5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth,Machine Washable Towel

I may be a gym rat, but am a girly girl too.  I love really feminine things, so was happy to receive the 5Mayi Clean Away Makeup Remover-Chemical Free Face Cloth, Machine Washable Towels.  Yes, there are 2 of them. The colors are pink, and purple.

They are oblong, with rounded edges, and are so soft.  The towels, themselves, are the softest I have ever used.  The size of them are 16 inches x 8 inches, which is plenty big enough to clean your face.

From the website: ‘Just add water to your face cloth or use with your favorite cleanser. The plush microfibers gently lift away dirt, oil, makeup, and even waterproof mascara to leave skin clear, soft and smooth.  For use on all skin types’. 

I added water to one third of the towel, and wiped away my eyeshadow, and mascara.  It came off completely.  I then rinsed the towel, and it was clean.  It can be hung up by the washing instruction label, to dry.  It is chemical free, and can be used 1,o0o times.  You can use either side of it, as one side has a higher pile on it.

With Easter coming up, you could wrap some eggs in these, or chocolates, and give them to the ladies in your life. Also a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

I did receive this at a discounted price, and wanted to share the outcome with you.  A very unique gift, which I believe anyone would be happy to receive.




Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil, All Natural Scrub to Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin

I have a couple of coffee scrubs, but the Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil from Majestic Pure, All Natural Scrub to Exfoliate & Moisturize Skin, 12 oz. is new to me.

It came well packaged, and had a seal around the jar, and then the seal inside of it.  This certainly protects the product.

It is a very fine salt, is the palest of colors, and has the most amazing fragrance.  I read the instructions, and was ready to try in.  I used it in the shower, so that I wouldn’t get it all over the floor.  I started with my feet, rubbing it into my skin, with a circular motion.  I continued upwards, making sure that my painful knee got plenty, and also my bottom, which gives me pain too.

I ended up with my neck, and then continued back down to my heart.  This is recommended in the instructions.  I left it on for a few minutes, and enjoyed the moment.  Then I ran the shower, and rinsed it off.  Afterwards, I used a body moisturizer, to replenish my body.

From the website:

Majestic Pure Organic Himalayan Lychee Pink Crystal Salt Body Scrub will help you relax & wash away tension. Himalayan Crystal Salt provides a perfect mineral-rich buffer to remove the dull, dead skin cells, bringing new life to your skin. Lychee essential oil is added to an ultra-moisturizing blend of nourishing botanical oils to leave your skin velvety soft & ever so lightly scented. By exfoliating with Himalayan Lychee Pink Crystal Salt Scrub, the rich minerals & nutrients in the salt are delivered to your cells via an easily absorbed ionic infusion’

I like that it exfoliates my skin, and takes off the dead skin, that would just flake off.  It is supposed to have health benefits, but I am just happy to feel my soft skin, be relaxed, and enjoy the experience.  Anything else is a bonus to me.  I must admit it did help my muscle cramping, and soreness/pain that I encounter.


I feel that I must make time to use the Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, at least once, or twice a month.

For ingredients click on the link below.

I did received this product at a discounted price, and am happy to write a review, in my own words.