Milestone day. This is my 700th post on WordPress.

20171101_151502_1The number is nothing compared to the amount of posts I wrote on Epinions, Associated Content, Bubblews, and Amazon, but a nice rounded number.

When I think of the 25 years I have been a freelance writer it is quite frightening.  The best thing is all the friends I made, and I am still in contact with many of them.  Some it has been 20 years of enjoying each other’s work.

Although most of my post are reviews, I also like to write about health, fitness, and the beach.  Right now I am a Sponsored Athlete, and I am happy to wear the brand.  You can see the photos of my clothes.  Knowing that my working out inspires others is something that I am really proud of.

The good thing is that I look forward to the gym each day, and my trainer pushes me, but I push myself even more.  Age isn’t a factor in my mind, it is just a number.

This video is from at least 6 to 9 months ago.


I would love comments from my followers as to what part of my writing they enjoy, and I will try and incorporate more of it into my posts.

Thanks so much for following me.  My personal trainer for boxing, and any kind of fitness and nutrition.



Not only is today Mother’s Day in America, but it is also my first anniversary of writing on WordPress

Yes, it is double celebrations today, as a mother I was given a rose, after my Zumba class today, and I had kept my card from March 26th, when it was Mother’s Day in England.  My daughter knows I keep it up for 2 months, which is cute.

So 1 year ago I started my blog, prior to Amazon wiping my Profile in August.  We all knew that it was only a matter of time, for Professional writers to loose their reviews, so I was totally prepared.

I have really enjoyed my first year, and have so many great fellow writers here, wonderful sellers, and other reviewers that I appreciate.

Thank you everyone for making it special.

AnnaLisa Bamboo Cotton Pads (Dry Pads) 120 Countwo


This is the fourth kind of AnnaLisa cotton pads that I have received.  All of them look similar, but are made differently.  These ones are made with 100% Real Bamboo and Cotton, that is known to promote beautiful skin and nails.

They are so much nicer than using Kleenex, or cotton balls, and have a ridge side for using with cleansers, and a smooth side for applying moisturizers.

I am leaving the links to my 3 other reviews at the bottom of this page, so that is why this review is so short.  You can see my results in the first one I wrote.  They are so good, I would never go back to cotton balls.

I received this item at a discounted price, and chose to write an honest review, after testing them.

AnnaLisa Argan Oil Cotton Pads (120 Count)

AnnaLisa Aloe Vera Cotton Rounds (Dry Pads) 120 Count

AnnaLisa Organic Cotton Rounds, 240 Count (3 Pack of 80)




AnnaLisa Aloe Vera Cotton Rounds (Dry Pads) 120 Count

20170302_13395720170302_133940I love all the AnnaLisa Cotton Rounds, and was so pleased to get the Aloe Vera ones too.  As I stated in my other reviews, the quality is exceptional, and there is no way that these won’t work for you.

They are 100% combed cotton pads, that are lint free, so there is no fleecing.  They are all natural, chemical free, and biodegradable.  They have the ridge side for taking off makeup or nail polish, and the smooth side for using will moisturizers, etc.  They are soft, and really big.  Having Aloe Vera is also good for your skin.

I really like all the product line that AnnaLisa have, and will continue using this brand from now on.  You can see the other products, as I have added the links below.

I received these at a discounted price, and wrote a review, because I wanted to share my experience with you.

AnnaLisa Argan Oil Cotton Pads (120 Count)

AnnaLisa Premium Cotton Pads, 240 Count (3 pack of 80)

Simplicity Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers

Simplicity sent me 2 different kinds of ear muffs, or as they call them Women’s Faux Fur Fluffy Knit Patterned / Sequin Winter Ear Warmers.  I love the first pair I was sent, and these ones are quite a bit different, but so cute.

They are really fluffy on the inside to keep your ears really warm, and then have the jazzy sequins on the outside.  Nobody I have seen has anything like these.  The band is covered with a knitted type cover, which is very comfortable to wear.  It states on the website that the  ‘Material: Acrylic’, but obviously it is completely covered.

I have worn them for several hours, and my ears are really toasty, even with glasses, they don’t hurt me.  They also fit really nicely above the clip I wear at the back of my head.

With the other Simplicity ear muffs I would be happy to hand wash them.  With these ones, I would only sponge wash the inside of the ear muffs, and let them air dry.

I know I am going to get comments about wearing ear muffs in Florida, when friends have temperatures below freezing.  What I suggest is that you use the link below, and treat yourself to a pair.

I received this product for free, and always love writing reviews.  They are my own words, as no one else would test them the way I do.

Simplicity Unisex Warm Faux Furry/ Fleece Winter Outdoor Ear Muffs worn even in Florida

Simplicity Women’s Batwing Knitted Tassel Pullover Sweater Poncho Shawl


SIFAN Emoji Silicone Wristband Bracelet

If you have children, grandchildren, or even great-grandchildren like we do, then you may want to check out the SIFAN Emoji Silicone Wristband Bracelet 9 Different Mood Face Emotions.  There are ten in the bag, and work out at $1 each.

