ANGVNS Womens Long Sleeve V-Neck Casual Straight Shift True Wrap Formal Dress

When I go out in the evenings I like to look like a million dollars.  I used to say ‘Movie Star’ but not anymore, after some of the sites we see.  So  when I had a chance to get the ANGVNS Womens Long Sleeve V-Neck Casual Straight Shift True Wrap Formal Dress, I ordered it immediately.

When it arrived, I tried it on, and the small fits me perfectly.  I loved it so much that I wore it to a dance that night.  The photos are of me trying it on, and modeling it for my husband.

It is made of lycra, cotton and polyamide.  It is fairly thick, and having sleeves, makes it a dress that can be formal, as well as for cooler weather.

I put it on, and looped the tie through the hole, and then brought it to the back.  I did the old fashioned double loop bow, so it sat nicely, at my waist.  The length was at the top of my knee.  The V neck opened a little too much for me as I would be dancing, so I got a tiny safety pin, and secured it inside.  That gave me cleavage, but not too much.

The dress is washable, or you can have it dry cleaned.

Now I have 2 ‘little black dresses’, that will see me through any occasion.

I received this dress at a discounted price, so that I could ‘model’ it, which I so love doing.  I am writing a review, because that’s what I do.  These are my own words.


Softer hands with LISEN Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves

I do quite a bit of gardening, and don’t always wear gloves, and the same with cleaning the house.  So my hands often feel a little rough.  Therefore I figured I would try the Lisen Breathable Ultra Moisturizing Hand Gloves.

They are a pretty pink color.  The size is an average for a woman’s hand.  They are fairly heavy, but that is due to the silicone gel, that they are lined with.  They went on okay, and I had to push the fingers into the last bit.

My hands felt warm, and moist.  I had planned on leaving them on for the 30 – 45 minutes, which is suggested on the box, but my hands were too hot.  After around 20 minutes I was done.  My hands do feel softer, even after this short period of time.  The fragrance of them is rose, which is a nice delicate smell.

It states on the box that the ‘Revolutionary gloves infused with gentle, moisturizing gel help soften and condition dry skin’.  I agree with this statement.

They can be hand washed in cool water, and dry in the shade.

If your hands are very dry, or cracked, then use a moisturizer on them first, and go to bed with the gloves on20160902_151509.  I think that would work in the winter up north, or in England, but not here in Florida.

On the box it also suggests that after use, always replace the gloves in the zip lock storage bag, that they came in.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.


My husband looks like a movie star in the LUENX Aviator Polarized Sunglasses for Men & Women

My husband looks so sexy in the Luenx Aviator polarized sunglasses.  He tends to wear the same Wayfarer style black sunglasses, so when I had a chance to get these Aviator ones, I wanted him to have the silver ones, with the thin black frame.

What a change.  I really love the look, and quality of them.  They are UV 400, metal frames, and plastic lenses.  From the Amazon page: ‘100% UVA/UVB Protection
100% Polarized lens that filter, balance and enhance the colors that our eyes naturally perceives and promise you a better clarity of [Natural Vision].
High Quality Metal of Light Weight, Superior comfort wearing experience.’

They come in a nice presentation box, a hard shell case, cleaning cloth, and a velvet type drawstring pouch.

I wear $400 glasses all the time, so he is losing all the extras that came with the sunglasses.

At age 83 he needs to protect his eyes, and I feel that the Luenx Aviator polarized sunglasses are doing that,20160828_123034 for him.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.