my stretching, I didn’t even know that I was wearing them, as they were so comfortable.  You can see in my photos that I did quite a bit of stretching, squats, lunges, etc.  Then I went over to the suspension straps, and set up my camera to take the video.  I think you can see every aspect of the leggings in that.

I love how they fit, and a small is perfect for me.  I weigh 110 lbs., 5.5″, and am a size 2-4.

They are washable, on a cool, delicate cycle.  It is suggested that you hang them to dry, but I always put mine in a mesh laundry bag, again on delicate.

I did receive these at a discounted price, and really love them.  I am sure you realized by the fun I had at they gym.


Sherosa Women’s Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve T-shirt Dress Basic Shift Dress

I have totally changed from a shorts/trousers girl, to wearing dresses.  Maybe it’s because they fit me so well, and I feel really good in them.  I received the Sherosa Women’s Cold Shoulder Long Sleeve T-shirt Dress Basic Shift Dress, and figured that I could wear it for all occasions.

As you can see in my photos, I wore it the other evening, with a narrow black belt.  It also l00ks great being loose.  It comes just above the knee.  Then I tried it with leggings, for cooler weather, and that looks really good too.

The material is Polyester and Cotton, so it has a little stretch in it.  The material is fairly thin, but I stayed warm in it.  I like the cutout sleeves, which makes me feel that it isn’t a plain, ordinary dress.

It comes in black, dark green, lake blue, navy blue, and wine red.  It is machine or hand washable.

Here is my YouTube video, showing you the quality, fabric, and style of the dress.

I did receive this dress at a discounted price, and wanted to show it off to you.  These are my own words, and video of it.




Manzi Women’s 20 Den Ankle High Sheer Toe Sock(6 pairs black,6 pairs nude)

I wear the knee highs that have been around forever.  However, they tend to get tight just below the knee, and can be uncomfortable.  So when I saw the Manzi Women’s 20 Den Ankle High Sheer Toe Sock (6 pairs black,6 pairs nude) it was exactly what I wanted.

The material is 80%Nylon/ 20% Elastane, but they look, and feel like silk.  I have never had knee highs that feel this good.  I wear a lot of black, so getting 6 pairs of black is perfect for me.  Then the nude ones go with my colored trousers, and leggings.

I am pleased to say that the tops are not too tight, and that they have plenty of stretch in them. You really don’t feel that you are wearing any.

It is recommended that they should be hand washed, but as I have Mesh Laundry bags, mine come out perfect in a delicate wash.

I did receive mine at a discounted price, but they are inexpensive, as they work out at less than $1 a pair.




YAHA Women’s 7/8 Medium Waist Tights Yoga Pants Workout Leggings

My 2 favorite places are the beach, and gym, so because of that, I want to be comfortable.  I can honestly say that the YAHA Women’s 7/8 Medium Waist Tights Yoga Pants Workout Leggings, are a perfect fit.  They feel like a second skin on me.

I have taken photos with my workout bra, and leggings on, so that you can see how well they fit, from different angles.  The wide waistband is stretchy, and also has elastic, so there is no cutting into you, when doing squats, or touching your toes.

The material, 87% nylon, and 13% spandex, is thicker than some of my other leggings, but are not hot, when on.  They cling to your body, which is extremely flattering.  The seven diagonal lines on the knees, makes them look dynamic.

The leggings are ‘non see-through, moisture-wicking, breathable, and hygienic’.  I have already worn them when doing my boxing for an hour, with my trainer, an hour Zumba class, and working out at home.

I wanted to see how they wash, and the photos are after they had dried.  I could have put them in my washing machine, on a delicate cycle, but did them by hand, and hung them up to dry.

I think I have covered everything about them here, in my review, and also in my YouTube video.

I did receive these leggings at a discounted price, and wanted to share my views with you.  Hope you like them as much as I do.




HOTOUCH Women O-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Twist Knot Front Ruched Solid Tunic Top

I so love the Hotouch brand of women’s clothing, and was delighted when I got the  HOTOUCH Women O-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Twist Knot Front Ruched Solid Tunic Top.  The color I chose was purple.  It also comes in blue, and black.

This is called a tunic top, but I wore it as a dress.  The sizes are medium through XX-large.  I tried it on immediately, and knew that it was my kind of dress.  It comes just above my knee.  The top shows a tiny bit of cleavage on me, but very minimal.  The ruched top, which is interwoven, really makes this dress.

The material is 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex , which gives some stretch to it.  There are no zippers or buttons, and this dress/top goes over the head.  It is nice and wide, so easy to put on.  It has pockets on both sides, which is useful.

My pictures are the night of the dance.  Initially I put a petticoat/slip under in, but it made it flounce out a bit,so I took it off.  I asked my husband if he could see through the material, and he said ‘No’.

I got lots of compliments on the dress, and was happy to tell my friends to check my blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ pages in a few days.

I can see myself also wearing it with my skinny jeans, and I also have at least a dozen different figure flattering leggings, in black, dark gray, and light gray.  They will look so good together.

I haven’t washed it yet, but it is machine washable on a cool temperature.  I will use a delicate setting.

I did receive this dress for free, and wrote my personal review of it.  I wasn’t asked to write a positive one, but if you love it as much I do, then of course I will.


HOTOUCH Womens Lightweight Hooded Raincoat Active Outdoor Waterproof Jacket

HOTOUCH Women’s 1950s Vintage Cap Sleeve A-line Swing Party Dress

Lady in red, yes that’s me, and I love the HOTOUCH Women’s Slim Mesh Patchwork Sleeveless Cocktail Short Flare Dress