The bracelets, or wrist bands are made of a good quality rubber, and seem very durable.  I love all the emoji expressions, even though I don’t know what all of them mean, unless I check on the Internet.

Being a yellow bracelet, with red, black, and gray, they seem to come to life.  I am wearing one right now, and am giving the rest to friends, as a gag gift.  They will get a kick out of them.  The size of the bracelet is 8″ long x 0.66″ wide.  You can make them smaller for children by looping the end over one of the emoji’s.  They also come in blue.

Do you have a birthday party coming up?  They would be great in the little ‘Thank you for coming’ bag.  I can see them being worn by all ages, especially as even the 80 and 90 years olds are on laptops, or smartphones nowadays.

I was lucky enough to get these bracelets at a discounted price, and chose to write a review, which is honest, and unbiased.

Been at the beach for a few days.

Sorry I didn’t get to do a review blog last night, but the internet went down at our timeshare.  I drove home this morning, and am volunteering in a few minutes.  I do like to keep up with my reviews, but will try and do one before bed tonight.

Got lots of steps in, walking along the water’s edge.

HOTOUCH Women’s 1950s Vintage Cap Sleeve A-line Swing Party Dress

I really love the HOTOUCH line of ladies clothing.  I have been wearing the HOTOUCH Women’s Slim Mesh Patchwork Sleeveless Cocktail Short Flare Dress, that I received from them awhile ago, and it is my favorite dress.  I got it in red, as everyone says that it my color.

So when I had a chance to get the HOTOUCH Women’s 1950s Vintage Cap Sleeve A-line Swing Party Dress, of course, I went for red.

This is a really well made dress, and is so different to any others I have worn.  As you can see from the photos, it has a wide flair to it.  The top has a collar, and then a frill going down both sides to the waist.  It then has heart shaped buttons.  The belt/tie, is around 2 inches in width, and is really long.  I put the middle of the belt at my waist, took it to the back, on both sides, and then to the front again.  I then tied it.  So cute.

I ordered the small, and it fits me to perfection.  I take a 2-4, and it looks like it was tailor made  for me.

It is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex.

I go dancing a couple of times a week, and this is a lovely dress to wear.  It could be worn as a daytime dress, but I tend to go casual during the day, and dress up at night.

It comes in sky blue, blue, yellow, and red.

I feel like a 1950’s model in this dress, and want to twirl all the time.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

HOTOUCH Women’s Casual Slim Long Sleeve Crossover Mini Fit and Flare Dress

Lady in red, yes that’s me, and I love the HOTOUCH Women’s Slim Mesh Patchwork Sleeveless Cocktail Short Flare Dress

Bentibo Fashion Stripe Tribal Aztec Printed Leggings for Women Full Length Floral Pattern

I tend to live in leggings, and capris, and that is because I go to the gym every day.  They are so comfortable, that I never want to take them off.

So when the Bentibo Fashion Stripe Tribal Aztec Printed Leggings for Women Full Length Floral Pattern arrived, I was so happy with them.  The are lightweight, and perfect, because the temperature is still in the low 80’s.

They are made of 95% polyester; 5% spandex, and feel so soft to the touch.  When I put them on, they fittest me to perfection.  They are true to size.  I always try them at home before going to the gym.  As you can see in the photos, they stretch so good, go right down to my ankles, and aren’t see through.  You don’t sweat with them, because they are breathable and moisture wicking.  They have an elastic waist that doesn’t cut into you.

They come in 4 sizes, small, medium, large, and extra large.

I enjoy wearing them with either white, light shaded tops, or black. They really show off the leggings.

Some leggings make you hot, and sweaty

, but these ones I can wear all day long, and still feel like I have just put them on.  As they are inexpensive, I am thinking of getting them in other patterns.

I received this item for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.





50% off Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag has all the compartments you could possibly wish for. See post.

I go to our timeshare at the beach, usually once a month, so am always packing.  I have had a cosmetic bag for probably 15 years.  It is a big black one, and very roomy.  However, it is a bag, with no compartments.

When I first checked out the Kinzd Travel Cosmetic Bag for Women Portable Leather Toiletry Bag Hanging MakeUp Organizer Double Layer Multiple Compartments Waterproof bag, my eyes couldn’t believe what I saw.  I am not sure if my photos do it justice.

It has a zipper on the top.  Once undone, there is a big area for toiletries.  On one of the inner sides, in a zippered compartment.  On the other side two open slots.  There is a zipper about three quarters of an inch from the bottom.  It opens up the bottom.  Here you have a clear plastic zipper compartment in the middle.  Another one that has 5 slots, and underneath these one that has 10 slim slots, and another one that goes across.

I only partly filled it to show you what you can put in it.  When I go away later this month, I will be able to take a lot more items, and know that they will stay in place.

The bag itself is very well made.  I love black, and it’s my favorite color, so it is classy to me.  I can’t say how long it will last, but feel that I will be using it for the next few years.

I received this product for free, for an honest, and unbiased review.

I have been allowed to offer this deal to all my followers here: 50% OFF discount code:BP3HYVCN product link: