Sogrand 4pcs-Pack,Solar Post Lights, Fits 5 Post Sizes with Adaptors Gold Finish Vinyl Bright Sturdy and Big,Solar Lights Outdoor, Post Light, Solar Lamp Post (Pack of 4)

Recently I wrote a review of the Sogrand 2 piece solar Post Lights, and as I have now received a 4 piece box, I figured that I would do an introduction, and then add that review to this one.

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My 2 piece set are a copper color, whereas theses are a golden finish.

‘Not all posts are the same size,  so they come with 5 adaptors, from 3.5 inches, through to 5.5 inches.  There are also batteries supplied, to be inserted into the compartments.

I put mine outside early in the morning, as the sun is up before I awake, and doesn’t go down to almost 8.30 p.m.  I then switched the on/off button to the on position.  I had them on my wall at the back, and looked out to see this warm yellow light.  It looked so pretty.  It was still on when I went to bed at 11 p.m.

I have had them working for several days now, and love the ‘little house’ type light.  The diamond shape on the outside, makes me think of the Dicken’s era. Having been born close to Rochester, England, where the bard was born, makes me think of home.

Of course you will be saving energy as they are solar lights.  There are batteries in them for backup, so you might have to replace them from time to time.’

I have been using the gold ones for a week now, and they are still working fine, even though we have had 2 days of rain, and no sunshine.

I did receive these for free, and have been honest in my opinion of them.

I couldn’t find the Amazon link for the 4 pack, but have the 2 pack one, so that you can see them, and the details.

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The latest lights I have are the Sogrand 6pcs-Pack, Solar Lights Outdoor, Solar Pathway Lights, Solar Garden Lights, for Lawn, Patio, Yard, Walkway, Driveway, Pathway. 

These are black ones, and really well packaged, to prevent any damage.  All you have to do is push the stakes into the bottom of the solar lights, and put them in the sunniest spot in the yard, to charge up.
It is suggested you leave them in the off position for 24 hours, and then twist the top of them.  This is where you will find the on/off switch, so put them to the on position .  If you want to move them to the edge of your walkway, or patio, still make sure that they get some sunshine.  This will ensure that they light up at dusk, and go off when the sun rises.
Now you are ready to enjoy your beautiful lights.  They have a type of beveling on them, which makes an enchanting pattern on the earth around them.
They don’t look as pretty as the other lights during the day, but at nighttime, they have their own majesty.  At only $13.99 for 6, I really think they are a steal.  You can check them out at the Amazon link on this page.
I received these lights for free, and chose to write a review of them.  These are my own words after testing them thoroughly.