A great Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag, Rainbrace Multifunction Portable Cosmetic Organizer Rugged & Water Resistant with Mesh Pockets & Sturdy Hook, Cosmetic and Makeup Travel Organizer for Women/Men

My husband and I go away for a long weekend most months, so am always packing, and unpacking.  I tend to use a plastic Ziploc bag for some of my toiletries, as I can’t get them all in my organizer.  Therefore I was so happy to receive the Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag, from Rainbrace.

As you can see in my photos, it is flat, and small, when not in use.  Then it opens up into the big organizer with 4 zippered compartments in the front, and a slot in back.

At the top it has a hook, so that it can be hung up on a door, shower, towel rail, or anywhere you want to put it.  Then it has the different waterproof compartments for toiletries, makeup, cotton balls/band aids, etc., and the list goes on.  The next to bottom one is really deep, and wide so that you can put deodorants, sprays, and any bigger items in it.

I put around 30 items in the organizer, and there is still so much room.  This could be used for a couple if necessary.

I ordered the pink for me, but my husband likes it so much, he is getting it.  I would have got the green for him, as it is a dark color, and more manly.  So whether you want this for a man or women, it will work great.

This is going to be used often, and a great asset to my traveling experience


I did receive this for free, and wanted to share my findings with you.



Emaxdesign Silicone Makeup Sponges, Professional Silisponge Cosmetic Beauty Tools Applicator Blender for Contouring Cream & Liquids (3 PCS, Transparent)

I only do face makeup when I am going somewhere special, but recently blacked out, so needed to use concealer to cover up my black eye.  That’s why I wanted the Emaxdesign Silicone Makeup Sponge, Applicator Blender for Contouring Cream & Liquids.

I was finding with the sponges, I was wasting too much product, so figured that these could work for me.  You get 3 transparent silicone non-sponge powder puffs.  They are see-through, which means that you can actually see where you are applying, and how much concealer/foundation/rouge, you are using.

You have the 3 different shapes, for the areas of your face, that you can outline if you wish.

I squeezed a small amount of concealer onto the pear shape one, spread it thinly, and then applied it to the underneath of my eye.  This area was black, mauve, and purple.  As you can see in my photos, after using the concealer on the new clear sponge, I was able to get right into the corner of my eye area.  It really looked so much better, and I felt comfortable, going out in public.

They are easy to wash off, with a little soap, and water.  I love that there are three of them, oval, circular, and the pear shaped one.  They are well made, and I can see that they will stand up over a long period of time.

I did receive these for free, and was pleased that they saved me money, by using less concealer.


5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth,Machine Washable Towel

I may be a gym rat, but am a girly girl too.  I love really feminine things, so was happy to receive the 5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth, Machine Washable Towels.  Yes, there are 2 of them. The colors are pink, and purple.

They are oblong, with rounded edges, and are so soft.  The towels, themselves, are the softest I have ever used.  The size of them are 16 inches x 8 inches, which is plenty big enough to clean your face.

From the website: ‘Just add water to your face cloth or use with your favorite cleanser. The plush microfibers gently lift away dirt, oil, makeup, and even waterproof mascara to leave skin clear, soft and smooth.  For use on all skin types’. 

I added water to one third of the towel, and wiped away my eyeshadow, and mascara.  It came off completely.  I then rinsed the towel, and it was clean.  It can be hung up by the washing instruction label, to dry.  It is chemical free, and can be used 1,o0o times.  You can use either side of it, as one side has a higher pile on it.

With Easter coming up, you could wrap some eggs in these, or chocolates, and give them to the ladies in your life. Also a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

I did receive this at a discounted price, and wanted to share the outcome with you.  A very unique gift, which I believe anyone would be happy to receive.




AnnaLisa Aloe Vera Cotton Rounds (Dry Pads) 120 Count

20170302_13395720170302_133940I love all the AnnaLisa Cotton Rounds, and was so pleased to get the Aloe Vera ones too.  As I stated in my other reviews, the quality is exceptional, and there is no way that these won’t work for you.

They are 100% combed cotton pads, that are lint free, so there is no fleecing.  They are all natural, chemical free, and biodegradable.  They have the ridge side for taking off makeup or nail polish, and the smooth side for using will moisturizers, etc.  They are soft, and really big.  Having Aloe Vera is also good for your skin.

I really like all the product line that AnnaLisa have, and will continue using this brand from now on.  You can see the other products, as I have added the links below.

I received these at a discounted price, and wrote a review, because I wanted to share my experience with you.


AnnaLisa Argan Oil Cotton Pads (120 Count)

AnnaLisa Premium Cotton Pads, 240 Count (3 pack of 80)

50% off Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag has all the compartments you could possibly wish for. See post.

I go to our timeshare at the beach, usually once a month, so am always packing.  I have had a cosmetic bag for probably 15 years.  It is a big black one, and very roomy.  However, it is a bag, with no compartments.

When I first checked out the Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag for Women Portable Leather Toiletry Bag Hanging MakeUp Organizer Double Layer Multiple Compartments Waterproof bag, my eyes couldn’t believe what I saw.  I am not sure if my photos do it justice.

It has a zipper on the top.  Once undone, there is a big area for toiletries.  On one of the inner sides, in a zippered compartment.  On the other side two open slots.  There is a zipper about three quarters of an inch from the bottom.  It opens up the bottom.  Here you have a clear plastic zipper compartment in the middle.  Another one that has 5 slots, and underneath these one that has 10 slim slots, and another one that goes across.

I only partly filled it to show you what you can put in it.  When I go away later this month, I will be able to take a lot more items, and know that they will stay in place.

The bag itself is very well made.  I love black, and it’s my favorite color, so it is classy to me.  I can’t say how long it will last, but feel that I will be using it for the next few years.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

I have been allowed to offer this deal to all my followers here: 50% OFF discount code:BP3HYVCN product link:


New York Laboratories Eyelash Growth Serum 3.5ml

I really only wear eye makeup, and the reason being, that my eyes are so small, I have to do something to improve the look.

That is why I love using eyelash serum. The New York Laboratories Eyelash Growth Serum comes in a 3.5 ml slim bottle.  It has the brush in the lid, and it is ultra thin.  You use it for the top lashes, and put the serum close to the lashes on the upper lid.  I do mine twice a day, but it states on the box to only use once a day. 

In their studies it states: CLINICAL TRIALS SHOWED that after use of Eyelash Enhancing Serum, users found that applying the solution daily, gave up to 25% increase in the thickness and length of eyelashes after two weeks, and up to 75% increase after six weeks of regular use.

I have only just started this serum, so I will be interested to see if this is correct.  My lashes have improved since using serums, but I would say, only marginally.  If this works as per the study, I will be very happy to come back, and add more to it.

I will always use an


Eyelash Growth Serum, because what I have gained, I don’t want to loose.

Update: 14th December, 2016.

It is 2 months since I first started using New York Laboratories Eyelash Growth Serum.  My upper lashes look darker to me, but I can’t see a big difference in my lashes.  However, I have just received another bottle of this serum, at a discounted price, so I will be able to continue using it for a long time.  I reckon the two bottles could last me a year.

I received this product at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review.


Exfoilate your face without having to use a mask, or mud pack, with the Kingdom Electric Facial Cleansing Brush

I cleanse my face twice a day, but never sure how well I have done it. I always use a quality cleanser, water, and a cotton ball. So when I had the chance to get a Kingdom Electric Facial Cleansing Brush with, 3 Speed Settings, which is Cordless, and has a USB Charging system, I was happy. It is a

waterproof design, and it comes in baby pink.

First off, it is a quality product, and feels very comfortable in your hand. You need to plug in the USB for up to 16 hours for a charge. I think mine was around 12 hours, and it worked great.

I wet my face, and the brush. I then applied some of my cleanser to the brush, and pressed the clean button. It goes onto the lowest power, you can press it again for the next one, and once more to get the highest speed. Upon pressing it again, it switches off.

I tried the first level of cleansing, and slowly worked the whole of my face, using the directions in the booklet that is provided. It felt really good, as the brush is so soft. It says to use for 1 minute, and so I switched it off, rinsed my face, and patted it dry. I also ran water through the Facial Brush, and let it air dry.

Taken from this page: “360-degree rotary soft brush head that easily removes make-up, dirt, oil and dead skin. Your skin’s natural radiance will shine through as the brush exfoliates and clears clogged pores which help your skin absorb nutrition effectively from your skin care products like essences and creams”.

I am using it every other day right now, on the lowest speed, and my skin feels really soft. I do use a serum, and an anti-wrinkle cream both morning, and night on my face. I feel that this is working for me, and may go to either the next speed, or daily after a couple of weeks use.

It comes with a second facial brush, so I think it is wonderful value. It also has a black drawstring bag to keep it in, rather than the box.

I received this item at a discounted price, for an honest, and unbiased review..


Updated March 6th 2018.

There were no photos in this review so wanted to add some.  Also after all this time, I wanted to let you know it is still working great.